Steamy 'Breaking Dawn' honeymoon talk with Stephenie Meyer, PLUS keeping it Edward & Bella focused

Are you hoping that the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn is hotter than fade to black which made us fade to sad? Will Bill Condon take some creative liberties and push the PG-13 envelope? Will Robert Pattinson need a modesty patch? Okay. You might not being thinking the last one but truth be told lots of Robsessed girls are! Don't lie.

We know there have been tons of petitions to make Breaking Dawn rated 'R.' But in reality there are some very racy scenes in PG-13 movies. We brought up the sex scene in The Notebook to Stephenie Meyer during our interview. The Notebook is PG-13. We were floored that she has never seen the movie since we consider it an amazing love story. We assured her that if you didn't have time to watch the whole movie, just watch the juicy clip...(here you go Steph).

Stephenie has two approaches to this honeymoon scene. She wants it "steamy," but she knows young ones will go and watch the movie, so she would also like it 13 year old appropriate. I think we can find a happy medium after watching the clip above, don't you?

This audio clip features Stephenie talking about censoring her book when making it into a movie and how she feels about it. Stephenie also delves into the Breaking Dawn honeymoon and her feelings on it in great detail. Listen: How does Stephenie Meyer feel about her books being ce... by twifans


MORE Bella point of view, less Jacob, and more Edward & Bella centric. Don't miss a second of this audio: What Stephenie Meyers expects in 'Breaking Dawn' by twifans


Q: So how do you see it playing out in your mind (the movie version of Breaking Dawn)?

SM: It’s interesting. I think it’ll be very like the book from Bella’s perspective. So it’ll be what SHE’S seeing of the scene and everything. Which is actually more like Forever Dawn, because we have Jacob’s perspective. (Note: Forever Dawn was Stephenie’s original sequel to Twilight, which skips ahead in Bella’s life, with more mature themes. Some of Forever Dawn became a loose outline for Breaking Dawn.) And I don’t think that the Jacob perspective will be nearly as pronounced in the movie. Yeah, it made me a little bit sad. I think we’re going to get some good moments. But they feel like they have to keep it Bella and Edward-centric… I mean, I can see that.

[Meghan?]: He’s got some good stuff though. (“He” meaning Jacob)

SM: Yeah, he does. He has some good moments. It’s alright guys. (Stephenie soothes the anxious group over Breaking Dawn worries!)


[someone else, not Stephenie, says something here about:
In the first movie, when Edward’s…they were expecting to pull the venom out of her and then it just flashes…the scenes…it felt like…will be coming right back??]

SM: Yeah, that was a good way when Catherine (Catherine Hardwicke, director of...

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Kim & Alison

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Comment by Rhiannon AKA Mrs.Edward.Cullen on September 3, 2010 at 11:57am
haa... the notebook is pg-13, but youtube wont let you watch that clip if you're under 18 :L...
i've never seen the notebook... so i thought i'd check out the clip... but due to me being 17 (i have a youtube account so they know this) and they wont let me watch the clip :L
Comment by Kayla (Team Switzerland) on September 3, 2010 at 12:05pm
that exactly how i wanted the sex scene just like the notebook...(how much skin they showed i mean) that would be perfect
Comment by Alison Genet on September 3, 2010 at 12:09pm
I agree totally Kimberley Cullen. We used our imagination through the whole book series. The whole point of making a movie is showing these items come to life on the screen. It's the actors jobs. They know what is entailed when signing contracts for this movie. It's not invading privacy, it's a paid job.
Comment by Kimberley Cullen on September 3, 2010 at 12:56pm
Thanks.. Alison....
Comment by Tricia on September 3, 2010 at 1:12pm
I do believe they cut that seen a bit...I agree you can do really steamy and make it pg 13, sorta....there should be like a PG 16. Something between 16 and R. Is there? That would drag the parents out Summt will make more money selling tickets. Since Summit is all about money. But my real question is can KStew do it. Again I may one of a few but the only hot kiss was in Twilight....Eclipse...well I felt the heat with Jacob and Bella, not Bella and Edward, it's almost like she is trying to hard to prove she's not hooking up with Rob off screen, I just don't see it or feel it. Sorry.
Comment by Anna on September 3, 2010 at 1:43pm
well as far as i know rob and kris are together pls someone tell me if im wrong?... i think she doesn't like all the attention on Rob and her soo ..that's my point
Comment by emily fekete on September 3, 2010 at 1:48pm
ok i'll be thridteen in aweek or so. so take it from me the younger fans will not care all we care about it that the movie is out and we dont care if the secen is almot back or someting but we want all of the book in there there r other ways to keep it in there without maeing it rated r so plz stephine dont make it rated r keep it pg13 plz
Comment by emily fekete on September 3, 2010 at 1:56pm
i agree to a point topaz girl yes all those scecnes were sexy but we want to see not all the parts but just them and they dont have to have sex for us fans to know that they r we read the books or at least inmy eyes the really fans and the fans who see the movies then read the books but they ones who ont in eyes rnt real fans but any who they can just show the makeing out and stuff and still keep the sex scence well know wat it is
Comment by Twilighter76 on September 3, 2010 at 3:04pm
I don't want the love scenes to be hard core. I want it to be slow and sweet. I don't like that fast movement stuff lol ... I just don't see Edward being so careless. I see him taking care of Bella and being so sweet with her.
So I hope for sweet and sensual kissing and moments going on in Breaking Dawn SO MELISSA MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!
Comment by Vegas Twilighter on September 3, 2010 at 4:01pm
I thought that the love scene in "Remember Me" was pretty steamy for a PG13. I thought it was hot. I would like it to be like that scene. Passionate


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