Stephenie Meyer issues apology, but is it too late? has not  really covered the "I'm so over it" statement from Stephenie Meyer.  Main reason was we had hopes that Stephenie Meyer would say it was a misquote - which is something she has done in the past on her own website. Except according to the apology on her own website she wasn't misquoted, the words were said, but not conveyed the way Stephenie would have wanted.  For me it doesn’t matter how many words you wrap around the sword it still cuts when swung.


Like so many in the Fandom we have been going through the range of emotions that come with being shunned by your Queen.  While Stephenie Meyer says it was not meant to send Twifans reeling into Middle Earth the fans surely have been very vocal about her words.  Just reading through the hundreds of comments from Stephenie Meyer’s die hard fans you can see a range of emotion that ranged from denial, rage, heartbreak and disbelief.  

We understand your pain.  We have driven thousands of miles, bought countless tickets, stood in line for days to support her works.  We have seen fans travel from the other side of the World to support the movies, only to be turned away by security guards.  The fans have made a tremendous sacrifice supporting Stephenie Meyer, the fans feel as if they are the “it” in the “over it” statement.  

Here are some of the fans comments

Brandy Medford Grimes said, "I find it incredibly tacky of her to speak that way about Twilight seeing as though it has brought her where she is today. I think the way her and kristen both almost make fun of it in a way, brings the entire franchise and the fans a even more bad name. We, as Twihard, have a hard enough time defending our passion for this series without its creator making it seem like she is ashamed of it too."

Jason Genet wrote, “You would never hear Ronald McDonald say he was over McDonalds, even if he was opening up his new burger drive through. When you make it you should look back on your accomplishments with fond memories. Especially when standing on the back of your success. You want to be respected as a Producer? Produce a couple prolific films and we will ask you questions about those (see Martin Scorsese), Want us to rave about the Host and not mention Twilight? Stop asking Twilight fans to support you! The problem with that SM is that we are all you have cheering you on. There are no passionate Host fans that I have meet. When the world knows you because of what you accomplished don't expect them to ignore where you came from. Also why is it SM LOVED Twilight while the earnings were on the upswing she was all about Twilight (have a dress she sold to prove it) and now the sales are slowing she is OVER IT.George Lucas is a name we know because of Star Wars. He made other movies but was only given those chances because of Star Wars. The only reason SM is doing Jane Austen World is because when Twilight was at its height of popularity SM told everyone how much she loved Jane Austen. No one cares about SM without Twilight. Signed a husband who lost his wife for several years to these books she is over.”

Variety commenter igw22 writes,"Ms. Meyer: I will always be grateful for the Twilight books because it allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime. It also introduced me to Rob and Kristen and I will be a fan of their projects for as long as they choose to act. Perhaps you’re so secure in your wealth and fame that you don’t care how you sound to the people that took you to that magical position in life but I think it’s sad you want to be arrogant and condescending instead of appreciative and professional.

I promise you that I will never support another one of your projects since it’s gives you such pain and unhappiness once it is complete!"

This comment above really hit home for us here at Twifans.  We have written articles where it appeared Stephenie was over Twilight.  In this story she blames Twilight for The Host’s bad box office figures.  Also in this Story here she says The Host has done nothing wrong [like Twilight].  Even in this recent ‘Austenland’ interview she says there no shame in liking Jane Austen in comparison to Twilight.

If Twilight never happened the way it did and Stephenie Meyer was a producer and her first job was 'The Host,' Variety might not have even sat down with her for this now infamous interview.  Producers don't promote movies, authors, directors, and cast members do.  So why was Mrs. Meyer front and center at 'The Host' promotions and 'Austenland' press? For her 'Twilight' reach, that's why. She helped create a global phenomenon and she cannot expect people to just ignore that aspect of her career.  George Lucas still gets asked about ‘Star Wars’ decades later; it’s what he is famous for.

Another author, Jessica Burkhart, who coincidently is a Twilight fan decided to breakdown her feelings about the interview line by line.  It’s a great read.  It helped me wrap my head around it from another perspective.

One thing we have heard the fans say is they don’t care what she says they will forever support Stephenie Meyer.  The thing is are those fans really just saying, it is okay to be over us, we appreciate Twilight so much we will blindly support you even if you are over us?

We are curious to know your thoughts and feelings on the subject and Stephenie Meyers apology.  

Is this apology a PR response or genuine?  

Is it okay to be a fan or someone’s work and not so much a fan of it’s creator?  

Are you still SM’s biggest fan?

Are you going to support her other projects?

Are you over this “I am so over it” article?

Do you accept Stephenie’s apology? 

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Comment by Kim Bond on August 15, 2013 at 4:26pm

I agree with Moonbeamy's comments.  Now let's all be the great Twi-hards we are and move the haters what we are really made of!

Comment by Nicky Dunne on August 15, 2013 at 5:05pm

Very disrespectful SM, cannot believe she blames twilight for the failings of her other ventures.I bought the host tryed to read it but couldnt get into it.Gave it to my sister and she still has it in her bottom draw beside her bed, read a chapter or so. Never bothered with the movie.

I remember when she started to write the twilight series from Edwards point of view and read her comments when it was leaked out. Back then i felt dissapointed, like she blamed us fans for it and refused to finish writing it. Thats when i felt the first slap in the face from SM. To me i thought, wouldnt you want to thank your fans for everything they have done by finishing the book, i know even though i had read the first few chapters that had been leaked i would not have hesitated in buying the book once published. So from way back then i thought SM was becoming very self centered and greedy. So to tell you the truth i am not surprised by her comments, she has made her fortune from us all and is a very happy woman.

Comment by Elle Wortwenth on August 15, 2013 at 5:23pm
I understand SM saying she's "over" the hate that Twilight had been getting for years BUT she could've worded it more sensitively.

And I agree with some that said that it really depends on whose mouth the "derision" of Twilight comes from. I mean during the promos back then for the first movie in 2008, Robert Pattinson already made fun of Twilight + Stephanie - even going as far as saying that it seems the 1st book is just SM's wet dreams of Edward or something to that effect. Search in youtube for Pattinson's interview with Ben Lyons for Twilight (2008). In that interview Pattinson even said that when he read the first book he felt that "IT SHOULDN'T BE PUBLISHED." BUT do I get see vocal rants aimed at Pattinson for his derision of Twilight? I THINK NOT! If anything, it seems that is only Stewart who is consistent in defending & being grateful for the franchise.

I don't know if we're allowed to post links here in the comments section but here's the link on the compilation of vids that shows Pattinson's "distaste" towards Twilight:
Comment by Jodie Sims on August 15, 2013 at 5:33pm

After reading all these comments about how annoyed people are about what SM said, and the comments I'm getting about how my Twilight stories are better than hers and the films, I am not interested to find out what others think. If you are interested in reading for yourself, please visit and read my version of New Moon. The links for my other Twilight stories are included in the final part of each story. Probably not an easy read for Edward fans but I'm sure Jacob fans will love what I've done.

Comment by Summer Mackay on August 15, 2013 at 6:54pm

I think it is a genuine response, sadly. I believe that you must have a certain level of appreciation for the creator of a piece of work to appreciate the work itself. I am not so much of an SM fan as I am sure we can all recall her saying that "Maybe in a few years the publishing of Midnight Sun may be possible" and now she is betraying us. Heck, I've read the Host, her talent lies in Vampires and Spirit Warriors. I didn't support the Host so I can't see me supporting any non Twilight projects of hers. I don't know what the questions means by "over this article" but I am extremely upset and will make it known to SM if I ever meet her...even if its 20-30 years from now. I definitely DO NOT accept her apology and actually think that someone should make her sit through reading these comments or at least have her talk to a group of fans that aren't told when to boo and cheer and aren't forced to stay in assigned seats and see the comments fans make and how many try and clobber her.

Comment by Nene Pattinson on August 15, 2013 at 7:27pm

Delete Comment

@ Elle Wortwenth, what is the point of bringing up negative comments by Robert Pattinson? Of all the actors in the Twilight Saga, he's receivied most hate and derision for playing a "sparkly vampire". In almost every article or movie review of Rob's, some kind of reference is made to Edward - and not always in a positive way. It's almost as if his acting career began and almost ended by playing Edward. What's the point of trying to crucify him? 

Comment by Bella Black+LHJake on August 15, 2013 at 8:13pm

1. JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, knows how to REMAIN GRATEFUL to how she got where she is, and oh, btw Meyer, ever heard of Universal Studios Theme Park's gigantic The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?? You blew it, SM. Take some pointers from Rowling.

2. George Lucas still makes time to do little Star Wars appearances here and there. To honor what brought him to where he is today. Take notes, SM. There's a little place called Skywalker Ranch in northern California, all paid for by Star Wars. (It's actually enormous and outstanding; I've been there.)

3. I think this year's 'Stephenie Meyer Day' in Forks should be renamed. I won't say cancel it, because then Forks loses out. But I really do think that the name of the event should be changed.

Comment by Elle Wortwenth on August 15, 2013 at 8:38pm
I am sorry if what I posted about Pattinson's comments that he HIMSELF made about the franchise would be construed as "crucifying" him. He isn't so "serious business" about people making fun of him for playing a "sparkly vampire" so why should his fans be so serious about it themselves too? I think his fans should try to emulate his "chill-pill" attitude.

And the point that I'm making here is that because the "so over it" statement didn't come from somebody so well-loved like Pattinson - we are now in this situation.

In my opinion (but this is just me), if you truly believe about the talents that your idol have THEN these naysayers' comments shouldn't bother you THAT much cos you know it is not true, right? And I think it'll be also up to you as well to dispute these negative write-ups to non-fans (perhaps starting with your family & friends who are non-fans) cos these "entertainment writers" are clearly NOT doing a good job of it.

Where did I read this - "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate..." - yeah, people should do this to avoid drama.

FYI: I'm not really a fan of the saga nor of the actors BUT I don't hate them as well (we all know that I have to "care" about them to "hate" them right? And a lot of people really are not aware of this BUT the opposite of love is NOT hate but INDIFFERENCE). The only reason I'm commenting here is because a close friend who insists that she's a "Twilighter" (though I don't know why she's a member of Twifans, I mean is it different from a being a Twilighter? but I digress) linked me to this article and to that Pattinson-makes-fun-of-Twilight vid, so I thought I'd share my own thoughts here.

Or is this not a free world anymore and that thoughts contrary to yours are already forbidden?

Comment by Nene Pattinson on August 15, 2013 at 8:51pm

@Elle Wortwenth, if I care about someone, and not just my "idol", of course it's going to bother me if they bash him.  Actors get jobs based on a number of things (looks, talent, etc.), but perception is also a factor.  If the critics and/or public see an actor as a one dimensional character (not my opinion) or as I've seen in print countless times, "that sparkly, emo vampire", it's going to affect ones ability to get jobs.  Look what happened to Mark Hamill of Star Wars.  I know Rob's thrown shade on his character and the series.  I think part of it is his fear that he'll end up like Mark Hamill, whose career basically  began and ended with Star Wars.  He's mentioned Mark in several interviews.  I'm not condoning his comments, but I can understand his fear and frustration of being typecast.  Also, I am well aware that the opposite of love is indifference.  Most people are hardly indifferent to Twilight.  They either love it or hate it. 

Comment by Rhonda on August 15, 2013 at 11:02pm

Im a Twilight fan. The books have never let me down! None of the characters are quitters either! Carlilse created his family and in over 400 yrs he never gave up on them. The Wolf's are just as strong in their beliefs. Maybe the author of the books and the creator of these strong, passionate, caring, loving, bonded characters should take a few lessons and read the books she wrote and understand what it means to be apart of something, even if you werent "born" into it. 

SM doesnt need Twilight anymore, so she thinks. Well the climb up to the top was because of every Twilight fan, just like me. The trip up is fantastic so I have heard. I also hear that the trip down is clearer than 20/20 hind sight. Its kinda like standing in front of God and having every thing you did and said played out moment by moment and having to account for each. At the end of all of that she will finally apologize and realize what she "Had"........It aint "over" until the circle is complete!

I will not turn my back on you SM, but I will not allow you to use me either. Like a friend, like a true TwiFan, like a Cullen or a Wolf, I will stand here waiting for you to return. You are human and make mistakes just as I have done. I will stand here until you come back home to us after learning your life lessons and those lessons paving your road back to us!!!!


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