What was the draw that got you going with the Twilight Saga??


Let's take them book by book...


New Moon: Honestly, it was my God Son who got me to read my first book, New Moon, and I really didn't like it. Too much whining for my tastes. You have a problem, you deal and move on. A man doesn't want me, his problem, not mine, seriously. The door works both ways. Of course I'd never believed in “true love, undying” - too practical for that belief. Then, my Godson nagged me into reading Twilight.


Twilight: I was hooked. I understood more where it all came from.


I next discovered Midnight Sun, and it all made total sense of where Edward was coming from. I fell totally and head over heels in love with the Edward character. I understood him, at least. Edward's character seemed to be an arrogant jerk in Twilight and in New Moon, just dumb and arrogant. I still had problems with Bella, however. How could a 17 year old be so certain about what she wanted. I was not certian of anything at 17, let alone at 70! She seemed so needy to me. I would have shook her and told her to move on and get over it if she were a real person and I knew her. ( I feel Twilight and Midnight Sun should have been done in the same manner as Breaking Dawn with the Book 1,2,3... concept )


Eclipse then focused on Edwards fear of the influence Jacob was having on Bella, and jealousy growing within Edward making him more human. (Have you ever noticed that the non human characters we are all most attracted to, are those who show human traits?) Also, there were certain very romantic scenes that got my long dead libido working again! Jacob is now the one I wanted to shake because he wouldn't believe Bella and kept trying to sell himself to her more. Get over it Dude! She doesn't want you for anything more than a friend. It's possible. Can't deal, go away.


Then, Breaking Dawn and at last Bella and Edward are going to marry and live happily ever after – “yeah right” I thought. Some very happy moments then the problems begin. Bella finds she is pregnant with a vampire's baby. OMG. The awful pregnancy and the brutal delivery, and then the happily ever after? NOT. Impending, death and destruction...and all that fun stuff. Finally Bella comes into her own and I like it! Now that's my kind of woman. You want to hurt my family, NO WAY – PREPARE TO DIE. All she needed to be Wonder Woman was the golden bracelets! You go Girlfriend!!


I had discovered a rich new addition to the Vampire world. Prior to this series we have only the brutal blood thirsty world of Dracula and Interview with a Vampire series. Vampires sparkle in the Sun instead of bursting into flames. Their bodies are very hard and stone like. No staking this vampire world. Rip'em apart and burn the pieces. Yes, very different. Ms. Meyer is to congratulated for her imagination usage.


The movie version of Bella is one that I like much better because of the stronger character – not so needy.


So, tell me. What your thoughts are.

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Comment by Jessica D. Horn on April 8, 2011 at 9:38pm

I had no desire to read the books or watch the movies and thought it was a bunch of craziness, until one day in August last year when my husband put Twilight on TV because there was nothing else to watch. It was halfway through, so already to some action, so it appeased him. I was hooked. lol I recorded a later showing of the movie and watched it like 3 or 4 times that night alone. I bought the books and started reading. Since then, I think I've read them about 4 times and I just started reading them again. This time I went the longest gap in between readings before I started yearning to be in my Twilight world again, lol. I can't remember when I read Midnight Sun. I think I read it before moving on to the later books because I was looking for something to read once I was done with Twilight and waiting for the other 3 books to arrive from Amazon. I fell in love with Edward very early. I wish men really existed like him, lol. The Team Jacob people aggravate me because in the books it's obvious the entire time that Bella is never into Jacob that way. The movies play up the triangle for entertainment purposes, but not the books. The only couple of chapters in Eclipse where Bella realizes she loves him...I know it's Stephenie Meyer's world and she created it that way so that Bella would realize what she was giving up (a soulmate & future family, etc.) by choosing to be with Edward and become a vampire. But I don't believe that Bella ever loved Jacob like that. I have been in the relationship Bella was in with Jacob. Where you're with someone only because they are distracting you from the person you're really in love with who you can't be with. I loved came to depend on this guy, and I loved him and cared for him, BUT I was not, nor was I ever in love with him, could see a future with him, any of that. He was purely a crutch. And I thought Stephenie wrote it that way almost the entire time, except those few chapters where she needed the story to say what she wanted it to say, that Bella fully understood the decisions she was making. Other than that, I love the whole saga. Breaking Dawn is my favorite once Bella fully embodies her strong womanhood & vampireness & fights for her family. Love it!


With the movies, I have never loved Kristen's performance as Bella. I'm not sure why. But I do love Kristen as an actress in other things. I'm not crazy about how Edward is portrayed in Eclipse...a little too insecure for me. And in all the movies I wish there were certain scenes in the movies that aren't in them. Some I can understand, but there are even some that are in the deleted scenes on the DVDs that could easily have been in the finished products that would have been more in line with the books & characters. Two that standout in my mind are in Bella's truck when Edward says she can shut her window if she doesn't want him to come up that night and she shuts it, pauses and then opens it again. And in the mountains when Bella comes back from kissing Jacob & Edward says he left her damaged and Jacob stitched her up and it's his fault he gave them a reason to bond, etc. (can't remember the exact wording right now). I'm really really really looking forward to the Breaking Dawn movies. I think I will love them better than any of the others. I think it's amazing how good the film's hair/makeup people are because I literally don't see Kristen & Rob. I see Bella & Edward completely separate from Kristen & Rob. That's not always the case. Bella I don't see as particularly beautiful, so to speak, whereas I think Kristen is gorgeous...it's the same person! lol The contacts & hair make a big difference. And Rob's differences are even more dramatic. I think both actors will be winning Oscars some day. I don't think Rosalie is as beautiful as she's supposed to be in the novels. I don't see Esme in the movies the same as I do in the books. I think in real life Ashley Greene is the most drop dead gorgeous out of all of them. Jasper's hair drives me crazy in the first 2 films, lol. They finally got it right in the last one. I'm picking on little things now though.


I don't know what it is that is so addicting & appealing about this saga, but Stephenie did a great job! lol Ultimately, I think it's the undying love and devotion between Bella & Edward that is the main draw, and perhaps also the appeal of good vampires.

Comment by Granny Fairy on April 8, 2011 at 9:49pm
I totally understand the additction aspect.  I have all the books on cd and recorded into my iPod and I listen to one of them when I go to sleep at night.  My family thinks I'm totally nuts.  Here I am, almost 70 and I get the romance bug!!! 
Comment by Jessica D. Horn on April 8, 2011 at 10:02pm
haha, I love it!
Comment by Jessica D. Horn on April 10, 2011 at 9:46pm

I just remembered...I spoiled it a bit for myself. First I downloaded the free versions of the books on my iphone, which for each book only went about 80-100 pages into the book. So I read the very beginning of each book and hooked myself enough to order all 4 books at once. While I waited for them to arrive, I found Midnight Sun and read that and completely fell for Edward. And then I started reading all the books from the beginning for real once I received them all. lol

Comment by Granny Fairy on April 10, 2011 at 11:17pm
I am so with you about Midnight Sun.  I had never u nderstood why he was so upset with Alice before then.  Then, it all made sense!!  I have them all on cd's and recorded to my iPod.  I go to sleep with one of them, or the first movie.  I am totally obsessed!  LOL.
Comment by Jessica D. Horn on April 11, 2011 at 12:02am
me too lol. I just started rereading them again and I can't put them down. I barely get anything else done! lol It's not like I don't know what happens!!


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