Steamy 'Breaking Dawn' honeymoon talk with Stephenie Meyer, PLUS keeping it Edward & Bella focused

Are you hoping that the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn is hotter than fade to black which made us fade to sad? Will Bill Condon take some creative liberties and push the PG-13 envelope? Will Robert Pattinson need a modesty patch? Okay. You might not being thinking the last one but truth be told lots of Robsessed girls are! Don't lie.

We know there have been tons of petitions to make Breaking Dawn rated 'R.' But in reality there are some very racy scenes in PG-13 movies. We brought up the sex scene in The Notebook to Stephenie Meyer during our interview. The Notebook is PG-13. We were floored that she has never seen the movie since we consider it an amazing love story. We assured her that if you didn't have time to watch the whole movie, just watch the juicy clip...(here you go Steph).

Stephenie has two approaches to this honeymoon scene. She wants it "steamy," but she knows young ones will go and watch the movie, so she would also like it 13 year old appropriate. I think we can find a happy medium after watching the clip above, don't you?

This audio clip features Stephenie talking about censoring her book when making it into a movie and how she feels about it. Stephenie also delves into the Breaking Dawn honeymoon and her feelings on it in great detail. Listen: How does Stephenie Meyer feel about her books being ce... by twifans


MORE Bella point of view, less Jacob, and more Edward & Bella centric. Don't miss a second of this audio: What Stephenie Meyers expects in 'Breaking Dawn' by twifans


Q: So how do you see it playing out in your mind (the movie version of Breaking Dawn)?

SM: It’s interesting. I think it’ll be very like the book from Bella’s perspective. So it’ll be what SHE’S seeing of the scene and everything. Which is actually more like Forever Dawn, because we have Jacob’s perspective. (Note: Forever Dawn was Stephenie’s original sequel to Twilight, which skips ahead in Bella’s life, with more mature themes. Some of Forever Dawn became a loose outline for Breaking Dawn.) And I don’t think that the Jacob perspective will be nearly as pronounced in the movie. Yeah, it made me a little bit sad. I think we’re going to get some good moments. But they feel like they have to keep it Bella and Edward-centric… I mean, I can see that.

[Meghan?]: He’s got some good stuff though. (“He” meaning Jacob)

SM: Yeah, he does. He has some good moments. It’s alright guys. (Stephenie soothes the anxious group over Breaking Dawn worries!)


[someone else, not Stephenie, says something here about:
In the first movie, when Edward’s…they were expecting to pull the venom out of her and then it just flashes…the scenes…it felt like…will be coming right back??]

SM: Yeah, that was a good way when Catherine (Catherine Hardwicke, director of...

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Kim & Alison

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Comment by Pennybug Cullen on September 3, 2010 at 10:04pm
@Alison Genet. Oh good I was sad there was no transcript.
No Jacob's pov?! Hmm....There are some parts in there they obviously need to include in the movie. So I wonder how they will do that. And if there's no Jacob's pov does that mean we won't see more of Seth? I love Seth & am so looking foward to him having a bigger part in BD!!
Comment by Pennybug Cullen on September 3, 2010 at 10:10pm
Oh I forgot to add. They can do sex scenes very steamy & well done. Look at like was said The Notebook & Titanic. All we need is some good kissing, etc to get the point across.
@michelle: SM DOES NOT have to get w/the times!!! NOT everyone believes in or wants an overly sexed movie. There are still people out there that believe in saving sex for marriage & not seeing a lot of it or getting ronchy. You should respect her for her beliefs.
Comment by Eden Courtney on September 3, 2010 at 11:47pm
@Topaz Girl, IAM WITH YOU 100%. What I want in both BD movies is the intensity of the love between Bella and Edward. I feel that it was seriously lacking in Eclipse. Thank you for pointing out that incredibly sexy scene between Bella and Jacob when he spoke that Quileute phrase to her (I think it translates to "stay with me forever") and all the love scenes in the first 2 movies were so much more intense than in Eclipse when Melissa Rosenberg decided to emasculate Edward and turn Bella into a femininazi. So for me, I want that all consuming love that Bella and Edward feel for each other which is the reason we love the books in the first place. And the incredible story line with all the plot twists and turns.
Comment by Eden Courtney on September 4, 2010 at 12:18am
So do you want it to follow the book or do you want graphic sex scenes, cuz in the book the honeymoon scene starts with Bella's nervousnes and staying the bathroom for ages cuz she's feeling shy about being naked with Edward. Edward goes to the water and eventually Bella gets up her nerve and leaves her towel on the tree by Edward's clothes and joins him in the water. "He wasn't hard to find. He stood, his back to me, waist deep in the midnight water, staring up at the oval moon." "...I stared at the smooth lines of his back, his shoulders, his arms, his neck, the flawless shape of him..." "...Edward did not turn, I let the gentle swells break over my toes..." ..."I waded through the weightless current til I was at his side, then I placed my hand lightly over his cool hand lying on the water." "His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him, summer and winter. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire. Forever, he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water." And then..."The sun, hot on the bare skin of my back, woke me in the morning...." The next time they have sex is much the same, no graphic descriptions. Bella has a dream where they are apparently having sex, but the description of the dream as told by Bella is about bright, brilliant colors and she's crying because she woke up. She pleads with him and finally "he pulled my lips back to his surrendering with a groan." "And we began where my dream left off." "I stayed very still when I woke up in the morning..." The third time he asks her "Do you want to swim with the dolphins this afternoon-burn off the calories?" "Maybe later - I had another idea for burning calories." And Edward ask hers "And what was that?" "Well, there's an awful lot of headboard left--" "But, I didn't get to finish. He'd already swept me up into his arms, and his lips silenced mine as he carried me with inhuman speed to the blue room." NO GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY! And this is what I want to see on the screen, just as it's described in the book! It's their love for one another that I want to see!!!!!
Comment by michelle on September 4, 2010 at 12:46am
@ jen you need to open your eyes LOVE i said i dont want porn or as you said an overly sex movie... We need something abit more than a quick kissing scene & a bit of rubbing to 'get the point' come on seriously if you cant handle seeing a movie where the couple (a married one) is making love then mabe you should read or watch something that isnt beyond your needs!!! Like i said they have built the sexual tension over the last three movies and there needs to be a proportional amount of affection in the love scene otherwise it will feel like a bit of a let down.
Comment by Anna on September 4, 2010 at 1:42am
I Just want them seeing in love ..making love just like you guys said "the notebook"remained under PG 13 and it's really hot the sex scene soo maybe they can do this in BD !!!!and i deffinteley want to see the sex scene after Bella transformation couse there it explains there feelings more than when she is human !!!read it again if you forgot!!!!they are doing it like 4 times in the book right ?well 4 times i want to see it on screeen or at least unerstand that but the first sex scene between them should be EPIC and should take longer not like the ledge hitch in ECLIPSE who ends very quikly!!!that's what i think
Comment by Anna on September 4, 2010 at 1:43am
Leg hitch sorry!!!:)))
Comment by Rebecca Licence on September 4, 2010 at 3:42am
Please, please can you transcribe it? I'm a little deaf, and can't hear! :(
Comment by Robertfanxxxx on September 5, 2010 at 2:51am
I dont want want them to miss anything out the book PLEASE!! evrybody had seen Remember me which is a 12A/PG13 and that has a steamy sex scene in it so please dont leave the sex out or make it less steamey because of 13 year olds most of them know what the deal is by that age i mean in england they have sex education in year five of primary school so come on steam it up!! also i ahve never given birth and i want o see every detail of bella given birth!! Love you Robert forever and always!! xxxxxxxx
Comment by emily fekete on September 5, 2010 at 1:51pm
roberfanxxxx is right all my freinds r 9 or older and they know about sex so wats the point of leaveing it out. my geranion knows all abou sex and wat not so theres really no point in leaveing it out please leave it in cause itod scennce not my fav but its a really good part so pllease leave it in


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