Ten vampire powers we are looking forward to seeing in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

In the Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn part 2 teaser trailer, we saw a Preview of the powers of Benjamin (Rami Malek) from the Egyptian coven

and Alec (Cameron Bright) from the Volturi .

but there are other ten characters whose powers hopefully we are looking forward to seeing in the movie on November 16th!:-

Henri - According to Amadou Ly, his character - which was created just for the film - has a little power of his own. "With my index power I can flick a person, and they are usually going to hit a wall or go somewhere pretty distant," he explained.


Demetri Charlie Bewley's character has been a part of the Saga since 2009's New Moon, but we've not gotten to see much of his tracking ability in the films ... yet. Amadou Ly teased, "fans are going to love to see the Demetri that Bill Condon has waiting for them." In the story for Breaking Dawn, Demetri's tracking ability is what sends Alice and Jasper on the run with little notice to the family. Perhaps we'll finally get to see him in action!


Kate - Casey LaBow has hinted that some CGI will come into play with her character's ability (in the book, she has an electrical current which shocks whoever she touches; Bella is immune to it). LaBow explained, "I definitely shock some creatures. Short of them actually giving me a taser to use while we were filming, they have to do some special effects on it. There was a rig and there were some special movie magic moments that happened."

Maggie - Maggie, who'll be portrayed by Marlane Barnes, has the ability to tell when someone is lying. Her ability helped convince the Irish Coven of the truth surrounding Renesmee.


Eleazar - Christian Camargo brought Eleazar to life in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, but the character's ability to read which special gifts other people have will come into play in Part 2 - if it follows this part of the book - as he helps identify Bella's shield.


Siobhan - Siobhan may have the ability to affect the course of certain situations (Carlisle thinks she has the gift, at least). In the book, Siobhan wishes that the Cullens and friends wouldn't have to go to physical battle with the Volturi, and lo and behold, that's exactly what happens. Hopefully actress Lisa Howard brought this into play for her portrayal of the Irish femme.

Alistair - Joe Anderson is a really great actor, so chances are he brought some of Alistair's ability into play for Part 2. Like Demetri, Alistair is a tracker - albeit slightly less talented than Demetri. His power gives him a pull in the direction he is seeking, and when he senses the enormity of the Volturi presence upon him, he is overwhelmed and decides to take off.


Zafrina - The Amazonian warrior vampire is one of the oldest and most talented vampires in the world. She has the gift of visual projection, meaning she can make a person see as she'd like them to. She and Renesmee are kindred spirits pretty quickly. Her gifts help train Bella quite a bit, also.


Renesmee - Ah, Renesmee. Rather than talking, Renesmee usually just shares her thoughts and memories via touch. When she touches another person, she can project mental images into their mind. In one of the still images for Breaking Dawn - Part 2, we got to see her delivering a message to her mom Bella, but we've not yet gotten to see the actual imagery for that.

Bella - Bella Cullen has a powerful shield, and it'll be unveiled bit by bit in Part 2. First, she starts small with it, and then the shield gets to be enormous and very, very powerful. She also learns to lower it, which proves to be a very romantic moment at the tail end.


Which of these powers are you most excited to see?

thanks to TwiExaminer / DT

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