You say "Im team Jacob" or " Im team Edward" But lets put that on a test. Answer the following questions:
YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE ANSWER ON A PAPER! Then If you want too, you could write on the comment what team are you. Good Luck!! =D

1. What store at the mall are you most likely to shop at?

A. Eddie Bauer
B. Bloomingdale's
C. Nieman Marcus

2. In a game of touch football, what position do you play?


3. At Starbucks, you're most likely to order which of the following?

A. Vanilla Latte
B. Iced Mocha
C. Biscotti (It could double as a wooden stake)

4. You decide to watch a classic movie. Wich do you choose?

A. Courage of lassie
B. Casablanca
C. Isle of the Dead

5. How would other people describe your desk or locker?

A. Messy
B. Quite Orderly
C. Hiding a few surprises

6. By Instinct, you are drawn to the following type:

A. The life of the party, who keeps his buddies in stitches
B. The mysterious gentleman with a hint of danger
C. The quite, broody guy in the shadows

7. What's your favorite type of car?

A. Make dosen't matter, only that i've built it
B. Anything European and fast
C. Car? I dont drive

8. Which words describe your ideal mate?

A. Happy and Persistent
B. Charming and polite
C. Strong and skilled in combat

9. How many close friends to you have?

A. Several - I run witha good sized-pack
B. At most one or two - I tend to be a loner
C. Losts - my gang is always increasing

10. When it comes to a firs date, which to you prefer?

A. Going to a movie, even if it ends with someone getting sick
B. Being rescued from thugs, then dining on pasta
C. Don't care where it takes place, as long as my date survives the evening


Mostly "A"s Team Jacob

Mostly "B"s Team Edward

Mostly "C"s Team Buffy

You're team nothing, you're definitely conflicted- but not between edward and jacob.But don't worry you won't be alone, Cuttlas would be on your team. XD
Well, thats the end of the Quiz. My Team was Jacob, Which one was your's?

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Comment by TwilightOCDer on August 13, 2009 at 6:29am
Team Edward! But Loving The Buffy Reference! HAHA Hillarious


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