Stephenie Meyer issues apology, but is it too late? has not  really covered the "I'm so over it" statement from Stephenie Meyer.  Main reason was we had hopes that Stephenie Meyer would say it was a misquote - which is something she has done in the past on her own website. Except according to the apology on her own website she wasn't misquoted, the words were said, but not conveyed the way Stephenie would have wanted.  For me it doesn’t matter how many words you wrap around the sword it still cuts when swung.


Like so many in the Fandom we have been going through the range of emotions that come with being shunned by your Queen.  While Stephenie Meyer says it was not meant to send Twifans reeling into Middle Earth the fans surely have been very vocal about her words.  Just reading through the hundreds of comments from Stephenie Meyer’s die hard fans you can see a range of emotion that ranged from denial, rage, heartbreak and disbelief.  

We understand your pain.  We have driven thousands of miles, bought countless tickets, stood in line for days to support her works.  We have seen fans travel from the other side of the World to support the movies, only to be turned away by security guards.  The fans have made a tremendous sacrifice supporting Stephenie Meyer, the fans feel as if they are the “it” in the “over it” statement.  

Here are some of the fans comments

Brandy Medford Grimes said, "I find it incredibly tacky of her to speak that way about Twilight seeing as though it has brought her where she is today. I think the way her and kristen both almost make fun of it in a way, brings the entire franchise and the fans a even more bad name. We, as Twihard, have a hard enough time defending our passion for this series without its creator making it seem like she is ashamed of it too."

Jason Genet wrote, “You would never hear Ronald McDonald say he was over McDonalds, even if he was opening up his new burger drive through. When you make it you should look back on your accomplishments with fond memories. Especially when standing on the back of your success. You want to be respected as a Producer? Produce a couple prolific films and we will ask you questions about those (see Martin Scorsese), Want us to rave about the Host and not mention Twilight? Stop asking Twilight fans to support you! The problem with that SM is that we are all you have cheering you on. There are no passionate Host fans that I have meet. When the world knows you because of what you accomplished don't expect them to ignore where you came from. Also why is it SM LOVED Twilight while the earnings were on the upswing she was all about Twilight (have a dress she sold to prove it) and now the sales are slowing she is OVER IT.George Lucas is a name we know because of Star Wars. He made other movies but was only given those chances because of Star Wars. The only reason SM is doing Jane Austen World is because when Twilight was at its height of popularity SM told everyone how much she loved Jane Austen. No one cares about SM without Twilight. Signed a husband who lost his wife for several years to these books she is over.”

Variety commenter igw22 writes,"Ms. Meyer: I will always be grateful for the Twilight books because it allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime. It also introduced me to Rob and Kristen and I will be a fan of their projects for as long as they choose to act. Perhaps you’re so secure in your wealth and fame that you don’t care how you sound to the people that took you to that magical position in life but I think it’s sad you want to be arrogant and condescending instead of appreciative and professional.

I promise you that I will never support another one of your projects since it’s gives you such pain and unhappiness once it is complete!"

This comment above really hit home for us here at Twifans.  We have written articles where it appeared Stephenie was over Twilight.  In this story she blames Twilight for The Host’s bad box office figures.  Also in this Story here she says The Host has done nothing wrong [like Twilight].  Even in this recent ‘Austenland’ interview she says there no shame in liking Jane Austen in comparison to Twilight.

If Twilight never happened the way it did and Stephenie Meyer was a producer and her first job was 'The Host,' Variety might not have even sat down with her for this now infamous interview.  Producers don't promote movies, authors, directors, and cast members do.  So why was Mrs. Meyer front and center at 'The Host' promotions and 'Austenland' press? For her 'Twilight' reach, that's why. She helped create a global phenomenon and she cannot expect people to just ignore that aspect of her career.  George Lucas still gets asked about ‘Star Wars’ decades later; it’s what he is famous for.

Another author, Jessica Burkhart, who coincidently is a Twilight fan decided to breakdown her feelings about the interview line by line.  It’s a great read.  It helped me wrap my head around it from another perspective.

One thing we have heard the fans say is they don’t care what she says they will forever support Stephenie Meyer.  The thing is are those fans really just saying, it is okay to be over us, we appreciate Twilight so much we will blindly support you even if you are over us?

We are curious to know your thoughts and feelings on the subject and Stephenie Meyers apology.  

Is this apology a PR response or genuine?  

Is it okay to be a fan or someone’s work and not so much a fan of it’s creator?  

Are you still SM’s biggest fan?

Are you going to support her other projects?

Are you over this “I am so over it” article?

Do you accept Stephenie’s apology? 

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Comment by Simona Righini on August 15, 2013 at 12:04pm

I have mixed feelings. 
On one hand, I think I can imagine how frustrating it must be to be continuously asked about a closed project while you are trying to go ahead with other ones. It's like being one of those singers who become famous for a single song, and are asked to sing it over and over again for ages. As grateful and happy as SM might be for the success she achieved with the Twilight Saga, I sort of understand why she feels sometimes irritated. 
On the other hand, I think she shouldn't have expressed her frustration with such nasty words. It's natural for her to want some distance, but more polite and respectful words would have hit the mark without offending millions of fans. Something like "As far as I'm conscious that so many people support me thanks to the TS, it's time for everyone to understand that my career is going on and heads to new horizons". 
I don't feel particularly offended by her statements, but I really would have preferred a different choice of words. I am no SM fan. I am a TS fan, and that will never change. 

Comment by Veronica Blake on August 15, 2013 at 12:16pm

I do appreciate her apology, but I mean, she had to make one, of course.  But it does not seem like a very sincere apology. I have mixed emotions about the entire thing, mostly because it happened at all. I realize she is just human and might say something without thinking about the consequences, who hasn’t? But, this is not the first time Stephenie has been insensitive to the Twilight fandom and I would think by now she would have been versed in how to respond to questions about Twilight without breaking our hearts. I don’t blame her for moving on, but she doesn’t have to bite the hand that fed her when she is in the public eye. If she is tired of all of us for making her who she is, then I wish she would just keep it to herself. I will love Twilight forever, and I will be forever grateful to Stephenie for bringing us this amazing and life-changing (for me) love story. It’s just sad that these types of things have to be a part of it, too.

Comment by Moonbeamy on August 15, 2013 at 12:21pm
She didn't say she was over "us." She said she was over "it" - writing/talking about vampires. She's been saying that for years. How is this new? I think some Twilight fansites are looking for "hits" (which is understandable, with the fandom quieting) and are trying to make this into more than it is. I'm glad she made it clearer on her website, but honestly, I thought it was pretty clear to start with.

As for your questions: 1) The apology isn't an apology - she's just clarifying what was said. Yes, it's genuine. 2) Yes, you can be a fan of something without knowing/liking who created it. 3) Yes, I still like Stephenie Meyer. I'll read anything she writes. Anything. ANYTHING. Twilight was amazing, and The Host was really good too. 4) I haven't "supported" her other stuff, but I've tried to give it a chance out of respect to her; I'll see Austenland because I liked the book (she didn't write it) and I love Jane Austen. 5) Yes, I'm over this article lol, but hey we all have our opinions and I know you guys need site visitors, which is fine - I'll keep visiting the site. 6) It's not an apology but sure it's cool.
Comment by Tammy Maldonado on August 15, 2013 at 12:22pm
I don't think that is an apololgy and I think she is not very business smart at all! Twilight rose her to fame and fortune! Not every project you put out there is going to rise to the same success nor is it the Twilight series fault if it doesn't! Come on maybe there was no interest or it just wasn't as good of a project. Personally her other projects do not interest me! I will look into them because of who she is but if I don't like it - I don't like it! I agree with someone else her and Kristen Stewart seem so put off by being known for Twilight which just burns me! The suthor of Harry Potter realized what that series meant to the fans and continue to build on it and created more to it after the inital part - because there was a demand and more to be told and she wasn't afraid of being known as the Harry Potter author - it seems SM has a problem with being known for Twilight and with this attitude if she never does anything else written or film in any shape or form with Twilight - I don't see her being very successful just because of her poor attitude towards it's success and fan base!
Comment by Cullenhalelover on August 15, 2013 at 12:29pm

It is a PR response and definitely too late. This is not the first time SM has been dismissive of Twilight and everything that has been accomplished because of it. When Josh Horowitz interviewed her about Twilight, she talked about being tired of vampires. Now in another article she blames the "Twilight stigma" for The Host bombing at the box office as if it would be impossible to believe that The Host simply did not appeal to a broad audience, just like Beautiful Creatures did not. The Host even as a book had mixed reviews, so I am not sure in what world she would think that the film would skyrocket to the top of the box office. She even went as far as to say that The Host was being "punished" because of Twilight. 

When it comes down to it, her apology means nothing because she still feels the same way. She has been very vocal about being over Twilight and has come off as unappreciative in several interviews, not just one. I am sure she is over it, but blaming Twilight for the failures of her other projects is just ridiculous. It makes her sound bitter and even when she tries to blame the critics, it just comes off as sour grapes. The critics have never dictated the box office. The critics have always bashed Twilight and it never stopped fans from seeing it. What SM does not want to accept is that The Host dragged as a novel and was mediocre as a film. The thing that is truly sad though is how she blames Twilight for its failures, but did not seem to mind plugging it while she was supposed to be promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2. And obviously the studio did not mind the "Twilight stigma" since they kept plastering "Author of the Twilight Saga" on The Host posters, TV Spots, and trailers. It is very disappointing as a twihard to see the author be so dismissive and also use her only truly popular novels as a scapegoat for the failures of her others, but at the end of the day that is why I am a Twilight fan, not a SM fan. 

Comment by CHINELO CHUKWUNYERE on August 15, 2013 at 12:32pm

When i first heard she said that i was shocked. I am sure it was not her intention to sound so badly, but the fact is that she did. She needs to always give Twilight the respect it is due or else she will loose a lot of her fans. And the person who said the thing about Kirsten, Brandy, she has always been respectful of Twilight and honored by the success it gave her, what you said just is not true.

Comment by tsfan12 on August 15, 2013 at 12:32pm

I was more disappointed when I read her response to the controversy on her blog. I was hoping that she was misquoted. I'm one of the many that attended 4 of the Premieres, camped out, cheered her on during 4 comic con panels- plus kept awake during "The Host" trailer. My opinion is she placed a dark cast to the Twilight Fandom and opened it to more ridicule. On top of it, felt sad that none of the Twi cast appeared at the Teen Choice Awards to thank fans for the 7 awards.  I still feel proud of this fandom and how we supported each other in these fan events. Made new friends and memories.

Comment by Kelly Rogers on August 15, 2013 at 12:36pm

Here's the crux... as Twilight fan's we always hold out hope that Midnight Sun will get completed. That there might be a continuing story of Jacob and Renessme or any of the other Twilight characters we've grown to love,  Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie... to hear her say she's "over it"... that's just very disconcerting.  And I know my husband would definitely agree with Jason Genet's comment about losing his wife to books and movies that the author is now so "over".   This franchise, as ridiculous as it sounds caused relationship problems for thousands of people. Stephenie Meyer laughed all the way to the bank.  I'm sure she is tired of answering the same questions over and over again.  But instead of getting frustrated, how about realizing that a whole new generation of Twilight fans are coming of age.  A whole new readership is about to experience the characters we already love.  Just like George Lucas continually is asked about Star Wars, (and yes they are the same questions over and over) it is the new generation of viewers that allows him to continue footing the bill for the projects he wants to see brought to the big screen when other movie conglomerates don't. Every been to Disney world?  You can get on his ride for heavens sake!!  You don't get there by being "OVER" something you created.  You have to embrace it no matter how tiring it may get.  I think the fact is, SM, like anyone who rose to fame quickly, and was thrown a bunch of cash in a short period of time, forgot that there were ALOT of people underneath her that she maybe didn't know, and would never meet, but actually had feelings. And she FORGOT, that this massive thing she created really did change their lives in bigger ways that she could ever imagine.  She forgot, that while she was busy re-answering the same question a thousand times, we were still here, defending the innocence of sparkly vampires, and a silly human who couldn't decide between him or a teenage wolf. She forgot that we were the ones going to see her movies 8, 10, 15 times and re-reading the books till the covers fell off, and in some cases finding solace in the only world that we felt truly a part of. She forgot that entire websites were dedicated to her topic, she forgot that her millions of fans had feelings; STRONG feelings about the subject matter, and unfortunately she forgot that the pen really is mightier than the sword.  Shame on you Mrs. Meyer!  Regardless of the context from which your words were taken, you basically did say..... you were over us....  Do I accept the apology?  Maybe someday, not today though.  I'm sure one day I will be "over it" though.

Comment by katie russell on August 15, 2013 at 12:37pm

She would be no where without her fans. Her acting like this is like a slap in the face to all of us. Im really disappointed in her.  And besides the host wasn't filmed right. That's the reason it didn't get good box office figures.  

Comment by PlaneJane on August 15, 2013 at 12:40pm
Sorry - day late and a dollar short. The Host & Austenland did not get the reviews, accolades and/or frenzy that Twilight had simply because they weren't in the same class.
To say that the books that brought you fame and fortune is something you're apathetic towards or over is disrespectful to all of us who lived, slept and breathed it for years.
Thanks for Twilight but the sun has set for me, SM. Buh bye....


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