Stephenie Meyer recaps ‘Twilight’ journey - The Author shares Shares best moments with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

A recent interview with author Stephenie Meyer gave us the chance to ask her to recap her “Twilight” journey, several months since the last in the franchise, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2,” was released.

Surreal, humbling and fantastic,” was how Stephenie summed up her ride, which began when she wrote the first novel, “Twilight,” in 2005.

“You would not believe how intimidating it is to sit and talk with someone while a camera is going off,” the author told us, laughing, in a meeting room at the Four Seasons Hotel. But she appeared calm and poised—a brunette woman wearing a dark blue blouse and blazer over jeans. She was articulate, her answers concise. Not unexpected from a writer, she’s able to process her comments and anecdotes in an interesting, organized fashion. She maintained, “I’m a naturally shy person. I’ve had to get over that a little bit.

For starters, we asked Stephenie her standout memories of the “Twilight” cast. “One of the first is when I first visited the set and I went out to dinner,” she began. “I hadn’t met anyone in the cast. They were coming from dinner and they were delayed. They came straight from a gallery shoot where they were all in character costume, make-up… the whole bit. So the first time I met them, they were dressed up like my imaginary friends. That’s not something you get every day.”

She added: “Watching some of the early scenes we filmed… you get to see something taken out of your mind. When it gets close to how you pictured it… that feels like someone’s been inside your head and now they’re acting out your fantasy. It’s surreal and wonderful in a lot of ways.”

Hilarious arguments

Stephenie again laughed heartily as she recalled her unforgettable first meeting with Robert Pattinson. “When Rob and I first met, we had lunch together [and] talked about the script. We sat there and argued for a solid hour and a half about the Edward character. And he was really sure I was wrong [in parts]. I was telling him, ‘This is how Edward feels…’ He said, ‘No, this is how he feels here.’ We went back and forth [that way]. It was hilarious and fun.”

She continued: “With Kristen (Stewart), it’s hard to pick [a best memory]. The one I think of first is filming the wedding scene. It took a really long time and it was freezing cold. A lot of the time, we were holed up in the garage of a house that we weren’t shooting in so we had all the gear there. Kristen was in her wedding dress—this really beautiful, satin gown that fitted her perfectly. She was very tired.”

The actress was “just so funny,” the 39-year-old novelist said. “It was near the very end and she was just realizing that this was it, this was the wedding. It was just fun, kind of relaxing in those circumstances. That is memorable for me.”

Next film

Stephenie is embarking on a new adventure with her novel, “The Host,” adapted as a romantic sci-fi adventure film that stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Diana Kruger, Jake Abel and William Hurt. Andrew Niccol is directing. No vampires in this one, only aliens who take over human bodies and the Earth.

Given “Twilight’s” success, Stephenie was asked if she felt the pressure to produce more hit novels and movies. “The pressure is there,” she conceded. “But I never feel like I have to. I am now working on a sequel to ‘The Host’— something that I have partially done for a really long time.”
She stressed, “I don’t sit around. When ‘Twilight’ ended, I thought I was going to feel sad but I didn’t. To me that means, okay, then I’m satisfied with that world and I don’t need to be there right now.”

(However, at the end of our chat, when I asked if she could definitely say that she’s done with the “Twilight” series, Stephenie answered, laughing yet again, “Never say never.”)

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