Stephanie Meyer & Bill Condon on Breaking Dawn part 2′s surprise ending

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The L.A. Times caught up with Stephanie Meyer and Bill Condon where they talked about the new ending that surprised fans in Breaking Dawn part 2.  


OK, Twihards, I'm guessing that by now you've seen "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" at least seven times since the film opened Friday. With its CinemaScore grade of A, it's no surprise that you are all satisfied with the ending. That being said, if life has somehow got in the way of your screening opportunities and you have yet to see the conclusion to "Twilight," please stop reading. The post below is filled with spoilers.

For those of you who spent your weekend in the world of Forks, Wash., you know that the conclusion of the film is far different than the conclusion of the book. Rather than the meeting of the Volturi and the Cullen clan ending in a handshake and a "see ya later," it concludes with a gory battle where many of your favorite vampires lose their immortal lives. Or does it?

As "Twilight" lore goes, the scene was constructed far before director Bill Condon arrived on the movie. Rather, it was hashed out in a meeting between Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg long before cameras ever rolled on "Breaking Dawn." The new, much more active and engaging conclusion was one of the key reasons "Breaking Dawn" was even able to become a movie, considering the book's filmic challenges.

And though the conclusion comes initially as a shock to fans, specifically when Carlisle Cullen's head is first shown severed from his body, it's all in the book, according to Meyer.

"The battle is exactly what Aro saw," Meyer said during a pre-release interview. "There's a moment in the novel when he’s staring at Bella and she’s looking back at him and feeling this assessment. And then everything turns. But we can’t see what he’s seeing. But what he’s seeing is, 'It's going to be a close fight, a lot of people are going to die and I’m probably going to die. I’m going to die.' And for him, in my mind, the Volturi win the day. They do. They outnumber you. They would win. But they would be decimated. Their power would be crippled, and he realizes he’s not going to survive it and that’s what changes his mind." 

Meyer adds that the only element they changed was adding Alice. "We had Alice get involved so we could visually show it, but it's all still there."

Condon had a different take on how the battle would play out. "I wanted to kill all the major Volturi (which we ultimately did). Stephenie was nervous that if we wiped them out the audience would have been upset that it was merely Alice's vision," he said. "She wanted to kill many fewer Volturi, wipe out Emmett and Rosalie and some others on the Cullen side. I didn't agree."


Compromise clearly ruled the day on the scene that the cast shot for six weeks in a sound stage in Louisiana. Did it exceed your expectations or disappoint? 




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Comment by tet_d on November 20, 2012 at 6:04pm

The twist was indeed a shocker and I'm glad that Bill went on with his plan to kill all 3 volturi in Alice's vision (which we are happy about, considering they killed Carlisle and Jasper). We were all like screaming NOOOOO.... in our minds when we saw Carlisle's head. Bill must have expected that from us and the BIG relief afterwards. lol

Nevertheless, good job for Stephenie and Melissa for crafting that twist. Truthfully, I wonder how they will wrap the twilight films with BD2, considering that it was all talks in the battleground. An engaging, thrilling, heartbreaking end made the film the best! 

Good job too for the actors, sound and special effects supervisor for that almost believable battlescene. 

Comment by barbaracorker on November 20, 2012 at 8:07pm

Impressive move on everyones changes! I was shocked, but I really felt something was "not real" in the battle. I Love the way the Saga has ended, like it's only the beginning. Thank you to all the actors who made our lives richer in this wonderful fantasy world. Special thanks to Stephanie for her vision/dream! I'm looking forward to the "Host" now...Forever a TwiMom

Comment by Eclipse on November 20, 2012 at 8:31pm

Good ending.  Added lots of excitement to the movie.  And as Steph said, it is actually all in the book if you read it.  I LOVED that Aro and the other Volts got it!! Well done.

Comment by BB Cullen on November 20, 2012 at 11:40pm
I love it!!
Comment by xX~MountainLionLover~Xx on November 25, 2012 at 1:53pm

The ending.. my God, once Aro had Carlisle's head in his hand i was like "WHAT!?! THAT'S NOT HOW THIS ENDS!!! NOOOO!"
Hhahaha but I have to admit the ending was FANTASTIC, absolutely genius. I'm so happy Twilight ended one  a good note. It was absolutely perfect. 
Thank you Bill Condon!! 


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