The 9 Best Robert Pattinson Stories of 2009

This year was nothing if not hopelessly devoted to Rob...

In a year superlatively known for its celebrity news, not Jon Gosselin nor Lady Gaga - not even Tiger Woods himself - trumps the star-power of Robert Pattinson. There was no movie more anticipated than The Twilight Saga: New Moon; and in an era of unparalleled blood-lust, there was no vampire more craved than Edward Cullen. But as 2009 comes to a close, can you be sure you heard everything there was to hear about Robert Pattinson? Better read up - we've got the highlights here.

1. Yes, secret's confirmed: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been in a relationship for some time. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke revealed the truth in November, just as Rob and Kristen were snapped holding hands as they boarded a plane to leave Paris on the New Moon publicity circuit. Never before had we been so thrilled to see our undying crush with another woman.

2. Kissing Rob will cost you. In May a woman paid $20,000 for a kiss from Robert Pattinson. Prostitution? Nah, charity. The smooch benefited research for AmfAR, the world's best-known foundation for AIDS research. Let's see, a kiss with Robert Pattinson or a down payment on a house? Duh! Kiss me you fool!

3. Robert Pattinson stops traffic...and gets hit by a car. Running away from a gaggle of wild fans, Rob was slammed by a taxi cab last summer. He laughed about it in subsequent interviews, but we wanted to hunt down the perpetrators. Look but don't touch, for heaven's sake. Robert Pattinson is precious cargo.

4. Robert Pattinson's publicist gets pissed. During the New Moon press tour in November, Ryan Seacrest took a jab at Robert Pattinson over whether the Kristen Stewart romance rumors were true. We found video of Rob's publicist throwing a fit and dragging Rob out of the interview as a result-so entertaining! Check it out here.

5. Robert Pattinson is a "pleasure to work with." We chatted with the smart and gorgeous Julia Jones from Eclipse, and Julia spilled the beans on the reality of working with the likes of Robby-Baby. She dispelled the rumors that he's totally into himself - read the other inside scoop Julia Jones shared here...

6. Robert Pattinson love buzz makes Kristen Stewart go mad. In the height of the New Moon media craze, Kristen Stewart told reporters to "f*ck off" about her romance rumors with Rob. Yikes, how about don't bite the hand that feeds you? After that we saw her pull back a little on the frankness, but it was pretty obvious the question hit a nerve.

7. Obvy...because right around that time, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were seen spending the night together and sneaking a quick kiss. The eyewitness account does not get juicier than this, friends.

8. All this despite Robert Pattinson's confession that his personal hygiene is disgusting. He joked with one reporter that he suffers dandruff and some dreadful self-maintenance habits, but then Stephenie Meyer went on Oprah to say that Robert Pattinson smells "great." Can't get up close and personal? Read the story to make the call.

9. Robert Pattinson will star in Bel Ami. (Did we mention that we can't get enough of him?) When Twilight wraps up, Rob'll be back on the screen in the Parisian-inspired film Bel Ami. Early reports landed him alongside Nicole Kidman, but more recently we've heard suggestions that Uma Thurman will play. Pay close attention in 2010 for the developments...Robert Pattinson is only going to get bigger, better hotter...

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