Stephenie Meyer Updates Her Site With News from ‘Breaking Dawn’, ‘The Host’ and ‘Austenland’

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After what seems like forever, we have a brand new update from Stephenie Meyer herself on her personal blog. Stephenie not only gives us one update, but gives us some information on everything she’s been working on including The HostBreaking Dawn and even Austenland.....

Hey everybody!

I know it's been a long time—way, way too long—since I updated my site personally. 2011 was a bizarre, lovely, and insane year and I didn't spend nearly enough time where I should be—here at my keyboard. 

Here is a pretty good visual of where I usually was instead. Note the thirteen layers of weather protection. In my very limited experience, watching movies being made is almost always a cold, wet business.

Since I've been M.I.A. so long, I thought I would do a little "my summer vacation" essay for those who are interested—though it's really a "my last whole year away making movies" essay, with occasional camera phone illustrations.

I'm going to break this down into three separate pages, as my time has been spread across a few different projects. Click the links to visit the pages you're interested in:

Thanks so much for your always amazing support and general awesomeness!


On Breaking Dawn – Parts 1 and 2

Right now Breaking Dawn 2 is being edited and having special effects added. Still a ways to go with some very complicated effects; we’re doing some things we’ve never done before. I’ve gotten to see a few scenes so far, and everything is so cool. Bill Condon has such a gift. I was there, I saw everything get filmed, yet I’m still always surprised at how he’s able to put it together into something that is more than the sum of its parts.

I’m looking forward to the Breaking Dawn 1 DVD coming out this week. I actually have no idea what all is on it, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for some of my favorite scenes that didn’t make it into the movie.

I look forward to seeing some of you in the upcoming months as publicity for Breaking Dawn 2 starts up. It feels so weird to think it’s all coming to an end! Happy in some ways, depressing in others. The saddest part for me is that the next premiere is the last time I’ll get to see you guys all together. It’s something I always look forward to, even though it’s frenzied and I don’t really get a chance to talk to anybody. I’ll just tell myself that a couple of you will show up for The Host premiere so that I don’t get too depressed about finality and goodbyes. It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? Thanks for being there with me through all of this. It wouldn’t have been any fun without you. See, now I’m getting maudlin. Better call it quits before I start crying.

On The Host:

First, a little tease: check back to this page soonish, as I will have some very exciting newsto share about upcoming chance for you to get involved with The Host. Stay tuned!

The Host begins filming this coming Monday the thirteenth, and I am so excited. It’s somewhat of a dream to have the creator and director of my favorite sci-fi film (Gattaca) helming this movie. I love the script he’s written, I love his beautiful vision, and I love working with him.

I also can’t say strongly enough how thrilled I am with our cast. The talent involved is unbelievable. We’ve been so blessed/lucky/kissed-by-fate all throughout the casting process. Wanda/Melanie is a very complicated role, and for a long time one of our biggest worries in the producer camp was finding an actress who could bring those two distinct personalities to life. And then Saoirse came along and we all quit worrying. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching her act, I highly recommend her recent release, Hanna. Actually, watch her in anything she’s done and you’ll see what I mean.

Check out everything that Stephenie has to say on The HostBreaking DawnAustenland and more on her blog here.


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Comment by michelle on February 11, 2012 at 1:38pm

awww now im going to start crying after reading that.. I dont want BD to end, honestly so far it really hasent hit me yet but I really think I am starting to feel abit :( that its all going to end


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