I recently read a post that set off many unspoken feelings of mine. I have always kept quite for the fact that I did not ever want to offend anyone, but now I suppose it is okay to truly speak what is on my mind since others are as well.

The topic is of Christianity, a very touchy subject. I am going to very clearly state that this is not a target to the group as a whole, but just "most" of them (as described in the article I read earlier). 

First off, "most" of the people who call themselves Christians are contradicting, because when anyone who claims to believe any other religion, it sets them off. A lot of my friends that are Christians have even gotten mad at me when I told them I was a secular humanist. The fact that I did not believe in any higher being set them off. Now, I say this is contradicting, because isn't forgiveness and acceptance part of Christianity? Why is there any judgement? Honestly, I do not judge anyone of any religion. I say that because the only reason I am writing this is because I was offended by the article I read earlier that was geared toward "most" Atheists. I have nothing against Christians. These are only the reactions I have towards someone who clearly is confused about how most Atheists are, or he met someone who was confused about their true religious beliefs. 

Also, I feel I must add- why is it that when one mentions evolution, the big bang theory, etc... to "most" Christians, "most" make up so many things, like "oh, it didn't happen, because what is described in the bible is what happened" or something. Why is it that PROOF is not enough?  

There are sooo many things I wish I could write, but it would probably be a book if I did. If you feel the need to comment, go ahead. I am willing to hear opinions of all others, even if they are different from mine and I will always keep an open mind and even try to understand :D 

I mostly just wrote this to show a certain someone that judging is not necessary and it only starts stuff. 

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Comment by Lanette Burns on May 2, 2012 at 7:19am

I can understand why you feel the way you do. I can't understand why those people do that. I am a christian, but I am not one to judge. People have to choose the path that is right for them. As a christian it is not your place to judge and they should not be doing that. They give the whole group a bad name and its just wrong. We have to love our fellow man no matter what they believe. So don't let others get you down.

Comment by Kelli on May 4, 2012 at 2:03am

Thank you. And I agree. That is what makes this world so unique and beautiful- the differences in everyone. I love how you are open minded like me =] I just hate how some people don't accept the fact that we are all different. But people like you give me hope haha


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