chapter 2: The Date

Kristen and I were upstairs in her room it was very...different.She had posters every where from the whole Twilight cast to the whole Harry Potter cast.Each wall was a different color.We were on her bed just talking,and then she grabed my cell phone and said,"Either your going to call him or I will and keep him for myself."
Whithout thinking I grabed the phone out of her hand pulled out the number and started dialing his number.After a few rings he answered.
"Hello?" he siad
I took a deep breath scoweled at Kristen then said,"Hey it's me Niela,I was just wondering if you wanted to go to The Viper with me tonight"
"Well uh sure...but do you mind if we double your friend Kristen and my cousin Keaun." he said apoligetic.
"Um wait"I looked over at Kristen and said,"You wanna double date with me,Jacob,and you with his cousin Keaun.
She sat there a moment then said,"What the hay-"
I cut her off and said,"Yeah pick us up a 9:00,my house.Bye!
"Thanks.Bye."he said his voice smooth and easy.
I hung up my cell.I looked at Kristen and said,"What are you waiting for, they will be at my house at nine get ready.NOW!"
She looked at me and smile and ran to the bathroom.
It was nine and we were at my in my living room waiting for the doorbell to ring.My mom was at work.She was a nurse at Emory hospital.My dad died was I was eleven.He was shot during a war in the military.A moment later the door rang. We ran to answer it and there they were. Jacob was wearing black jeans a white-T with a black jacket over it. He looked...SPICY! The boy next to him I'm guessing that was his cousin Keaun.He was wearing the same things accept instead of black jeans and jacket they were blue.He was a about a inch shorter than Jacob he also had caucasian skin and a little pale. He the darkest brown eyes I'd ever seen they almost looked black.He had short curly black hair,and was very skinny.
"Well hello ladies you two look smashing as I do say so myself." said Jacob with a big grin on his beutiful face.
"Thanks."Kristen and I said
"Well how rude of me.This is my cousin Keaun Simson.He going to be staying with my family for a couple of weeks."said Jacob
"Hi.Sorry to be interupting your evening tonight".said Keaun sounding very sinseire
"Well that is okay I was going to be stuck at home byself if you didn't show up!"said Kristen
"Well let us go then no time to waste".said Keaun
We were all in Jacob's car.He had a Volo 2.05,the car was pithch black,with shiny black leather seats and nice big rims.I couldn't wait to get to the Viper.The Viper was a little spot where teens went to dance,eat,hang out ect.I've been there 3 or 4 time and from exsperenice it not very packed.About 20mins later we were there.When I walked in every body was staring at us.I wasn't embarassed or any thing I like atenntion.But kristen on the other hand was as read a tomato.After about 5mins of staring at us everybody went back to what they where doing.But I could still hear poeple whisper and mummur.
"Well do we no how to make an entrance or what!" said Keaun with a low laugh then it becaame contagious because we all started to laugh
"I guess we do." I said still with a little laughter in my voice
"You guys want some punch?" offered Jacob
"Yeah" said both me and Kristen
Then the boys walked off to go get the punch.Leaving me and Kristen standing there. Then walking toward us was a girl,mabey 18,19,she had some of the same features as Keaun.But her hair was red.She was short.She was wearing a black skirt,that went half way to her knees.A red tang-top.And a pair of really cute high-heels.
"Hey!You must be Krisen."said the girl with a high pithchy voice.
"Hi.Um..."I said felling weird about this girl staring at me like we've been BFF's scince forever
"Oh. Sorry I'm Taylor Simson.Keaun's big sister."said Taylor
"Well I'm.Oh you know who I'm.This is my friend Kristen."I said
"Hi"said Kristen in soft voice
"It's so nice to finally meet you.Cuz Jacob won't stop talking about you."she said with the a gigle that rang lile little bells.
I bet every thing I had I was blushing.No thinking about it I lied I don't like attention.Wait backtrack how could he always talk about me if we just me today.freaky.Mabey he really does notice me.And is afraid to admidt it. Me like.
Thank God the boys were walking back over to us.What took them so long.
Keaun came over but when he saw Taylor a big frown went to his face,then said"Hey big sis what are you doing her."
"Oh nothing just finally meeting the famous Nielia Jones."she said
Now I knew honestly I did not like attention.not one little bit.I looked at Jacob and (a) I was a imagining thing or (b) I really saw it. Hs eyes were turnnig red.As I looked a while longer I had piked choice (b) knowing how bad I wishied it was choice (a).He saw I was lookin at him and his eyes became it's normal color again.
"Hey let's go dance.Mabey you should go home Tay." said Jacob
"Okay I see you don't want me here. I'll go."said Taylor then she winked at me and said"Bye!"
Minutes later we own the dance floor dancing away.Then a slow song came on and me and Jacob just danced and danced,he was suprisingly good.
"How did you learn how to dance so well?"I asked
He looked at me and smile that was so preious I just want to take and keep it for myself.Then he said,"Wow! You talk.I was begining to think you ware going mute."he said,"My sister taught me a very long time ago and I really enjoyed so I took a few lessons.How about you your not so bad yourself."
"Well after my dad died I took in new hobbie to keep me busy for a while"I said hoping he didn't hear the sadness in my voice.
"Oh well I'm sorry about you dad"he said
"It's okay.Sometimes the candle just blows out unexpectly.Nothing you can do."I said
After a hour talking and dancing,we all sat down and the boys offered us out to eat at the
Red Lobster and a the next thirty minutes we were there sitting at a table ordering our food. The waitress was very slow and had a really bad country acient.
"So how is your night so far?"Jacob asked me
"Well awesome.How 'bout you?"I said
"Great!"he said smiling
I looked at Keaun and Kristen in there own little world.
"So let's get to know each other."He said
"Hmm.Were to start.I was born March 13.I'm 16.I live with my mom.My two bestfriends our Kristen and Mark.My fav colors are Red black and blue.Hate the color pink.Fav movie Twilight.OMG I just really want be a vampire.I love to read fav series the Twilight saga.Shall I go on."I said
"Ahh yes keep going.But first I know this is none of buissness but how did your farther die."he said
"It isn't any of your buissness.but...o.k. scince Iwas 7 years old by dad has been fighting in the milatry and when I was 11 he was shot in the neck and 2 days later he died." I said then a moment later I relized there was tears fallging down my eyes then Jacob put his arm around me and I just started crying into his arms.then I looked up and said"Look at me acting like a complete fool.Oh Look at your shirt I'm so sorry.I should just had walked away.
"No.No. It's my fault I should have never asked in the first place I had no right to."He said
I looked at him and smiled"Yeah your right it's your fault for making me cry.And say your sorry."I said and I punched him in the arm.
He looked at me and smiled then said,"Well I'm so sorry for making you cry. what would like me to do know,get you tisssue,and say "it will be alright".
"Yep that exactly smart mouth" I said in a teasing voice
"Okay every thing will be alright."he said with a laugh the he gave me napkin. I blew into and laugh myself.Just then our waitress arrived,with our food.
With a sniff Kristen said,"Yum! This smells delish.I'm starving"
"Well hun I bet you'll love how it taste.Bet you'd beggin for more.My name is Aspen." said Aspen As she walked away we all started to grub!When I looked at Jacob he was picking at his food and not eating it...mabey he didn't like it.But my food was awesome!When we were all done Jacob payed for the chek,no even when I begged to pay at least half of it.
"Thank you very much Jacob."I said
"No problem it was my pleasure"he said
We all walked out to the car.As soon as we were inside the warm toasty car Keaun offered for me to sit in the front and him in the back with Kristen.I looked at Kristen and she gave me a slight nod and I accepted.We were finally at my house.The boys walked us in.
"Bye Jacob bye Keaun,and thanks again,"I said
"No thank-you for the wonderful night."said Jacob with a precios smile.
"Bye Keaun,Jacob."said Kristen
"Bye." they both said and walked out.
"Kris that nice was awesome!"I said
"Yeah it really was."she said
"Sleeping over?" I asked
"Let me call my mom."she said

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