Firstly, thanks everyone for your comments on my first blog.

I knew I wasn't alone in my quest to find others in my age group as this book was suggested by my countless '30' year old friends, however it's still nice to know!

I have to add too, I think the romance part of the book, meaning the foreplay if you will is what may actually be so inticing! When you are married and committed, that part of the romance is usually lessoned or even non existant.

I'm of course a huge fan of the relationship between Edward and Bella, however I think also between the relationship Bella has with Jacob. I believe we (as mature women) have felt that torn feeling at one or more points in our lives. I know I speak for not just myself as when we get older and make choices for our future, we often sacrifice (otherwise known as compromise) something we hold dearly to, in order to grasp at a chance for something REAL and something CONCRETE.

No matter what age we grasp at our long term choices, in the moment it's a 'now or never' feeling, therefore it's desperation that aids us in the process of making decisions.

At the time we make the choice, we are like a deer in headlights. Unknowingly we decide what we want. It's not that we are making a mistake, yet we are deciphering the level of our commitment and compromise.

I for one left the Canadian Naval Reserves with the Department of National Defense to show my commitment. I am glad I made that choice. I have no regrets except that I wish I had joined at a younger age (joined at 24yrs old).

With Bella, she knew what choice she was going to make - yet she was torn. She could have had a typical life, which in all aspects is VERY desireable (especially when the dude looks as hot as Taylor Lautner), but she knew in her heart that she belonged in a different lifestyle.

....if only we could all know where we belonged in life.

What was your fork in life? What path led you to a decision that changed your life?

xo Laney

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Comment by Becky on September 7, 2009 at 10:56am
nice post, my turning point was meeting a 39 year old when i was 19 and falling in love over months of seeing each other as just good friends, i had had relationships before (serious ones) and was so sceptical of this so i wasnt going to listen to my feelings incase it was a whim, but we had to spend some time apart and couldnt bare it so we knew it was meant to be, we have been together 8 years now and married for 6 years, he already had children who are now teenagers and i get on with them really well. i know some people frown upon this but i was in full time work NOT education and was over 18 so able to make my own decisions and my parents were caring and respectful of my decision and all the parents joined us in Malta for own wedding, we have a fantastic relationship with my whole family and i dont ever notice the age gap, he act s young for his age (not immature) i mean active and enjoys life not cynical of it, we work hard for the lifestyle we lead and are very happy together our wedding anniversary is on 19th sept and each year we do something, we had scuba i n egypt and seen the pyramids and temples, been to eurodisney, alton towers, we have our own villa in greece. we love life


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