Stephenie Meyer tells us more about her charity auction items!!! (with photos)

I am so excited about these items because I am going to the ProjectBookBabe event. I keep hearing about ladies from some of the other sites fighting over the dress. They have no idea I will also be in the trenches and let's keep it that way! But I will really be digging in deep for lunch with Mrs. Meyer and the Forever Dawn! I will keep you updated via Twitter that day on the days events. So sign up for Twitter and follow us to get these updates.

(Here is the dress everyone is talking about)
My Eclipse Prom dress — This is the story behind my rather over-the-top dress: the idea for the Eclipse Prom began with a fan suggestion that I do one of my events with a formal dress requirement, to give us all a chance to dress up. I loved the idea, so we created the Eclipse Prom. In order to encourage people to come all fancy without worrying about being overdressed, I promised that my dress would out-formal every other dress in attendance. I made this promise rashly, as it's harder to find ball gowns than one might think. After much searching, I saw this gorgeous red satin wedding dress in the window of a couture bridal shop. Yes, it's actually a wedding dress. I bought it in a panicked rush a day before leaving the country for some events. I had the shop take about eight feet of train off, and make me the little jacket with the extra fabric. And, though it was close in a few cases, I think I made good on my rash promise.

The epilogue to Forever Dawn (FD being the original sequel to Twilight)* — This piece was written January of 2004, before I had started to edit Twilight. It's pretty fluffy, just something I wrote because I wanted to spend some more time with Edward and Bella. The epilogue revolves around the minor character, Max—J Jenk's assistant—who had a slightly longer interaction with Bella in Forever Dawn. Because Twilight was still unedited, a few odd things remain, like Rosalie being called Carol. It's about 3100 words long.

Marked up manuscripts for Eclipse and The Host * — These are early drafts of my novels. Both of them have notes from my editors and lots of small things that were later changed or deleted.

Signed Twilight ARC (advanced reading copy) — They didn't make as many of these as they did for New Moon, so they're much harder to come by. Signed ones are even more rare. I had two of my own; after this auction, I'll have one.

Lunch — I will take whoever wins this item and a guest out to lunch (in Phoenix).

* Anything that involves my unpublished writing is copyrighted. If you win one of these items, you will have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Click here to see pictures of the items that Stephenie is putting in the raffle (everything is signed)!

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