Taylor Lautner's & Ashley Greene's Prom Stories From Teen Magazine

Photo Mario Chavez
Taylor found a new buddy! That’s Ashley’s dog, Miller, he’s holding.

Ah, prom. It can be awesome — or, it can be...well, less so. Think it's any different for celebrities? Let's find out!

TEEN: You tested out of high school early and are already taking college classes, but did you get to go to your prom?
Taylor: I did! At my school juniors and seniors both go to the prom. It was fun. I forget where we had it, it was somewhere in L.A. at some art museum. It was really a lot of fun. It was a long night. I think it finished like 12 or 1 in the morning.
TEEN: Who did you take?
Taylor: I took a friend of mine from school.
TEEN: As a guy, were you like psyched about prom or did you not really care either way if you went?
Taylor: No, I was excited, I was really excited. You always watch a prom in movies growing up, and then it’s like, "Oh, wow, I’m at prom!" It was a cool experience. But, yeah, I tried to stay in school as long as I could. I went to a public school my whole life until this year. I'm doing a TV show on NBC (My Own Worst Enemy), so I would just be missing too much (school), so I tested out of high school and now I'm in college.
TEEN: That's great! Taylor: It's kind of scary. I'm taking 10 credits, so I mean, my two-year degree will probably take me four but I'm going at it!
TEEN: Do you dance?
Taylor: Sure, I try.
TEEN: Is there a song that you hear now that reminds you of your prom?
Taylor: I think when prom was going on the big song was "Stronger" by Kanye West.

Mario Chavez
Nikki and Ashley give Kristen a hand.

TEEN: Did you go to your prom?
Ashley Green: I didn't go to my own senior prom but I went to my boyfriend at the time, like my high school sweetheart, I went to his senior prom. That was really fun.
TEEN:Do you remember what you wore?
Ashley Green: I do actually. I wore this amazing gold dress but it was a little risqué so my mom was like, "You have to wear something like a scarf or else your dad isn’t going to let you out of the house." My dad would’ve been like no way because the neckline plunged but it was tight so nothing was falling out. The whole thing was just gold sequins all the way down but it was like a shade between a lighter gold and bronze. I fell in love with it. I bought it my self because my mom was like, "I’m not buying that for you." I said, Fine, I’ll buy it myself." I did my hair in a kind of ... almost like a goddess hair style with a bunch of little ringlets and headband to match it. It was really pretty. I had so much fun.
TEEN:Since you paid for it yourself were you acting back then or did you have like a part-time job after school or babysitting money to help save for it?
Ashley Green: I worked at a place called Copelands. I loved it. My friends were like, "Dude, you’re always working." So, yeah, that paid pay for it.
TEEN:What song makes you want to dance whenever you hear it?
Ashley Green: I love Lil' Wayne, pretty much like any Lil' Wayne song gets me amped.

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