Summit Entertainment Upsets Fans at Breaking Dawn Premiere Camp

This article, previously posted on a different site at noon, today, 11/10, has been removed from that site.  Please read about my fan experience here. I have to say thank you to Twifans for inviting me to share this story on your site.

If you are in the front of the line or, like me, in the back of the line attempting to camp out for the Breaking Dawn premiere you are feeling a bit abused by Summit Entertainment this morning.

Here is what happened so far today (as of noon on 11/10) from someone who wants to be a camper – me.

Summit had made it clear in previous announcements that the line wouldn’t start until 6 AM, but that didn’t stop fans from wandering around the L.A. Live area all night waiting for a line to start. At 3:45 AM, Summit security, who were not wearing anything to identify themselves as security, started moving everyone to an empty parking lot across the street from the Marriott, but made it clear that it wasn’t the line. Everyone gathered in a tight bunch waiting for instructions that didn’t come other than “stay off the sidewalk!”

Security attempted to move the crowd back from the corner/intersection where everyone was gathered, facing L.A. Live. They continued to send fans over from other areas where they had been gathering around L.A. Live telling them that the lot we were in was the place to go.

At 5:45 AM, the head of Summit security, Charles, who is wearing jeans and a John Deere hat and who in no way looks official, gathered people at the back of the parking lot, away from the intersection. Part of the group followed him and he very quietly instructed us to get in groups of six, spread out through out the parking lot, be quiet, be calm. Do not rush up to the front and ask me to pick you. I will pick whoever I want. I’ll be back in 15 minutes.

The people that had followed him listened and did exactly as he told us to do while the rest of the people continued to stay in a mob at the corner. A few minutes after 6 AM the gym class theatrics began. Charles, at his discretion, walked around and started pointing at groups to cross the street to get in line for bracelets. He often was picking large groups or people from the mob that he had instructed not to form. He made eye contact with members of our group and other groups on multiple occasions, but then didn’t give us the go ahead to cross the street.We felt like we were being treated like school children hoping to be picked by the popular kid for the kickball team. We watched people who were not part of groups that were chosen jump/cut in line, but security didn’t even notice. By that point everyone felt too intimidated by the bully system to even step forward to point out the line cutters.

Our group continued to follow his original instructions of wait in a group, stay calm and quiet, and don’t rush him. we were rewarded with literally being the last group to cross the street. At one point we thought we were being picked when we would have been the second to last group to cross the street and he told us no, not us. Again, we felt like we were being treated like children.

The fact is one man at his discretion based on whether he liked the way you looked or not decided who got to line up in what order. There was nothing fair about this system. Even those who got picked first are not happy about the way it was handled. It wasn’t fair for anyone. A lottery or a raffle whether this morning or ahead of time online would have been a fair system. This method definitely wasn’t the answer.  Fans are upset and discouraged. Search @SummitEnt, #CampTwilight, #TentCity, or #BDPremiere on twitter and you’ll see the fan reactions.

It’s 11:45 AM and we still haven’t been given any instructions as to what is going to happen when the main tent fills up or how many people are in line. We have not received any instructions. No one from Summit has spoken to us since we were placed in line. We are distraught and disappointed and many are saying they will never do a Twilight event again. I’m sad to say, I understand why.

Summit has informed me that there will be multiple camp sites and everyone in line will get to camp and experience the Camp Twilight/Tent City events. I expect it to be hours before I get a wristband, let alone set up for camp. Stay tuned to for the news from the Breaking Dawn Premiere camp experience this weekend. It hasn’t started well, but hopefully it will get better.

UPDATE: At 5 PM I finally received a wristband, #743. We were told to come back at 6:30 PM to go into Camp #3, which is in the middle of the closed street. We will then have to move at 7 AM tomorrow morning so they can tent the area and return whenever that is completed. We have been informed, after 11 hours since this this started, that we will not be on the carpet. We will be on the bleachers.

UPDATE #2: "Disgruntled fans" were featured on various local news stations at 5, 5:30 and 6 PM this evening. Fans who traveled from Miami, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia spoke on camera and the offending Summit hired security guard who caused all this drama refused to speak on camera. At 6:50 PM they started allowing people to set up in Camp 2 followed by the currently un-tented Camp 3. Since Camp 3 is going to have to pack up in the morning and move out while the area gets tented we optioned to not camp tonight. So while we're registered for Camp Twilight we are in a hotel room hearing Twilight play in the distance while we have no Camp Twilight home until possible mid-day tomorrow. One of our group has already given up and gone home.  I don't usually get emotional and I was being the positive one in our group all day, but by mid-afternoon I started shedding tears and right now I'm a bit of a mess. My group spent more than 11 hours in line today, and all we are getting is bleachers seats thanks to the discretion of a bully when all we did was follow "his" rules. 

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Comment by robsten42 on November 10, 2011 at 10:26pm

All I can say is that an event like this would be very hard to manage; please be patient with security and others around you.  So much excitement for BD!

Comment by Agota on November 11, 2011 at 12:08am

I just don't get it why fans should be act that hysterical about Premier Camping. Simply just, grow up!!!

Comment by Dezaria on November 11, 2011 at 9:50am
A raffle or lottery SHOULD HAVE been done. None of this personal selection by one man. Tell me how hard that would har been to organize that?
Comment by Twilighter76 on November 11, 2011 at 10:00am

This is ridiculous ! Summit please fix this !

Comment by robswonkylegs on November 11, 2011 at 11:14am

I was there and it does seem the security chose the large groups first. We kept getting looked over until we went and joined another group to make ours big. Then we finally got chosen. I was really hoping to be in the first 150 so I could be in the front row for the first time so I could get a photo with Rob. If they were going to choose at random, I just wish they would have mentioned it earlier in the rules so we could be prepared that we might be in the way end. I am one of those people who would've been willing to wait over a week just to be in the front so I'm pretty dissapointed to be in the back. Will have to wait next year to see if I can finally get a photo with Rob -- I hope they improve this next year to be more fair and organized! It will be the last one afterall.

Comment by robswonkylegs on November 11, 2011 at 11:18am

I would also like to add that Summit really needs to improve communication with the fans. This situation would already be a lot better if we were told in advance that random groups would be chosen and to just join our groups and sit down. But instead we were all left standing on the side of the street waiting for instructions and confused as to how to keep in a fair order.

Comment by Louise and gang on November 11, 2011 at 11:20am

Why the hell would anyone do that?! It should at least be first come first served but I an see the logic behind the picking groups to go up so just be patient and wait. I'm sure it will be just as fun watching from the bleachers.

p.s. this is just my opinion. I have never been to any premieres.

Comment by wig4rob on November 11, 2011 at 1:16pm

I get your frustration, I don't think its right for people to minimize your experience.  They didn't waste 11 hours of their life!  I'm afraid these events get so big, and its probably difficult to anticipate what the reaction will be.  I had something like this happen at the midnight show last year.  One manager went off the page, I imagine that's something like what happened here.  And once it goes South, its hard to correct it.  Hang in there, its supposed to be fun, so enjoy what you can!

Comment by BB Cullen on November 11, 2011 at 4:10pm
I would be pissed to if this happened to me!! I don't think these girls need to grow up because they spent alot of money and time to come to this thing!! Especially overseas people!! Summit should have have camp#2 already ready!! I know this is a big event and that it's hard to control but use a bit of common sense Summit the whole point of the line is to get people in to there camping grounds as quickly as possible so you should have ALL camping grounds ready that's one of the first things they should have organized and if they couldn't do it in time WARN THE FABS!! Don't just tell them on the day I think Summit should pay for their hotels rooms or something because the fans expected a camping experience and where not warned it wouldn't be ready so the fans where not ready or prepared for such a thing, bd I mean what the bloody hell where they doing during those 11 hours?? Having tea and biscuits?? I think they had plenty of time to organize the camp grounds. They should of also identify the security people!! I mean what if some random in normal clothes said ok I'm security follow me and all those people got hurt somehow?? What then Summit?? They should of had security shirts and I'd aswell I think they should also of let everyone wonder around until 6 AM and first in first served that's how all the other premiers have been!! I hope that your experience gets. Better for you!!
P.S. this is just my opinion so please don't hate on me everyone has an opinion. If you agree with me then cool if you don't then you don't no biggie move on :)
Comment by Kim Bond on November 11, 2011 at 10:58pm
I am so sorry for your trauma. Hang tough..after all, you run with vampires. Wish I was there!


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