SWATH Wrap Party - December 11, 2011

Pictures outside the Wrap Party: Only Kristen's back
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@Loft_Studios: What a week! Mario Testino taking all 4 studios for a Burberry Campaign and 3 events this weekend, the highlight being Snow White wrap party.

@BarnesGirl11: Kristen in jeans and converse. She had about 9 people with her . . . . More deets later x. We did not see her english boyfriend . . . The paps left in cars BEFORE she did, by about 5 mins. Maybe she did not go straight home and the paps gave up. Just JB, her security. ASB and dark haired guy left earlier. She left REALLY late, like 3.15am. Hope she had fun :) The 9 people were JB, JohnASB, dark haired guy .... plus about 4-6 others I did not know. All shielding her... hard to get pics.  She had her hair down, short jacket and hoodie, skinny jeans and converse. Saw her for seconds before she went in, but YES!!!!

@littlelowey: Driving to London excited for the wrap party tonight for #SWATH but feeling sick and that's before having any drink.....Little bit tipsy haha, Chris and christan are both beautiful greatfull people #swath

@EddOsmond: everyone that's helped make the best 4months - all under one roof tonight!!! #SWATH

@jemma_lewis: On route to #SWATH wrap party to rock and roll with all the amaZing cast & crew that I have worked with on our EnChaNtInG journey. had an amaZing time at the #SWATH Wrap PaRtY with a luSh cast and crew. Its been such an EnChAnTiNg journey with a MaGiCaL destination.xx

@blonstein: It's a wrap for the Snow White and the Huntsman cast, Blonstein has created an amazing party venue and now it's time to party!

@RomanceRiver: SWATH wrap party has the best music playing, "Light My Fire", "Whole Lotta Love"... <3 @Lorabell: Rocking it out at the #Swath wrap party- twisted 60s-esque theme- cast and crew all here and having a blast in NW10 x

 @mrjohnnyharris: Great #SWATH party tonight! Seen this crew work hard these last few months so it's lovely to see them celebrate and in party mode tonight! x

Pictures kstewartfans/source Tweet compilation strictlyrobsten via Robsteners

@Lorabell P.s. I was at the #SWATH wrap from 9pm until 3am and there was no Rob - it was a compact venue, we most definitely would have seen. Sorry ;)

ETA: More tweets...grain of salt... SourceI'm glad I joined the afterparty for a bit. I feel bloody awful today but it was worth it to see Kristen and Rob Pattinson. Holding hands. She is brilliant as Snow White. I can't wait for the whole world to hear her British accent.I would just like to remind people that I did not say wrap party, I said afterparty as in "after the wrap party." As in private afterparty at a crew members rental.Rob was in London yesterday, that's all I can honestly attest to. :) Well, maybe Saturday too but that is coming from a colleague; I wasn't on that set that day but I've heard several whisperings. For those who are asking, by everything I've observed Rob and Kristen are a lovely couple and you should feel proud to be their fans

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Comment by Eddica on December 12, 2011 at 10:36am

Go Kristen and Robert! Love you guys

Comment by Robertfanxxxx on December 12, 2011 at 1:26pm

I AM PROUD TO BE ROBSTENS FANS I LOVE THEM TO NO END!! Such a Beautiful couple!! I wish Robsten a long, healthy and happy life and successful career. I will love you Robsten forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3

Comment by Yvonne Villanueva on December 12, 2011 at 3:23pm

So wonderful to hear they were together. Love u guys.

Comment by Kristen Kimber Colichia on December 12, 2011 at 3:51pm

Rpattz & Kstew they belong together...i'm so happy for them that they're dating in public

Comment by angelaopao on December 13, 2011 at 2:20am

aaaahhhhh. i am sooo relieved to hear that! yay! that my day . ILOVEUROBSTEN! and i'm glad to be one of your fans!


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