The Legend of, ' The Cult House.' ( INFROMATION USE ONLY!)

This is simply a telling of the legend of Cult House. All information and explanations used on this page are strictly in order to explain the urban legend. The Delaware Valley Paranormal Association is not claiming any of the following to be fact or fiction.

The legend of 'Cult House' originates around a narrow windy road in Pennsbury Township, Pa called Cossart Road. Through the years, the road and it's surrounding property have been the subject of many legends and name. Stories of satanic cults, security forces led by SUVs, strange connections to the Dupont family and even supposed to visit from the devil himself have helped the area earn nicknames, such as 'Satanville', 'Devil's Road', 'Skull Tree Road' and 'Cult House Road ". The most popular of all these variations is the one that involves "The Cult House".

The Cult House ......
It is said that about halfway up Cossart Road and through the thick woods sits a cult house. The house, which is bigger than most other houses in the area, is unique in it's appearance because the windows in the house are all inverted crosses. There are two 'supposed' explanations for the purpose of the house. The most popular explanation is that the house is used by a satanic cult to perform rituals and to serve as a dark church. The second explanation is that the house is owned by members of the Dupont family and the house is used to hide or strange experiments interfamily to hold marriage ceremonies. One last rumor claims that the house is used as a meeting place for the KKK. Many claim to have seen or been in the cult house, though it's exact location or appearance remains a mystery but sometimes things are better left alone ... curious mother f****** I say ..

The Trees
Though the cult house's exact location is unknown, many claim you can tell when you're close by the trees along Cossart Rd The house is supposed to be so evil that the tree grow along the road as if they are trying to bend away from the house. The most popular of all the trees along Cossart road is the one known by many as the 'Skull' or 'Devil's' tree. This particular tree earned it's nickname because some say the tree resembles a human hand reaching into the ground, while others claim the base of the tree resembles a human skull. It is claimed, though never proven, that years ago police found the remains of an small child in the base of the tree and promptly filled in part of the base with concrete.

Road Security
At any time, day or night, many black SUV's or pickups are said to be seen parked at the house. Hundreds of Cossart Road visitors come back with stories of getting their car followed at a very close proximity and nearly run off the road. These stories claim that a dark colored SUV or pickup truck with their headlights off will follow them until they've completely left the area. Many times, the face of the SUV or truck driver can not be identified and has sparked many rumors of supernatural cars. These SUVs and pickups are also rumored to be part of a secret security force that is hired to protect the location of the cult house. It should be noted, however, that many of these 'car chases' have been dismissed and just verified the teen pranks.

This page is strictly for informational use only. BBH Productionz does not encourage anybody to visit Cossart Road. While it is a public road, the state police to patrol it and so does the Pennsbury Town Watch committee. It's a shame that we even have to put this disclaimer up, however, the large amount of vandalizing, trespassing and criminal mischief that occurs because of thrill seekers forces us to do so. In closing, no we will not give you directions to Cossart Road and if you read this and go to Cossart Road because of it, you do so at your own risk and we are not responsible.

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