The Love Triangle. Chapter 1. By:Claudia Lautner Adams

~The Love Triangle~

Chapter One

Bella's POV.

The sun rised above the clouds making the fresh morning glow shatter on my skin. The smell of eggs and bacon filled threw the air and into my nostrils making my stomach growl insanely.

I ran downstairs knowing who could be there, and jumped in his arms.

"Good morning" he purred, as he lifted me up in the air and kissed my lips with passion.

"Good morning" I said breathless.

"You hungry?" "I made you breakfast just in case".

"I'm starving" I said patting my stomach.

I smiled, he always knew what I wanted. He put the plate with all of my favorites on the table and slid the chair back letting me sit down first. What a gentle men I thought to myself. I sat down, took the fork and started shoving everything down.

"Slow down, you’re going to make yourself choke" he laughed.

"Sorry, I'm just really hungry" I Joked.

When I was finished I got up and took both of our plates to the sink to wash them. He stood up as well and put his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. His warmth made me shiver at first. But it was the kind of warmth that I liked.

"Let's go up stairs" he said seductively, still kissing my neck.

"Please" He begged.

I sighed. "Fine" I turned around and kissed him. At first the kiss was soft but then the kiss got deeper and deeper with alot of emotion I could feel his hot breath run threw my mouth soothing my tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and jumped up so my legs went around his waist. He carried me up the stairs and shut the door behind us.

The next morning the rays of the sunlight shone down into the window blinding my eyes.

"Jake" I called patting the space beside me. “He probably left to go see the pack”, I muttered to myself. Feeling worry rush threw me,
I got up and walked down the stairs dragging my feet, Why was it that I felt so sleepy today. O well.

I walked through each room, yup I was definitly alone. I sighed to myself. What was I suppose to do for the whole day. I needed some fresh air, I had to get out of this house.

“Maybe I could go to the Cullen's house today”, I muttered to myself, and then I stopped where I was walking and dropped to the floor, Forgetting that the Cullen's had left a month ago, But it still felt like they were here, I rolled to my side and wrapped my arms around my legs, and started sobbing.

That's when Jacob Came through the door, and wrapped his arms protectively around me rocking me back and forth.

"Shh.. Bells it's ok I’m here" I started to stain his shirt with all my crying.

"Bells, it hurts for me to watch you like this.. wasting your tears on.. Edward" I started sobbing even more when he said his name,

"I'm s-sorry you h-have to s-see me l-like this J-Jacob".I stuttered.

What was I doing, I felt like a coward, Sitting here crying about ...him, Jacob was right. I was wasting my tears on them, making it harder to forget about the Cullen’s.

He lifted me up and kissed me eagerly.

All of a sudden Embry and Jared walked through the door.

"Uhm.. Are we interrupting something" Embry asked annoyed, while Jared Caughed.

"So.. are you coming..I thought we were going to the beach today"

"Oh.. Yeah.. About that" Jacob scratched his head.

"It's Okay, Jake.. you can go If you want, I'll call Emily or Leah and see if I could hang out with them today".

"Are you sure" he asked like he wasn't going to believe me.

"Positive" I said with a smirk on my face. But he didn't seem to buy it.

He kissed my lips softly and headed for the door, "Love you Bells I’ll be back soon".

He left before I could say another word.

I ran to the kitchen and dialed Emily's number.

"Hello" a cheerful voice answered.

"Hey Emily, It's Bella"

"Oh.. Hey Bella", “What’s up?" Emily said with a cheery voice.

"Well.. I was wondering if I could come to your house today and hang out, If that’s ok with you?"

"Yeah sure, that would be fun, I'll go call Leah"

"Okay great...I'll be there in a couple of minutes". I said

“Okay see you soon”

"Bye" she hung up.

"Bye" I said speaking to the dead tone now coming from the end of the line.

I threw some clothes into my bag, and grabbed my tooth brush. I walked out the door, and locked it with my keys, I climbed into the truck and backed up from the house.

My truck was getting rustier by the looks of it, But I still loved the way it looked. I drove down to La Push and found Emily's house. I got out of the truck and knocked on the door.

"Hold on a sec." I heard from inside, I tapped my foot impatiently, then she finally opened the door. "Hey Em" I said putting an animated look on my face. "Hey Bells, Come in" she smiled, I walked in like it was a mistake coming here but I needed something to take my mind off of the Cullen’s.

While Emily was putting the last of her clean clothes away, I plopped down on the couch and flipped the channels, waiting for something good to actually come on. When I found a good show I tried my hardest to focus and tune my thoughts out.

Someone knocked at the door, and I knew who it was. "Hey Leah" Emily sang.

"Hey, guys, I brought some movies that were sitting around my house collecting dust so I thought we could watch them" Leah plopped the DVD in and hit play. The first movie was Irma La Douce, Great! a romantic movie, like I wanted to see two maniacs fall in love with the wrong people, I frowned hoping no one would notice.

As soon as the movie was over, I got up, and stretched, and then a huge yawn escaped my lips.

"Aww.. Don’t tell me that you’re tired already, we haven't even seen the second movie yet" Leah said with a small frown on her face.

"It's ok Leah I’ll watch it with you some other time, I’m going to go and find Jacob so I can give him a ride home".

"Bye Bella" they both said in harmony, I quickly left so I wouldn't have to see another romantic movie again, and got inside my truck.

I saw Jacob's house, and walked up the steps. I knocked on the door and waited. "YES, I WON, TAKE THAT SETH!!" I laughed, Jacob was so funny. It took six minutes until someone finally answered the door. Embry opened it and looked at me.


"Bella, Calm down!, We didn't hear anyone at the door".

"Yeah, Likely story" I rolled my eyes.

"Bella!" Jacob called over the loud video game.

I ran inside and hugged him almost knocking him to the floor.

"I missed you so much" I started kissing him with such a passion that I almost fainted.


"THERE WILL BE NONE OF THAT!!" Embry demanded.

Jacob unlocked his lips from mine and turned to focus on Embry.

" Who said you had to look!" Jacob said in a stern voice.

"Whatever" Embry rolled his eyes and turned his face to focus on the game.

Jacob turned his face to look at me, and kissed me again, the kiss made my heart skip a beat. That's when I saw him Sam looking at us from the corner of my eye staring in mock horror. I felt embarrassed kissing like this in front of him, it didn't seem polite.

Then a loud growl escaped from his chest. He stood up and headed for the door.

"I'm going to get some fresh air" He yelled.

He walked out and slammed the door.

I couldn’t help but think…Did I do something wrong, I never did anything to make him so angry. Maybe it wasn't me he was mad at. Was it?.

"What's with him?" Jared asked confused.

"I don't know ..but he seems pretty upset" Seth Began talking.

I pulled away from Jacob's firm grasp hoping he wouldn't think of it in that way. "I’m going to go find out what’s wrong with him, he seems like he's really mad about something" I said looking at Jacob in the eyes.

"Aww.. Do you have to, We could go upstairs again,” he said with his puppy dog eyes.

"Eww.. SITTING IN THE ROOM HERE..." Quil made a disgusting sound from his throat.

"Quil.. Shut up"

"Shutting" he said with a grin.

I kissed him one last time and went outside.

Sam's POV.

"Ughhhh!!!!!!!!" I growled to myself.

How could I be such an idiot, Bella would never fall for someone like me, I’m just a pack leader, no one wants a guy who can boss people around. Though I never would have thought how she could love someone like Jacob, and now what am I going to do just sit here and cry like a baby. No, I had to stand up for myself but I couldn't even get up to change into wolf form.

I'm feeling so many emotions right now that I never thought a werewolf could have. I really wanted to go back inside that house and rip Jacob's head off but Bella probably wouldn't forgive me for that one. But if I could I would rip Jacob's arms away from her and kiss her better than that stupid wolf boy can. Yes, I am being greedy but I desperately wanted to love her and adore her that much.

If only I was there for her before Jacob, I’d be the one that’s she’d be kissing and the one she’d be excited to see, but mostly the one that she Loved.

Is it really my fault that I imprinted on her, It just happened and now I have to except the fact that it did. I felt something wet slide down my cheek filling my eyes with water. GREAT! now I was crying how stupid can this get, what now that bloodsucker of her ex was somehow going to kill me from the dead, I sighed to myself, I never wanted to break anyone's marriage away from them, But I just loved Bella so much.

I loved the way her silky hair glistened in the sun, I loved the way when you hugged her and her hair smelled like strawberry vanilla.
I loved the way she talked to me, and now I had to throw that all away all because of Jacob. I realized I kept getting angrier by the second, thinking about her didn't make a difference either.

So I carved B+S=Love at the side of the stairwell. More tears filled my eyes making me sobb.

That's when Bella walked out, with a concern look on her face.

“Ohh great.. this will end perfectly, The love of my life making me want her even more.” I thought to myself and frowned.

"Sam?" she asked but I really didn't want to answer.

"hmm.." I said trying not to make anymore tears escape.

"What’s wrong?" she asked.

Oh, No that's the question I was trying to avoid.

she sat down next to me and turned my face so that I was looking into her beautiful eyes.

"It's just.." That’s when my slow crying turned into sobb's again. I was such a coward right now; I hope Bella doesn't tell anyone that i'm crying over something stupid, I was a werewolf for crying out loud I’m supposed to be brave, but I couldn't be at this point.

"You and I both know that if you keep all your feeling's trapped inside you, you won’t feel any better" I knew she was right, she was always right.

I looked into her eyes, and spoke revealing my feelings once and for all.

"I'm in love with you Isabella Marie Swan, I've loved you ever since he left, I love you more than anyone in the world can, and I can't keep this from you any longer, I wanted to tell you how much I love you but then Jacob came into the picture and now I don’t wanna break anyone's marriage because I love you that much, to not break your heart". I said staring to the ground.

“ I knew this would end up being a bad idea.” I said

Bella looked at me like she was about the throw up so I backed away.

But instead of throwing up she wrapped her small arms around me and gave me the biggest hug ever. "Sam, i'm sorry that your hurt and I wish I wouldn't have to break your heart like this, But I really do love Jacob and right now I can't fall in love with anyone else, do you understand?"

I nodded, and frowned lucky she wasn't looking at me.

"Make me forget why I’m upset" I said slowly.

"But Sa-" That's when I did it I had the courage to kiss her, I took a leap of faith I kissed her softly I realized that this kiss probably was a once in a life time kiss so I put my arms around her waist, I knew she loved the warmth accelerating from my body.

I kissed her with way more passion than this Jacob kid could ever do, she put her arms around my neck and she arched her back, how I enjoyed this so much, I started kissing her neck slowly and going further down each time.

Jacob came bursting through the door,

"Bella, you said you would be back in a couple of min-...WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!"


That Pushed it right there. I leaped in the air, and phased into wolf.

I Aimed for his throat, And hoped Bella would forgive me someday.

By:Claudia Lautner Adams.

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