I have some theories on what separates Team Edward’s from Team Jacob’s. One is taste in ‘guys’. Some people like sweet romantic guys, others like funny adventurous guys. Another is New Moon, to put it simply. When Edward left, that is what started the whole thing. People hated the fact that Edward left Bella.
So taste in guys. Edward is the sweet romantic guy who just wants you to be safe and happy. Jacob is the adventurous funny guy, who is your best friend. Jacob wants to so dangerous things that could, would, and did hurt her. Sure it made her happy, but she almost died in the cliff diving incident. You may be thinking, “but she only did those things to see and hear Edward” yes, she did. But how could he have known? He thought she was safe, but had no way of knowing. Basically this is an opinion. I like to look at it like this: there are 2 roads; you must take one to find your true love. One is lined with roses, candlelight, butterflies (the kind you feel in your stomach) and beautiful scents. The other is lined with motorcycles, cliffs, and laughter. Girls who like romance would go down road 1. Now people who are more of tom-boys and adventurers would go down road 2. See what I mean?
So the second scenario is Edward leaving. That is what started the whole thing. People were upset and angry at Edward for leaving. Why did he leave? Because he knew that he was putting Bella in danger. He loved her so much that he could put himself in pain and leaves her. You may be thinking “but she wasn’t safe, she did dangerous things just to see and hear him” but hoe could Edward have known? He can’t read Bella’s mind, he was to far away to read Jacob’s or Alice’s. He thought she would be safer without having all the vampires near her. He didn’t know she would cliff dive or ride motorcycles, or anything dangerous. He only left to try and save her. But, as you may remember, Jacob left too. He left 3 times, I believe. He left at the end of New Moon; end of Eclipse, and in Breaking Dawn. Why? The first time because he was angry that Edward came back and Bella went back to him. Jealousy. The second time was because of jealousy once again. He was gone in Breaking Dawn a lot because he couldn’t bear to see Bella like that. He was too weak, but Edward stayed all those times. Jacob was too jealous the first 2 times, it wasn’t for Bella’s sake, it was for his selfish reasons.
So my older sister is Team Jacob, and we fight a lot because (obviously) I’m Team Edward. (I am not a Jacob hater) She also wrote a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob essay. So far all she could think of was ½ of a page’s worth written out. I have 4 pages worth written out. So what does that say to you? There are more reasons to be Team Edward than Team Jacob. I’m not saying that you have to change; I just want to make sure you know as much as possible to make a decision. So in her essay, she said Edward is self-loving. Ha ha ha ha! I laughed. Hmm… if he was self loving than why does he say that he is a monster, soul-less, try to kill himself to be with Bella, and constantly put his family and Bella before himself? She is crazy, if anything Jacob self-loving. He was jealous, and didn’t want Bella to be with Edward at all. When Edward came back he said Bella can choose and no matter what her decision he would always be there for her if she wanted him to be from then on. Jacob didn’t want her to be with Edward at all, he wanted her all to himself. Sure eventually (after he came back because he left because he was jealous) she hung out with Jacob while she was with Edward, but it took convincing. My sister also said, and I quote straight from her essay “In all honestly I think Edward lovers have lost it. I don’t say that as I Jacob fan but as a human being” Has she lost it? She stereotypes a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister but she can be a stereotyping, hypocritical mean-y sometimes.
Then there are the people who think Edward is too controlling, and the people who think he gives Bella anything she wants. Complete opposites, but I know people who think the first and some that think the second, and then I know some who change their opinion based on who they’re talking to.
Some people (like my sister) think Edward is too controlling and won’t let Bella make her own decisions. So just because Edward won’t turn her into a vampire (because he thinks that makes you a soul-less monster) he’s controlling. Sure there are other things he says no to, but any boyfriend who is deeply in love with their girlfriend would. Like life threatening things. I know I would tell my boyfriend (if I had one, sigh) to not go climb MT Everest, because people have died doing that before. People have died in motorcycling accidents (not even on highways, but off-roading too) and cliff diving. Besides, Bella is enough danger just being around the vampires (that’s why Edward left, because he knew that and he just wants her to be safe, but he learned that it’s dangerous for him to be away from her too). Edward is not controlling, he just doesn’t want Bella to get hurt, besides, if he was controlling he wouldn’t let her hang out with Jacob at all. If Bella had been with Jacob he would not have let her hangout with Edward.
Then there are the people who think Edward will give Bella everything she wants, and Jacob is “more of a man’s man and tells her how it is”. Edward does not give Bella everything she wants. She wanted to be a vampire, but we all know Edward never was going to actually let her be one. She only became one because she was dying and Edward wanted to save her. There were some things he did give her, but most of them took a lot of convincing and time. Jacob does not just “tell her how it is” he let her, even encouraged her to do dangerous things, when he knew they were more dangerous for a klutz like her. Was there anything he came out and outright told her how it is? He never said “If you don’t choose me over Edward I’m not going to hangout with you for a long period of time”
I’d like to address the issue of people becoming Team Jacob because of the movie(s). Just because they got the perfect actor, Taylor Lautner, who looks perfect and everything to play Jacob, and a not very good actor, Robert Pattinson, to play Edward. The Edward in the movie looks and acts differently in the books. I still like the movies; they are still my favorite movies, but not nearly as good as the books. Because Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward more depressed than he really was in the books, and isn’t the best looking guy to play Edward and because Taylor Lautner was the perfect actor to play Jacob, people become Team Jacob. So now a lot of people are basing what team they are basing it on Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the movie(s). I say there are 3 different ‘competitions’. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, vampires vs. werewolves, and Team Robert vs. Team Taylor. The first one is who Bella should be with, the second one who should win the eternal battle between vampires and werewolves, and the third is who better portrays their character in the movies. For the first I am Team Edward, for the second I am Team Switzerland (because I think they should move on and stop fighting), and for the third I am Team Taylor. Please remember that the actors and the characters they play in the movies are different from the Edward and Jacob in the books. Some people say Edward is ugly because they think Robert Pattinson is ugly (They are two different people!) So only, and I mean only base Edward vs. Jacob and vampire vs. werewolf on the books, and only base Taylor vs. Robert on the movies. Different things and people.
Thanks for reading this! I know it's long but I'm glad you could get through it all. I worked really hard on it! :D

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Comment by backupStew on January 6, 2010 at 1:12pm
110% agree with you. I'm T. Edward (books), T. Stwitzerland (wolves vs vamps) and not so sure about T. Jacob (movies) cause of yes, he is PERFECT for Jacob, I still see something of Edward in Pattinson
people become Team Jacob (movies) because of 6 things: abs.
Great theories btw
Comment by Edward Lover 87 on January 6, 2010 at 1:36pm
I 100% agree. I am Team Edward (books) Team Vampire (wolves vs vamps) I don't know about the movies, I think both of the actors are both very good in there parts, but I think Robert Pattinson is just the perfect Edward and I'm Team Edward all the way so I'm going to have to go with Rob for the (movies).
Comment by Creampuff on January 6, 2010 at 4:12pm
If you have read all four books these team Edward vs. team Jacob debates are moot. There is no competition for Bella. She admits that she loves Jacob and is even slightly in love with him but even when she thought Edward had left her for good she knew she was never going to be happy with Jacob. He was never enough for her. I read all the books and saw both movies and I will never see Jacob as anything but a selfish child who wants Bella with him even though he knows she will be unhappy.
Comment by Noelleypants on January 7, 2010 at 12:54pm
13pinkstars, did you read the part about New Moon...? I had a whole thing on why Edward left + more if you wanna check it out... i think u should, i want you to know where i stand on that... thankz everyone for reading this and commenting. make sure u get alot of people to do the same. thankzzzz! :D


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