Stephenie Meyer issues apology, but is it too late? has not  really covered the "I'm so over it" statement from Stephenie Meyer.  Main reason was we had hopes that Stephenie Meyer would say it was a misquote - which is something she has done in the past on her own website. Except according to the apology on her own website she wasn't misquoted, the words were said, but not conveyed the way Stephenie would have wanted.  For me it doesn’t matter how many words you wrap around the sword it still cuts when swung.


Like so many in the Fandom we have been going through the range of emotions that come with being shunned by your Queen.  While Stephenie Meyer says it was not meant to send Twifans reeling into Middle Earth the fans surely have been very vocal about her words.  Just reading through the hundreds of comments from Stephenie Meyer’s die hard fans you can see a range of emotion that ranged from denial, rage, heartbreak and disbelief.  

We understand your pain.  We have driven thousands of miles, bought countless tickets, stood in line for days to support her works.  We have seen fans travel from the other side of the World to support the movies, only to be turned away by security guards.  The fans have made a tremendous sacrifice supporting Stephenie Meyer, the fans feel as if they are the “it” in the “over it” statement.  

Here are some of the fans comments

Brandy Medford Grimes said, "I find it incredibly tacky of her to speak that way about Twilight seeing as though it has brought her where she is today. I think the way her and kristen both almost make fun of it in a way, brings the entire franchise and the fans a even more bad name. We, as Twihard, have a hard enough time defending our passion for this series without its creator making it seem like she is ashamed of it too."

Jason Genet wrote, “You would never hear Ronald McDonald say he was over McDonalds, even if he was opening up his new burger drive through. When you make it you should look back on your accomplishments with fond memories. Especially when standing on the back of your success. You want to be respected as a Producer? Produce a couple prolific films and we will ask you questions about those (see Martin Scorsese), Want us to rave about the Host and not mention Twilight? Stop asking Twilight fans to support you! The problem with that SM is that we are all you have cheering you on. There are no passionate Host fans that I have meet. When the world knows you because of what you accomplished don't expect them to ignore where you came from. Also why is it SM LOVED Twilight while the earnings were on the upswing she was all about Twilight (have a dress she sold to prove it) and now the sales are slowing she is OVER IT.George Lucas is a name we know because of Star Wars. He made other movies but was only given those chances because of Star Wars. The only reason SM is doing Jane Austen World is because when Twilight was at its height of popularity SM told everyone how much she loved Jane Austen. No one cares about SM without Twilight. Signed a husband who lost his wife for several years to these books she is over.”

Variety commenter igw22 writes,"Ms. Meyer: I will always be grateful for the Twilight books because it allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime. It also introduced me to Rob and Kristen and I will be a fan of their projects for as long as they choose to act. Perhaps you’re so secure in your wealth and fame that you don’t care how you sound to the people that took you to that magical position in life but I think it’s sad you want to be arrogant and condescending instead of appreciative and professional.

I promise you that I will never support another one of your projects since it’s gives you such pain and unhappiness once it is complete!"

This comment above really hit home for us here at Twifans.  We have written articles where it appeared Stephenie was over Twilight.  In this story she blames Twilight for The Host’s bad box office figures.  Also in this Story here she says The Host has done nothing wrong [like Twilight].  Even in this recent ‘Austenland’ interview she says there no shame in liking Jane Austen in comparison to Twilight.

If Twilight never happened the way it did and Stephenie Meyer was a producer and her first job was 'The Host,' Variety might not have even sat down with her for this now infamous interview.  Producers don't promote movies, authors, directors, and cast members do.  So why was Mrs. Meyer front and center at 'The Host' promotions and 'Austenland' press? For her 'Twilight' reach, that's why. She helped create a global phenomenon and she cannot expect people to just ignore that aspect of her career.  George Lucas still gets asked about ‘Star Wars’ decades later; it’s what he is famous for.

Another author, Jessica Burkhart, who coincidently is a Twilight fan decided to breakdown her feelings about the interview line by line.  It’s a great read.  It helped me wrap my head around it from another perspective.

One thing we have heard the fans say is they don’t care what she says they will forever support Stephenie Meyer.  The thing is are those fans really just saying, it is okay to be over us, we appreciate Twilight so much we will blindly support you even if you are over us?

We are curious to know your thoughts and feelings on the subject and Stephenie Meyers apology.  

Is this apology a PR response or genuine?  

Is it okay to be a fan or someone’s work and not so much a fan of it’s creator?  

Are you still SM’s biggest fan?

Are you going to support her other projects?

Are you over this “I am so over it” article?

Do you accept Stephenie’s apology? 

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Comment by Moonbeamy on August 15, 2013 at 12:43pm
I don't understand. She says she's "over" the hatred of Twilight and you guys are mad at her for it? Aren't you "over" the haters? I was years ago.
Comment by barbara douglas on August 15, 2013 at 1:07pm

As fans of the TS, all we saw was the magic the books and movies created.  But Ms. Meyer spent years of her life behind the scenes in work, time away from family and dealing with criticism as well as applaud.  Distance from Twilight is what she needs now, how can we begrudge her the reward of a job well done and the ability to move on.  Surely she well never forget the history she made and as time goes by, will remember it with affection.  Maybe she will someday finish "Midnight Sun" but it won't be the same as it would have been in the beginning.  We still have Bella and Edward and will cherish their story but really, there is an end--'happily ever after'.

Comment by Ciara Cullen on August 15, 2013 at 1:10pm
I for one do not forgive her I will support twilight but will ignore any further projects. If she's gonna "get over" us and were "not a happy place right now" then I'm gonna get over her. And let's face ALL of the host's fans are twihards.<3 twilight so much but right now I like Victoria and the Voltori more than SM
Comment by Nene Pattinson on August 15, 2013 at 1:31pm

@Moonbeamy, I totally agree. That it's exactly how I see it.

Comment by Jodie Sims on August 15, 2013 at 1:36pm

Oh come on Stephanie, this year alone, I have written my own versions of New Moon, Eclipse, and both Breaking Dawns (based on the movies), keeping most of the original movie story line but introducing a son to Bella and Jacob as well as keeping Bree in the story.

I have also written five sequels to my versions of the movie-based stories.  If I can write ten Twilight books in less than a year, why can't you write another one.  Many people love Twilight and all those who have read my versions and sequels have all said they are better than the original.  If I had the money, I would try and buy the rights but I cannot.  I am, however, more than happy to let anyone read my Twilight stories, including Stephanie.

Comment by Alison Genet on August 15, 2013 at 2:03pm

I feel like fans have been on the front lines of this Twilight battle.  We have been made to feel embarrassed for our love of the books, movies, and actors by haters.  Book sales and movie sales legitimize this franchise.  With extreme popularity you also get extreme hate.  It just part of the deal. Twilight fans are a majority in this world, not a minority, but we have sat back and have taken all the hate all these years. During that we still donned our Team Edward shirts and camped on the street in solidarity.  I feel abandoned by Stephenie with those statements in the Variety article. Why is she so ashamed?  Just cause Stephen King and Anne Rice bashed her doesn't mean the books aren't good.  They are best seller good!  We have been thick-skinned all these years and those comments were dismissive and rude.

We didn't even broach the subject of what she said about writing a couple paragraphs on her blog. All of those statements, wrapped in 5 paragraphs of sweetness and praise for Twilight, still wouldn't of made them right.

PS We post news here everyday.  For whomever thinks we are talking about this for $$.

Comment by Simona Righini on August 15, 2013 at 2:41pm

"With extreme popularity you also get extreme hate. It's just part of the deal". 
Yes, as the struggle with paparazzi faced by Pattinson and Stewart. It's part of the deal, yet this does not mean it's right, or bearable when it gets *real* in *your* life. We think we know how they feel, but we do not live their lives. I'm not saying SM wasn't rude, I'm just saying that she is probably fed up with the whole story because no one is giving her a honest chance to go on. George Lucas has been wiser and stronger in dealing with such a situation (let me say he killed Star Wars in the end, though), maybe SM does not have the necessary strength. She needs some distance, but this does not imply we need it as well. The books are always on my shelves, ready for another go, in the meantime I feel no commitment to SM's other works :)

Comment by Lois Keith on August 15, 2013 at 2:50pm

I am A real twihard  fan and have spent thousands of dollars supporting her, and now it is like she could careless now that she is rich and famous. I had big hopes that she would continue her books and now she is just offering a 2nd anniversty package which she will want everyone to buy, well I wish the best for her and as far as I am concerened I am not sure I want to invest with her anymore if she feels this way. shame on you Mrs. Myers I was one of your biggest fans.

Comment by Simona Righini on August 15, 2013 at 2:57pm

Just a short addendum: you cannot really compare George Lucas to SM. As far as I know, he didn't have to deal with Star Wars haters, at least not with the snobbish multitude that rised against the TS. He might have been tired of answering to the same questions for decades, but nobody mocked him or thought he reached success/richness without deserving to. SM has to deal with a completely different situation, IMHO. I'm trying to get into her shoes and I confess I would not feel that comfortable in them, everything considered. Her clarifications sound quite acceptable to me, however the bottom line is: I really do not care about how she feels about Twilight. 

Comment by Jodie Sims on August 15, 2013 at 3:28pm

I am not bothered about the books to be totally honest, I have started reading them but then started writing my own versions and sequels.  Many people who have read mine, say that I have written them better than Stephanie anyway, and they would all love to have seen my Twilights made into movies instead but hey, we can't all write great stories lol


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