Stalking the 'New Moon' set seems fun if you are a good actor

We have brought you some fun adventures of fan who have traveled near and far to vacationset stalk in Vancouver. The fruits of the labor seem worth all the work but you all decide...
AHHHHH as i type this Van Morrison's 'I'll be your lover too" is booming out of the radio in starbucks. *sigh, i think it's a sign.*

this is insanely long and full of detail, sorry it's just how i write.

Ok here is my awesome story for today. Be excited.

Trina and I wanted to go see Jacob's house. We have no idea where it is and no one will tell us, so in my awesome tomtom that i purchased in Vancouver we type in the city in which we know its located. Low and behold, tomtom literally leads us to Jacob's front door (BEST PURCHASE EVER) So we get all excited and take pics and we notice that there is security. I think to myself, do they really have security here all day every day?? Probably not, me thinks. Keep in mind this is a day we know that they have off from filming, so we drive around and around and around for so long it hurts. tomtom doesn't even register the roads we are on. this is back woods s***.

After driving for forever we see something odd for the back woods. Power Generator. Hella Cords. *keep driving* Lifts with plastic tents. *gets excited* Plat form in the woods *squeals like little girl* SECURITY GAURDS!!

Ok so we sit there all night to see what happens. Nothing.
We go back to the city and meet up with the one and only TwiCrackAddict (lover her BTW) and on the way back to Jake's we see the SAME dressing room trailers we saw on set at the school. AT: a MOTORCYCLE dealer. we wait for for ever and investigate stuff, the peeps at the stores tell us they've been there all day. boo. we decide not to wait and say goodbye to twiCrack Jen. We go back into town to hang out and try to find more twiCast. FAIL. We go back to an all-night stake out at the trailers. lol
We go back to our suer secret location and more trucks come and drop stuff off and all that jazz. As we are leaving we see fake trees and bags of foliage to cover the platforms. At this point I am sure it's a twilight thing. this was aaaaaaallllll day we didn't want to miss anything. As we leave, we see hella more trucks that are very recognizable as the ones from the set at David Thompson, very unique. I literally SCREAM in excitement(sorry Trina) After night fall we went back to the city and we found Ashley but we didn't bug her for a pic, cuz i don't know, we're stupid. *kicks self in head* After that we found Selena Gomez and Ian i have no clue but S*** he was good-looking. I didn't take pics cuz i don't care but Trina did lol.

We get up at the as crack of dawn and goto our secret place. SECURITY LIKE MAD. What are you guys doing here?? Like bombarding us with questions. We tell them we want o go see a waterfall *lmao* and they let us through. My car is covered in Twilight stuff these guys sucked. haha so they let us through and we see them filming as we pass. *heart stops* We go park a million miles away and walk our fat a**** up a MOUNTAIN i kid you not. We get stopped by everyone and their brothers. We are just walking lol. One guy is nice and tells u it's public property, we have every right to walk on this road.
We continue on our little jaunt up this mammoth mountain.. Oh I forgot to say that while we were camped there literally for the last 3 days, we saw several BEARS on the road. We walk nonchalantly past all the trailers and food tents and all that an we here "Cut, let's go again"
*big cheesy smile* I'm so obvious. We stop and look for a while and i see Rob as Edward and died a little inside. I saw Taylor as Jacob WITH short hair (HA!)and think Hmmmmm why are they both there??? (theories later)

THEN TayTay's dad sees me and TOTALLY recognizes me from the other day *busted* so we continue walking and gawking pretending we don't notice Daddy Lautner, and go up this little mountain creek bed and sit to call and find out the laws of trespassing there LMAO.

We came back down and a cop yells at us and makes us leave, but our car is WAY at the other end of the road *mission accomplished!* so we have to go get it by passing the filming location once again. The cop almost didn't believe we had a car there. We are so on the S*** list NO WAY are we going to be allowed on any other sets. Back to stalking the streets. A guy i recognize as someone in production is all" you want get anymore shots with the cast, we saw you on you tube." Whatever, I'm not even on youtube *roll-eyes* SO THANKS to all the web sites who didn't ask and re-posted my story and made so damn recognizable *sticks out tongue, and sulks like a four-year-old*

We went back down driving around and found where they keep the trailers and as we are trying to sweet talk our way back on set, a Bella sized girl, hops on a motorcycle and heads toward set!!! WOOT.

AWESOME. Totally worth it. I HAVE NO PICS. Seriously people i was terrified for my life up there and they would have kicked me out way sooner had they seen my paparazzi camera.

MY THEORIES. Why was Edward in the woods, WITH Jacob and Bella.??? *I* think that Bella will not just hear Edward in her head but actually see him manifested like a 'ghost' or something in the movie. That's just me though.

EXCITED?? you should be. Sorry it's no Epic tale of how i got Rob to fall in love with me.

The tales of these girls in Vancouver have totally cracked me up. I am in the process of planning a trip up there and really need some staling help. I am not a good actress!!! I have begged Maggie and LaTwilight to help me. Let's see if they respond.

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Comment by lala cullen on April 14, 2009 at 9:13pm
they are pretty lucky since they get to see all the stars..wish i was them!!
if you wanna go do the same things they did..
i'll totally help you..
i wouldn't mind trying to do what they did!
Comment by SherieheartsRob on April 14, 2009 at 10:26pm
Wow.. Thats so cool. I thought that they might make Bella see Edward not just hear him when they said Edward would be in the movie more than he was in the book, so this is starting to prove my theory correct.. OMG they are having the best time.. Im sooo jealous!!!
Comment by TWiLiGhT FREAk on April 15, 2009 at 1:04am
or mayb they saw Edward<3 there with Jacob and Bella in the forest bc its in the epilogue of new moon..
remember in the end where Bella is grounded and Edward<3 "hears" Jacob in the forest? i also have my theories :) lol
Comment by Zhaan King on April 15, 2009 at 9:29am
Wow they are brave!


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