The Capriccio chose the 10 most cats vampire film and television!

Some are nice, others are evil, but all have something in common: the charm, immortality and bloodlust.

Check out our selection for the most compelling vampire in the world of entertainment ...

1) Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in Twilight (2008) "

He is number one. Edward, besides being our favorite vampire, is a character that became a symbol of perfect man: sensitive, understandable, charming, intelligent e. .. sexy!

Can not help but fall in love with Edward from "Crepúculo. We are counting on his fingers to see him in New Moon.

2) Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) in the series "True Blood"

The love between vampires and mortals is in fashion. Those who follow the series "True Blood" on HBO, also must have fallen in love with the character played by actor Stephen Moyer.

Bill Compton Sookie love, gives his life for her, fight with vampires to protect it and smell it from a distance. Ai, ai ...

3) Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) in "Interview with the Vampire (1994)"

Brad Pitt was also a very sexy vampire in "Interview with the Vampire (1994).

He played the Louis de Pointe du Lac, a bloodsucker super charming living in New Orleans (USA) depressed by his evil nature. Sooo beautiful!

4) Angel (David Boreanaz) on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)"

We, as Buffy suffered ... Already in the first few episodes of the vampire hunter discovers she is in love with Angel (David Boreanaz), a cat guy, super cute, but that is a vampire.

And now? It kills Angel? Lives a love affair with him? Who saw the series can answer all these questions ...

5) James (Cam Gigandet) in "Twilight (2008)"

He's mean, he wants blood, he has no mercy and love torment the Cullen family and the love of Edward and Bella.

But James, played by Cam Gigandet, has a six-pack, a little face and a beautiful little body that would leave them easy prey for the seat of his blood. Ouch!

6) Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz) from "Twilight (2008)"

He is the nice Emmet Cullen family. It's a beautiful vampire, big, tall, light eyes, white skin and her brother Edward's favorite.

His strength is supernatural even for a vampire. Moreover, Emmet is very courageous. Our ... Already in love ...

7) Vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise) in "Interview with the Vampire (1994)"

Tom Cruise won over all (and all!) With its irresistible charm in the skin of Lestat, one of the most famous vampire in literature and film.

In the film, the actor is puzzling, conquering and fighting all the time with the blood of other vampires.

8) Lestat (Stuart Townsend) from "Queen of the Damned (2002)"

The Lestat is even a famous vampire. In 2002, he was revived by actor Stuart Townsend in the movie more than a little sexy "Queen of the Damned (2002).

In this film, it's kind of rock star and is related to the Queen Akasha, played by the late singer Aaliyah. Sexy!

9) Sean (Kerr Smith) and Nick (Brendan Fehr) in "Vampires of the Desert (2001)"

The movie is not up to much, but see Sean (Kerr Smith), to die for, having to deal with Nick, a vampire hunter (who is also a vampire!) Played by Brendan Fehr, is worth renting the movie to watch.

Two cats vampires at once? Die!

10) Vampires Are we love!

Here comes a new series called "Vampire Diaries (2009), produced by the CW network, responsible for the success of" Gossip Girl. " Take a look at the cast of vampires! The cat will Somerholder Ian Damon, Michael Trevino is Tyler and Paul Wesley is Stefan.

The series is inspired by the horror novels of American writer and LjanA Smith tells the story of a girl who is in college and falls in love with two brothers who are vampires.

This series promises!

thanks friends!

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Comment by lorenza panisi on October 11, 2009 at 11:56am
tutti li amooo!!


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