Stephenie Meyer talks Edward Cullen making Bella wait for "happy time" and Does she think Eclipse sends a good message?

Waiting for marriage is the condition, you h****, Bella!

Stephenie Meyer conjured up the morally ethical vampire, Edward Cullen. So who better to ask why? Why is he so good at keeping Bella's virtue intact? Why is it so important - really? Stephenie Meyer discusses why Edward Cullen wants to m... by twifans

Q: I’m curious about Eclipse because at the point where…I love Eclipse because Edward becomes a lot more flirtatious, and you get to kinda see that.

SM: They have some moments, which are hard to do with fiction because everybody wants constant pacing. I tend to slow down. A lot of what my editors did was cut. Because I just wanna sit and “Let’s have a nice moment. Let’s have a happy time.”

Q: One of the most “nice moments” is when they’re in Edward’s room in bed, and he proposes, okay? There are lots of people that have asked questions, I’ve probably had 10 or 20 just within that one scene. But the one I want the answer to the most is: Edward at one point, he kind-of caves. Just a smidge. When he says “no, no, stop, we’re not doing this until we are married” — is it more out of a moral issue, or is it more out of “I want to make sure you keep up your end of the deal”?

SM: They’re equal parts. There are a couple of things. One is, Edward was born in 1901. And in his mind — he understands the world more clearly than we do. He hears everybody’s thoughts. But to him, this is kind of a…for him it’s a very disrespectful… And he can’t get away from the taboos of his youth. It would be wrong to take advantage of her, in his mind. And obviously, she has a completely different viewpoint. Her viewpoint of it is very modern. She knows that she is with him forever, and she doesn’t see his point. But he just comes from a different place. And I really like, every place I could put in, that would really date him. Because I like when he is…..109.

Q: Chivalrous!

SM: When he’s different, because he has a lot of different experiences. Part of it is, he is stalling for time. He wants to string the…..because there is that part of him that knows it would be better if she went with Jacob. For her, in his mind. He never foresees her being a happy vampire. In his mind, it’s all the Rosalie reaction. He just thinks she will be miserable and there will be so much pain, for her. He wants her to be happy, so he thinks “the longer we string this along, maybe she is going to change her mind, maybe she’ll say yeah, I wanna stay human, I’ll do this.” And then there is just absolutely the physical fear. Because he is really worried about that part of it. The pain of becoming a vampire is not a joke! All this timing, the way I envision it, it’s a big deal. Some say “just bite her, just bite her.” Wouldn’t that just give you so much pause? It’s like you want your husband or your loved one — you want him to be like you, but you’re going to have to torture him for three days. It’s a long time for anyone and bad enough that it went on for three days. It’s a huge deal. That’s a big thing for him. Even knowing that she’ll get over it and it will pass…those three days are a gigantic hurdle.

Q: Do you think that the way that she fears…the fact that before she’s going to turn, she thinks “well what if after I turn, I’m not going to love him anymore or I’m not going to feel the same way?” Does he ever fear that at any time?

SM: Oh, he fears that. He does. She doesn’t much, because she feels that, ya know, “I’m gonna love you forever,” and he knows that things change. And after having just gone through this horrible thing, there could be part of her that turns around and says “you did this to me. I just went through all this horrible stuff because of you. Now my family is going to die, and I’m going to have to watch that.” He just only sees the negative. A lot of him becoming an optimist is, her reaction to being a vampire and seeing…she was right.

Does Eclipse send a positive message?

Did you sit watching Eclipse thinking, wow Edward Cullen is quite the gallant gentlemen to guard Bella's virtue? Did you feel a lovely dovey after-school-special message when Edward put the kabash on aggressive Bella?

We wanted to know if she saw the same thing we did and what her thoughts were about that.

P.S. We love aggressive Bella. You go girl. No lie, it's nothing we all wouldn't of tried! asks Stephenie Meyer how she feels about Eclipse sendin... by twifans

Alison: We both have teenage girls.

SM: I’m sorry.

(laughter, chatter)

Alison: The virginity talk in Eclipse is one of our favorites; we were rolling. But…Did you….I almost feel like there’s almost a PSA that comes through in the movie.

SM: I wish it didn’t. I do see that.

Alison: That’s what I want to know.

SM: I feel like people take it as a message. When again, this was something that was just….I wanted Edward’s character to feel of that period. Ya know, he is a different character than a modern character. He is not the same. And I wanted that. He had all these motivations. And to top it, that was fun to write. Ya know, I was surprised, actually, that my editors didn’t have more of a problem with it. But it’s something that people actually could say if people were coming from those two mindsets. And there are people of both mindsets in the world right now, and it felt very real to me. It was never meant to be…none of it’s ever meant to be. I hate it when it comes through PSA.

Q: Are you saying that in the movie, it comes across as PSA?

Alison: Yeah. But for my thirteen- and sixteen-year-old daughters to watch it, I was like, “See?? You gotta marry the guy!”

SM: I don’t like for people to feel like this is anything to apply to your life. One thing is I have had letters from people who’ve said that, you know, who had somewhat abusive boyfriends, and after seeing a character like Edward said “love doesn’t do that”. And in that case, take it as a PSA and run with it. Leave the guy. That’s fantastic. I’m glad for that.

Kim: I like that it’s brought back that outdated concept.

SM: I’m an outdated person, I’m LDS as well, so it was…I mean….I am in some ways, from that earlier time period. And to me, that’s real life. And that’s something that can be very realistic. I do think that there are people who haven’t had experience with that in their life, like they aren’t part of that world. They think it’s very crazy, like “This is nothing anyone would say.” But guess what, those conversations really do happen. It isn’t foreign to everyone.

SM: I enjoy the religion philosophy, because it is so many people. And I don’t know the religion of…I know one or two authors that people have told me, “Oh yeah, so this is--” I don’t know that.

Q: I never knew you were Mormon when I read the books.

SM: It does bother me because that never really--

SM: Jon Stewart had, but no one said, “Jewish father of two” …oh well, you have to roll with it, you have to be honest…


To be continued....
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A special thank you to Ms Monkey_Man for transcribing for us and Samuel for editing audio. Proof reading and grammar for us by Bella Black. She makes sure we don't butcher the English language!


Kim & Alison

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Comment by Isabel Cerul on July 30, 2010 at 6:32pm
Alison, So glad to hear you agree with me on Bella's speech at the end! I get so frustrated with the movies version of Bella and Edward, Its so nice to be able to share it here!! My only hope for Breaking Dawn is Stephenie being Producer, I really hope she can influence enough to make the movie more true to the books
Comment by Melissa Connelly on July 30, 2010 at 7:02pm
I like the whole 'no sex' thing with Edward, but if it were with any other character, let's say Jake, I wouldn't like it. It's so unrealistic in this modern world. What a way to bring it back with a beast like Edward!

Ps, it's kinda funny that she never says sex in the interview. Haha, it makes me laugh.
Comment by Mrs.Cope on July 30, 2010 at 7:45pm
Another great segment! I love this protracted time with Ms. Meyer. I'm so happy you all got so much time with her and are sharing it with us! Thank you.
Comment by Alison Genet on July 30, 2010 at 8:02pm
Mallory, I fixed the link. it should work now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Isabel-I am really excited she will be more involved with Breaking Dawn. I wish she was more involved the whole time.
Comment by Carmen Rohde on July 31, 2010 at 5:58am
Alison, I also am really excited that Stephanie will be more involved with Breaking Dawn. Thank you posting these interviews with her.
Comment by Isabel Cerul on July 31, 2010 at 6:22am
Alison, during your interview with Stephenie did you get the sense that maybe as her fans we could help with getting the point across to the right people about the way her books are being portrayed in the movies, is there something we can do to help her?
Comment by Kim on July 31, 2010 at 8:41am
I really wish we would have asked about Bella's speech at the end too. Why didn't we???
Comment by Eden Courtney on July 31, 2010 at 10:34am
A point I would like to make is about trying to make these movies appeal to ppl who haven't read the books. My daughter (is not a reader and has not read any of the books) well she and her boyfriend decided they wanted to see Eclipse and see what all the fuss was about. They did not like it. There were so many things they didn't understand and I had to explain afterwards, but by that time they didn't really care. So Summit needs to stop trying to make these movies appeal to "everyone". I think there are more than enough TwiFans to support the money end of these movies, I mean, even with all it's flaws, I have seen Eclipse 5 times, when it comes to the dollar theater my friends and I will go to see it many more times, and we'll all buy the DVD at the midnight release party where we will also buy all the swag. Get a clue Summit.
Comment by Gloria Evans on July 31, 2010 at 2:01pm
@Eden. I totally agree. They need to stop trying to win over the "GUYS". That is all i heard with Eclipse is that guys will like it too. Well they didn't. Stop trying to win over Non-Fans because they don't care and will not go see these movies. They just need to concentrate on the FANS and what they want and they will make plenty of money. I saw Eclipse 6 times and i think BD is going to be the best of all the movies. I hope they finally let us see the Aston Martin too.
Comment by ^{[(PhOiMoS)]}^ on July 31, 2010 at 8:13pm
no word, thank for this report... stephenie is the best


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