Stalking ‘Breaking Dawn’ stars over Thanksgiving vacay

Gurls! I know I’ve been M.I.A. since Saturday, but you know it’s because I’ve been down in New Orleans/Baton Rouge stalking the “Breaking Dawn” stars over my Thanksgiving vacay, right? Yep, the fam likes to spend turkey day on the Gulf Coast, so what better excuse do I need to take a detour to Baton Rouge on my way to the ocean, then to stalk Twi-celebs? Well, I’m happy to report that I did not come away a failure on this stalking excursion. Nope. I saw Jackson Rathbone and (*squee*) Kellan Lutz in the flesh!!

First let me just give props to my sister-in-law who is a newly converted “Twilight” fan for finding all these set locations and hangout diddies online. I really wasn’t sure how successful this trip was going to be though since we were dragging our husbands along for the ride. But thankfully, the husbs were feeling generous with their time and were surprisingly accommodating!

So apparently a couple websites said that BD filming was being held at Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge, so we drove there and did circles around the place! But we got nuthin’ – no clues. Then we headed to Perkins Row, which is an outdoor mall area with apartments above the shops. This is apparently where the cast is living. So we had a late lunch at the Kona Grill and quickly found out from the waitress that the stars frequent this little hot spot in the evenings around 10pm! Whew! We’re getting close!

That evening we went to downtown Baton Rouge to catch a performance by Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys. We got there early to get a table and proceeded to wait for 2 ½ hours for the band to play. Luckily, about an hour before their performance the band members, including Jackson, waltzed in and up to the bar to order shots! My oh my – Jackson is tiny! He’s pocket sized! He def has some uber cute dimples though! Gurls started swarming him and taking pics on their iphones while he sort of pretended he didn’t notice. Jeez, some gurls are so bold, and it’s never the gurls he would prob want to stalk up to him and start a conversation! It’s the ones that have like Twilight tattoos on their necks and want to breathe all heavy and s*** in his face. Gross. After waiting forevs, 100 Monkeys came on and literally played for 25 minutes. WHAT! As they were packing up their instruments, I was waiting in line to go to the bathroom, which was right next to the stage, and all these crazy gurls were leaning over the stage shoving what looked to be ‘Twilight’ trading cards or some s*** like that in his face begging for autographs. OMG gurls, srsly?

Even though it was late, we decided to chance the Kona Grill. Well, it was def closed but another little bar next door was open and there were lots of people there for a Tuesday evening. I made my husband Jeff get out and do a walk through and report back if there were stars in there. We waited at the curb for about three minutes and then Jeff walked out with a s*** eating grin on his face and I got excited for a moment that he has news.

Suddenly my eyes flickered to the man exciting the door behind Jeff and it’s none other than Kellan Lutz!! He was tall, wearing black jeans, a black jacket, and a black newsboy cap. There was a super drunk chick stumbling out with him. Of course I’m in the car slapping my sister-in-law’s arm chanting; “That’s Kellan Lutz, that’s Kellan Lutz, OMG!” Then Jeff moves up and stands right in front of my car window door effectively blocking my line of sight to the sexy beast as he proceeds to b**** about the bouncer telling him to take his hat off!! JEFF, MOOOOOOOOOVE! Then my brother-in-law yanks me out of my frozen trance and goes; “Courtney, what are you doing, TAKE A PICTURE!!!” So I fumble around in the dark for my f****** camera, all the while he’s getting further and further away as he walks back to his apartment. I order bro-in-law to drive slowly and catch up to him so I can get a pic, but of course it was dark as s*** and he was wearing all black and my *new* camera has a goddamn delay on it and apparently needs to be set to take nighttime photos. So the one pic I could take is dark and grainy and doesn’t look like anything. Yep people, I freaking froze and s*** and lost my chance to get a hot shot of Mr. Luttz canoodling with some brunette! AHHHH!! (I WISH the pic to the right came from my camera, but it didn't. But this is what he looked like though!!)

I know what you’re wondering; no, I did not see Robert Pattinson, that elusive little f*****. I did see a pic of him on some Twi blog that said he was at the Port Allen filming location the day before, so we drove around that set today, but saw no trace of The Prettay. Buuuuuuut, I was at least happy that I was maybe, potentially breathing the same air as him!

So there you have it, that’s my Thanksgiving ‘Breaking Dawn’ stalking trip. I was happy to get an up close glimpse of a couple of the well known Twi stars and it was exciting to see the set locations. So as I settle into turkey day tomorrow and reflect on what I’m thankful for, I’ll think about my patient husband and brother-in-law for indulging my little fantasy trip and driving us all over creation. And my sister-in-law for doing ALL the leg work on this trip and getting us close enough to get a glimpse of the stars. I’m a lucky b****.


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