Story from a fan who was at the Breaking Dawn Fan Event in Paris

From Source: LeMondeDeFrancesca
Today, the event was held Breaking Dawn fan in Paris with the presence of Robert and Ashley and this is what tells a lucky fan who was able to attend and view it with great detail ^ ^: 
I arrived at the Gaumont Capucines [theater where the event was held fan] about 2 pm and was already crowded.

People on the red carpet [which was actually black]:
People waiting to get inside
The wall when it was mounted photocall

We made the line to get inside, some without a trace of shame pfff slipped into the row, and had patience in the midst of the cold. At 5 pm, they finally opened the door and we took our invitations of cardboard (a shame, because I wanted to keep it to myself as a souvenir!), Walked the red carpet up the stairs and entered the room where they would later. On top of our sites, had a bag of SND [distributor of films in the series in France] with two posters of Breaking Dawn - Part 1: One in which Bella and Edward came, and another that left Jacob, and a Breaking Dawn mini flashlight (such as those earned in the contest of the bank Crédit Agricole Carte Mozaic, I think).
On the big screen was inside the room, showing pictures of the red carpet of the people in the room and official photos of the movie.
Hopefully, arrived late and the red carpet at last started at 18.15 with Rob at the helm. People began to alter in the room, but it was only to hear a sound outside and she began to provoke cries were those of Robert "¡¡¡¡ !!!!" and those of "Stop pushing" and "I'm crushed." We laugh and applaud as we were going to see everything. Rob insatiable alternating sign autographs, take pictures and give interviews.

Ashley arrived shortly after Rob and elegantly was signing autographs and doing interviews. Unlike Rob, not took pictures with fans (at least I did not get to see).

After about 20 good minutes of red carpet, Rob and Ashley went to the photocall:

After a few minutes, Rob and Ashley came into the room. The translator asked the questions were chosen from Facebook (I confess that I did not pay much attention to questions) and then people in the room shared their questions:
What is the role you've always wanted to play? Ashley said Alice. (I) Robert replied that a paper they had to kill someone. LOL
How did you feel during your last day of shooting?
What is your favorite part of the films in the saga?
What do you most lament your character? Rob said he had tried himself translated the question into English and said he thought he had asked what kind of cream preferred. LOL. On the question (which had already forgotten MDR [MDR means "Morte De Rire" = "dying laughing"]) responded that their hair. ^ ^ Ashley said she has no regrets about carrying his golden contact lenses.
What was the funniest moment of shooting the entire Twilight saga? Ashley said that the baseball game scene in Twilight.
Can you sing for us? Rob said he has a lot of shame.
What is your favorite song? Rob responded that those of Marcus Foster.
What is the funniest moment of the shooting or rare Breaking Dawn? Ashley replied that one where he had 50 vampires. Rob espondió the delivery of Bella.La fan who asked the question later told Rob that Kristen was the luckiest girl in the world to have him. And Rob smiled a little ^ ^

In this picture standing out because it was to pick a gift that gave him a fan:

After 30 minutes, some fans told Ashley "Ashley, I love you, all you want" and Ashley said "I love you too." She has not stopped blowing kisses to people who were in the room. It was very hot, so Ashley, and especially Rob, had been drinking too much water. Then they went and saw the video without subtitles because there was no time for that: There was an introductory video with Bill Condon saying "Bonjour Paris!" along with images of behind the scenes (BTS) and interviews with Rob, Kris and Taylor had already seen. They also showed a few images and interviews of Ashley and Stephanie. After that they put an ad for a bank with a composite image of the first three films [probably an ad for a French savings bank that promotes the event]. After some interviews with Nikki saying "Bonjour Paris!" By Booboo, and Julia Jackson. And finally the two clips shown at Comic Con

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