'' TERROR OF THE NIGHT!!'' By Jessica Maria.

It was as the Damn-One ... the rear of the forest let out cries of gnashing of the teeth. Creatures no human being has ever known to exsist. These creatures had every nature of a black panther --- the unbelievable moves of the serpant - strength beyond the grizzly - eye sight as bold as the eagle-sharp fangs of the double-edge blades the powers of the sun-the forces of the moon, their eyes could turn the people in the room into stone. Their features were beyond beautiful, but the scorn and evil remain distance, but one most evil stood them out.

They haunted the forbidden forest - sacred to the holy lands of Africa. It was a place were not even the crows can land their droppings. They were once servants of the great king in Egypt. The king forbidden anyone to touch the sacred scroll containg knowledge and powers beyond earth itself, but they have not known this scroll that they will unleash the forbidden will open pit and the accursed who has hands possess it.The servants sneaked in the middle of the night making their way to the forest. One evil servant had the young prince captive.

They all gathered together and took possession of the hidden scroll that was buried deep between two closed tombs. The scroll was forbidden by all the void egyptains, for they knew of the accurse. The servants unlavashed the evil one the thunder blots up through the clouds.Suddenly, the evil one rose from the tomb recomposing her body mummified corpse. Regain her powers from all areas of the sun and the moon.

The Egyptains in the vilage flee before the king to the holy ground and the servants came paths.The their king was so disturbed by their unfaithfulness and their impurials that he cursed them all into creatures. The King commanded the servants and the Damn Woman of hell to leave Egypt by the power of God The servants began to change from the curse and took the innocent prince alone with the punishment. When the prince heard this, he sent forth two warriors to gather his son but the creatures had bitten him - and his cause change to take within the punishments by the king.

They flee far fro Africa making their way to a new continent that will soon be a place of evil. That time will be when the moon is dark and the creatures will dominate all weaken the souls .....
.(((( Now .. you can complete my story .. if you are up to it ... just for fun.))

- By jessica Maria ( ENJOY HOPEFULLY!!)

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