Taylor Lautner Talks ABDUCTION and THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN & FANS with collider


Question: Do you ever get tired of the screams and the fainting girls?

TAYLOR LAUTNER: To be honest, no! I’m sure there may be moments, if I’m tired or something, or I’m just waking up, but not really. If that’s their way of showing their passion, then I will take it.

There were girls camped out every day on the set in Pittsburgh, just to get a glimpse of you?

LAUTNER: There were a lot of fans on set. One time, we were actually there for a week, filming in this random city called Sutersville, and it had a population of 600 people. One night, we had over 800 girls on set, so there were definitely a few people driving in from different cities. It was pretty impressive. There were some great fans there in Sutersville.

How do you handle that?

LAUTNER: It was tiring because we were actually filming nights there. I would show up at 8 p.m. and work until 5 a.m., and then at 5 a.m., I would go out and there would literally be 800 people down the street. I would pretty much take pictures with all of them. It took about an hour. We tried to do it fast, but doing it fast for 800 people is still an hour. But, it was important to me.

Were there any crazy fan encounters?

LAUTNER: No, nothing crazy. I think I had like 300 people on my front lawn, at one point, but that was about it. They were behaved fans, though.

Since Twilight, you look like you have definitely slimmed down a bit.

LAUTNER: A little bit, right?

Is it nice not to have to keep up the whole regimen of working out as much?


LAUTNER: It is. It’s just a different kind of working out now. Now, I get to stay more active and play more sports, which is a treat for me. I can eat what I want, which is not necessarily junk because I’ve always pretty much eaten healthy. Now, I just don’t have to force myself to eat when I’m not hungry. I don’t have somebody coming and shoving food down my throat, every five minutes. It’s great.

In this movie, five minutes in, you are shirtless. When you saw the script did you think, “Do I have to be shirtless again?!”?

LAUTNER: Well, when I saw the script for the first time, there were probably five or six shirtless scenes, and it got cut down to one short one. It has to make sense for the character. It just can’t be nonsense. So, we found the one moment where it would make sense, and that was it........


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