The Motorcycle Drive Off, The Wrong Volvo, Angryward, & Rob's Best Day On Set. PLUS! As producer, can Stephenie Meyer create a Breaking Dawn that’s closer to the book?

Stephenie Meyer has had more and more say when it comes to how the movies are made from her beautifully written books. It's hard to get every scene in a 2 hour movie just as it was written in a 629 page book. Stephenie gives advice and guidance when she can. We are very excited that Stephenie will be a producer on 'Breaking Dawn 1 & 2' even though she has taken a very active role in 'Eclipse.'

Ultimately Stephenie Meyer's opinion on the movies is very important to book fans. Usually we tend to agree with the talented lady that wrote the saga. So we brought up some questions in our interview hoping to get down to the bottom of the movie discussions we have had here on twifans.


Angryward...would we say he is a fan favorite!?! Most girl fans are loving Angryward. We think it's because he is the most unrestrained and most like a vampire.

What do you think Stephenie thinks of Angryward and Edward threatening Jacob for kissing Bella? Does she agree, does she thinks he's hot? asks Stephenie Meyer her thoughts on AngryEdward & ... by twifans
The clip in question:

Kim: Okay, we have a question about the Angry Edward, and how hot he is. When he gets angry, he pulls up, and he’s like…ya know……if you ever touch her against her will again. All the fans just love it. We all love it and everybody went crazy. The members, our members, we all wanna know about angry Edward.

Alison: Why do you think the fandom thinks Angry Edward is SO hot?

SM: Ya know it’s funny about this scene, and Meghan’s giving me the eye. That’s the one I walked out on, on the dailies because in my head that scene was so much different. In the movie Edward is quite separate motivation-ally from the book Edward. At this point in the film in the story for me he’s gotten past this. Like he’s realized “I can’t act like a teenage boy anymore. I have to give her space. I have to be the mature one here.” And in that scene in the book, he has, icy calm control. He is very gentle. He is very soft spoken. He is very mature. So when I see him….and plus ya know, the movies are unable to bring to life some of the elements in the mythology. If Edward had, in anger, grabbed Jacob by the shoulder, his arm would have come off. And the fact that Taylor is uninjured, and that he just kind of sits there…..bothered me. So I'm like…wait! If we are gonna go for it, tear his arm off. Ya know. And it’s hard for them, because blood puts you over the limit and stuff, and they would not tear off Jacob’s arm. I’m like….if we want angry Edward, I wanna see some blood. They had already filmed that day, so we couldn’t redo it but, people have responded really well to it.

Kim: That is the thing because it is different than the book.

Alison: He's as close to a vampire as we’ve seen him, because he was so restrained.

SM: And restraint is pretty much his middle name. And we don’t have the scene early in the book, where she comes back from La Push, and he’s like “are you trying to make me insane?” He really lost it. We don’t have that evolution where he goes overboard. We have a little bit, the battery disabling. Which is really over the line, and then he’s supposed to learn and he’s supposed to stop. By that point, we’re so far in, it’s like….”why is he still acting like this?” But okay, it is hot…I’ll give you that.

Kim: It turned out well considering it was a deviation from the book, and anyway……we liked it.


Instead of running off with Jacob when Edward was off hunting, Bella jumps on a motorcycle right in front of Edward's face. The day the clip came out, all I heard was "Bella would never do that!" or "Book Bella would have never hurt Edward like that!"

We brought this up to Stephenie Meyer in our 4 hour chat and let me say it made us happy that she agreed with the fans and helps explain why that scene is the way it is: ask Stephenie Meyer about Bella leaving with Jacob on t... by twifans

Alison: This is the only disruption in the force so far. The motorcycle clips. Where Bella gets on the motorcycle with Jacob. Our members wanna know, they don’t think that book Bella would have done that, would have ever hurt Edward like that.

SM: I have heard, I have read the comments, and I said the exact same thing. That was one of those days that I flew down. I'm like the way that this you know in the script I said the way that this is written her getting on the back of the bicycle is a direct response here "You lied to me, well I’m going with him” & we were able the day of, they cut down the clip that they played for MTV and stuff, we were able to soften it. We were able to get some lines in and you’ve seen the whole thing, so you know there’s a breakaway we tried to put in….her response to Edward, and then now it becomes about Jacob. “Why haven’t you called me?” We tried as hard as we could to soften, how that went down so it didn’t feel like, something “Well, I’m gonna go get on the back of his motorcycle” because I felt like that was NOT Bella at all & it's not assertive, it’s rude. You know what I mean. It’s not like….

Alison: It’s too reactionary

SM: It’s not like, “I’m a strong female character” It’s like “I’m a jerk”

Alison: We were mad at movie Bella. (Laughs) Book Bella and I were okay, but movie Bella & I were like uh.

SM: That was more or less my same reaction. I think that in the form that it exists in the film……its better now. I think it works somewhat. I still think it’s kind of a stretch that she would do that. You only have so much you can do. That was one I lost. Early in I lost that one. You do what you can do.

Alison: They’ll be happy you agree!

Do you think the conversation before Bella got on the motorcycle softened the blow to Edward's heart and ego? WAIT!?! Did Stephenie just call movie Bella "rude"? LOL


Edward's Volvo is another deviation from the book. Yes, Edward still drives a Volvo in the movie but would Edward really drive a hatch back or a Mommobile? Fans have debated the movie vs book Volvo & we wanted to know what SM thought about it: asks Stephenie Meyer to explain the wrong Volvo by twifans

Kim: Kind of have a little silly question. It’s not super silly. What about the movie Volvo? It’s not like the book Volvo.

Alison: We had to go there.

Kim: And we really have to go there because, ya know, I’m over it now, but….


Kim: What about that?

SM: Ya know, the reason Edward drives a Volvo is to be inconspicuous and because ya know, people see a Volvo and think you buy them for safety. It’s kind of a joke. It’s the way to blend in, because the last thing in the world he needs is a safe car. And so when I was doing the cars. My brothers are car freaks ~~ says to Alison “you know”~~( And I asked them, I said “okay, If you were going to drive a Volvo but you were a care enthusiast” and they were like “ugh” and I’m like “no, what are you gonna drive?” And they were like “well, there’s the S60R. Very limited, and not a lot of people get it. It looks like it’s built for racing” So I’m like “Oh, that’s perfect” but they don’t make them anymore, so that was kind of a problem.

Alison: But they don’t make Bella’s truck anymore either. We could find that

SM: Bella’s truck is a 67’ in the movie and a 53’ in real life. They look nothing the same. Which kills me, because I love the old body style. In the sixties, they got very square. In the fifties, it was all round and it was really of cute. That was actually, that one was harder than the Volvo. But I am very car attached, so yeah……I had. I mean, I didn’t have back in the day….I didn’t really have a lot, I didn’t have a lot to do with Twilight (the movie). They were great about telling me what was going on, but I wasn’t part of the conversation. So with the cars, it was already a done deal. They already had the three sets of them, and I kinda went “ohhh”

Alison: It’s not silver. It’s the mom-mobile Kim & Alison: now

Alison: It's not a sexy vampire car *whining*

SM: Actually. It’s kind of a fun car. They went with the darker gray. They tried a different shade. I’m interested to see if it evolves again. I’m not sure if it will.

Kim: But there are plenty of them driving around

Alison: They are everywhere here

SM: I wouldn't budge on the Porsche. The right Porsche in the right color.

Alison: Well we just had to ask you because your opinion was really the only one that matters. To the fans.

SM: If I were going to do it. If I were going to raise a bunch of money. The cars would be spot on. That’s how it would go.


Often scenes from the books are changed or left out all together for the flow of the movie. Stephenie explains how and why she picks her battles when it comes to depicting her books into movies. (LTT asks) How does Stephenie Meyer pick her battles? by twifans

LTT: When do you choose your battles? In seeing the movie and the book. You have the book, they have a vision. They throw out a line, and you’re like “They would have never
said that”

SM: It’s really difficult. Because you do have to choose which ones you won’t bow down on. And I know that even when I really say “Okay, I cannot live with that” It’s still 1 out of 10 I’ll get it. When I really throw a fit. Which is rare. It is really rare because I realize ya know, they’re making a movie. When they come to me for advice, I’m happy say things. There are very few things that I will….and its things that just feel so wrong, that there’s no other way. And some of them are such small little things that, like with the…(?) we were talking about. A lot of that was (?) related. It’s harder than you would
think. It’s funny. Some things you take for granted in movies. And it’s amazing how difficult
some things are to do. One of the reasons we were back there was because, there was one blocking issue I had. And nobody else cared, but for me, it was such a key blocking thing. It physically had to look this way. That one, I was like “I really have to have this. I can’t see this like this” & everyone was like really?

Alison: All the fans would have cared. Not one fan would have been happy with that.

Kim: Was that with the tent scene?

Alison: We heard he was sitting up, and……now. La,la,la….he’s laying down.

SM: Lying down, no that’s not it

Alison: Oh, okay

SM: It’s when they are in the sleeping bag together. How do you visualize that?

Alison: Sexy hot

SM: In the original

TST: Don’t ruin the surprise

SM: That’s the expectation

Alison: The surprise would have been, what it was

SM: The one thing I scheduled my whole schedule around in Eclipse was I had to be there for
the tent scene was number one. That was on the calendar. And I had the other scenes in
order of priority, and I had those dates booked. I was already going to Vancouver and they had a weather problem. They filmed it when I wasn’t there. So I’m like “Okay, I’m not gonna panic.” But in the original version, Jacob gets into the sleeping bag (whispers) and doesn’t touch her.

Alison: Like just his legs are gonna keep her warm from the bottom of the sleeping bag?


SM: It’s impossible to keep someone warm when doing that. And then you have the extra added thing. This is the girl he is in love with and he’s in a sleeping bag with her….I mean, come on. I was just
like, “what…why aren’t you touching her? Why isn’t he touching her?” People are going to freak out.

Alison: Everybody would have freaked out

SM: It doesn’t make sense that he would do that and you’d sit there and say “why? He’s supposed to be warming her up, right?” Even if you had no baggage from reading the books, you would still have the same reaction.

Alison: It’s almost like…..common sense (a bunch of mumbling) It’s great now!


Kim: The re-shoot worked. It was great. The emotion that was in the book was in that scene.

SM: It was interesting, because the original script for it, I was fine with but then they tweaked the script because they felt like one part of the conversation got a lot more in depth in the original we kind of already knew. You know, you have the whole rehash when Edward’s talking about “when I first met her” and they pulled that and instead went with the later part of the scene where Jacob’s like “how did you cope?” And I think the emotionality of it just went through the roof.

Kim: The dialogue between Rob and Jake, I mean Edward and Jacob

Alison: And it was so long, and I loved how long it was

SM: Yeah! I love that they just let it happen. I think that, that was Rob’s best day of shooting.
It was so funny, did you guys hear all the rumors about the problems? Rob was only supposed to be there for the last day. The first two were Jacob and Bella scenes where the wig had been a problem. The last day was the tent was the tent and that was it & it was a pretty easy shoot. The only problem for that day was that Kristen had the stomach flu and luckily, she was supposed to lay there, but between every like scene, oh, she was so sick. And Taylor, he was over digging around, grabbing garbage cans. Why is Taylor taking the garbage? Takes them over there so she could puke in them.
It was so sweet. Everybody was taking care of her and everything, but it was a hard day. You look at actors and a lot of people are like “I wanna be an actor” it's so hard and then to sit there. She’s wanting to puke and she's all feverish, and she’s having to do the shivering. She was a work horse that day. That was our only drama was that poor Kristen got sick, and I think it was food poisoning. But it was a great shoot. It was one of those days where at the end you're like “We really killed it today! It's gonna be great!" It was a great day.


Stephenie Meyer has signed on to be in control of every detail of "Breaking Dawn 1 & 2'. This means everything from eye color, to sparkles, to makeup and hair. Do you think this will change anything? Do you think every detail will be stamped "Stephenie Meyer Approved"!?! We hope so but let's see what Stephenie thinks about the official title and added responsibility: ask Stephenie Meyer what she brings to the table as a P... by twifans

Alison: What made you decide to put the producer hat on for Breaking Dawn? And what do you think you’ll bring to that last movie?

SM: I don’t think it’s gonna change that much. I do feel like, I mean Breaking Dawn is tricky. It’s real tricky. Now, I feel like we have more of a handle on it. Because the script and with Bill Condon. I am more calm, but originally, I was very much on the fence. Maybe we shouldn’t make this into a movie, ya know. Some things can’t be made into a movie and come across exactly the right way. So it was a big struggle for me to go forward. I knew it would disappoint a lot of people, and that was really one of the main instances, that people would be like “What?” I didn’t want to disappoint people. So I was concerned. And still my plan was and still is, to be there every day. And so as the producer, can do that. So it’s really a lot about being….in the room. And it’s going to be a lot of upheaval in my life, but I felt like it was important. And then also, it’s the last one. So I kinda feel like, I’m going to commit to this for this year, I’ll get it done, and then I won’t do that again.


SM: And then also. I get to be more involved with it.

Jodi: I have this recorded

SM: Ya know, I think we will have a little more of the same music, which will be a big deal. Instead of hearing about the decisions afterward. We will be there when they are being made. That’s gonna help. With Eclipse, I was pretty much, right on the line with producing. I was very much involved with the script and a lot of the choices. So it’s not a huge difference, but it’ll be really, an interesting experience.

Kim: Well we breathed a sigh of relief when we heard you were producing.

SM: I don't know if those sighs are a little bit premature. I’m not sure that there will be that much more that I can do. um…..but, I keep fighting. I can’t quite make myself give up, so.

Alison: We do appreciate it.

SM: They can’t be exactly like the book. So it’s about having those key things that can make it, have that feel of the book. They have really done a really great job and not all of it I get right away, because for me it’s like “no, keep it closer to the story”. Then I have to say. “Okay, this is a good alternate” but it has it’s merits… angry Edward. It wasn’t in the book, and yet….that has a lot of value for you. There are things that they’re able to do that I can’t do. It’s a nice little compliment. And like Taylor and the love for Jacob. That’s a good thing. A good thing

Alison: Yeah!

To be continued....
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Special thank you to Ms Monkey_Man for transcribing for us and Samuel for editing


Kim & Alison

WARNING: All photographs are owned by Stephenie Meyer and there may be no
copying or other exploitation of such photographs without the express
prior written permission of Stephenie Meyer, c/o Jodi Reamer ,

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Comment by Shari Grant on July 17, 2010 at 6:59pm
This was an interesting interview because you and Stephanie identified some of the scenes that really bothered me from the film. Don't get me wrong. I am a huge Twilight fan and have read the book more than a dozen times and have seen the film seven. The scene that I loved was the proposal scene. No one can light up a screen like Robert Pattinson when Bella finally accepted his marriage proposal. Just beautiful. But there were scenes that didn't ring true from the book starting with the first scene in the meadow. It was beautiful to look at, in fact the cinematography thoughout the film was breathtaking. But Bella would not have been so immune to Edward's kisses. She is hot for him. She would not have blown off his repeated marriage requests without at least telling him that she loves him even though she doesn't feel ready for marriage. She is all about not hurting people. That scene did not ring true for me. The motorcycle scene was a joke from the heavy rock music intro to Jacob, at least he had a shirt on, to giving him the knowledge that "she's the one the red head wnats". Jacob didn't know that in the book. It was Bella who informed him that Victoria kept coming back for her. And, she would never, ever have ridden off on the motorcycle with jacob leaving Edward standing in the parking lot. Never. She just got over a year of thinking she had lost him. She was mourning for him. Now she has him back, she would not have been that callous. I hated that scene. It hurt me to watch it. Even the bit in the truck where she rudely and in a really man tone of voice informed Edward that she has until graduation to see him "and then I'll be one of you and he'll hate me". There were so many places where Bella's reactions to and treatment of Edward did not ring true.
Comment by Shari Grant on July 17, 2010 at 7:22pm
This is a great blog. I am finding many others here whose comments I agree with completely. I thought perhaps I was just being overly critical. I really don't think David Slade did the book justice at all. Did he even read the books prior to Eclipse? He completely changed Edward. He reduced his dialogue to just about nothing in most scenes and built up Jacob's dialogue making Jacob more the romantic hero than Edward and that was just wrong. I am glad he added humor but did it have to be primarily at Edward's expense? "I'm hotter than you"?? No actually you are not other than in body temperature. So many of the beautiful scenes between Edward and Bella were truncated or omitted completely and they were necessary scenes to understand the love and loyalty between Edward and Bella. Never once in the book did I ever doubt that Edward and Bella belonged together. Rosenberg and Slade's version would have someone seeing the movie without reading the books wondering why Bella would have chosen Edward in the end. You needed to know that he was not a jealous teen but rather honestly fearful for her life. You needed to see him grow in the relationship and understand that he had to trust her judgement that she was safe on the reservation. You needed to see that she was deeply in love with Edward while she loved Jacob as the friend who was there for her at her darkest time. At the graduation party, Edward never left her side in the book. In the movie he wasn't even visible at the party. Jacob was way too involved in practicaly every scene including the plan to fight the newborns where again Edward had minimal dialogue and Jacob's was expanded. After the tent scene, Bella didn't stomp off to chase Jacob in the book leaving Edward hurt and bewildered. Edward went to get him and brought him back to her so that she could explain. After she asked Jacob to kiss her, she hated herself for hurting Edward that way. And he should have been able to say in the movie that he wished she hadn't fallen for Jacob's ploy and that he wouldn't really go get himself killed to clear the way for him, Edward. She should have realized that it was a bit of gamemanship on Jacob's part. Anything they could do to make Jacob the hero they seemed to do and it was done at the expense of Edward. It makes me worry about Breaking Dawn. How much added dialogue and scenes will they give Jacob and how much will they reduce Edward's role. This needs to be the Edward/Bella story fleshed out even more than the book in order to make two films. I don't want to see a grossly increased role for Jacob at the expense of the heart of the saga, the love between Edward and Bella. I really wish someone else was writing the screen play. Stephanie Meyer herself would be great. Thank God there is a new director. I hope he actually reads all of the books and recognizes where both New Moon and Eclipse went astray.
Comment by Shari Grant on July 17, 2010 at 7:30pm
Not only did the movie make it seem like Edward and Bella didn't even actually like each other out of the bedroom, snarling and snapping at each other most of the time, but in my opinion the biggest travesty in the movie was the final scene between Edward and Bella, again in their meadow. The wedding may not be all about Edward because she does want to make her mother and father as happy as possible along with Alice and the Cullen family and the ceremony isn't her thing, so she is willing to give Alice free rein to do that. But becoming a vampire is indeed all about Edward. She wants to immortal to be with him. She wants to do it now so that she won't be too much older than him. She makes a huge point in the book of explaining that she wouldn't want to live a day without him. Immortality would be meaningless without him. So why this awful change in the movie where she says it isn't about him but that she feels more comfortable in his world than her own. What a crock. That was completely unbelievable. It felt like a bone thrown to the Jacob fans rather than an honest interpretation of the book and in the process was a complete slap in the face to the Edward fans. I absolutely hated it and again in that scene Edward's dialogue was cut to almost nothing. Rob Pattinson is an excellent actor. I certainly hope the next director makes better use of him than David Slade did. I hope no one takes offense here. I don't blame any of the actors for this. They are following a script and direction and are victims of editing when all is said and done, but I was hoping for so much more from this film because I loved the book so much.
Comment by Eden Courtney on July 17, 2010 at 9:00pm
I agree with everything you said 100% Shari and I am so glad you took the time to express your feelings. I feel like my intelligence has been insulted and many other fans as well. Like I said, I went to see it 4 times and the last 2 times were to see RPattz. If it had been a better movie, more representative of the actual story, I would have gone several more times. So, Rosenberg/Slade/Summit have lost money. As much as it has made (and it's made a lot of money) it could have made much more. I am far less excited about Breaking Dawn bcuz I just am not sure Stephanie will be able to stand up Melissa Rosenberg who, I am convinced, is so jealous of Stephenie's success and brilliance that she is determined to ruin her. It may not even be a conscious act, but it's there. Wake up Summit!!!!!
Comment by enn on July 17, 2010 at 11:02pm
OHHH Iam Glad Iam not alone in this situation. I hate Eclipse the movie. Yes Shari, IT IS hurt me as a reader of the SAGA. I feel I missing something in this movie " the deep strong LOVE" between a human and a vampire.

I saw it 3 times, trying to get it the story. BUT no..., just the tent scene and rosalie flashback the other just MEH. Overall the movie lose the core of the STORY about LOVe between Bella and Edward. I love Kristen stewart (she good actress) but soryy in ECLIPSE I cant find BELLA whose always overwhelmed by Edward.

The best Lines always on JACOB, People who never read the book and just saw the movie be come sympathy on JAcob and his fight for BElla's life.
Comment by sunofberlin on July 18, 2010 at 1:13am
Are you kidding? SM loves Jacob so much more than Edward. She wrote her emotions through Bella. If you want blame someone for this disaster, go ahead and blame Stephenie for everything bad that happens.
Bella chooses Edward because he is rich and she becomes immortal, otherwise I´m sure she would have chosen Jacob. Luckily in the film it misses her vision with the dog and the desperate night crying for Jacob. Bella doesn't deserve Edward neither in the book, neither in the film. Sorry for my English, but I can´t believe what Stephenie says! I don't trust her anymore, first she creates Edward and then she has destroyed him.
Comment by wig4rob on July 18, 2010 at 2:24am
I really enjoyed reading the transcript of the interview. And I always find it fascinating how some of you feel about the saga. I've read the books several times and I've seen the movies several times. I've been shouting from the rooftops, from the beginning that if you hadn't read the books, you would have to wonder why these two are so in love. They haven't shown much of the emotion at all, and in my opinion, it has a lot to do with the screenwriting, MR, and Summit. They've wanted to play up the triangle and get the Taylor fan base all lathered up. If they could, they would have dragged out the triangle even longer, and may have had her choose differently too. I wouldn't put it past them.

MR has said in her interviews she felt a responsibility to make Bella someone girls could look up to. Well, Melissa, 17/18 year old girls don't always make the best decisions, I know I didn't. You go with your heart, sometimes to a fault, and that's our Bella - Book Bella. I at least felt like the movie was entertaining, and I was willing to let go of hating the motorcycle scene. At least they acted like they love each other, Bella even smiled! I'm letting the movies be their own thing and won't be looking to them to mirror the books anymore.
Comment by Isabel Cerul on July 18, 2010 at 8:02am
WOW great to hear Stephenie's view, I have felt from 1st movie that the characters were being changed, (by Melissa Rosenberg) it is frustrating to watch the movie's b/c we love the characters in the book just the way they were written, I understand its hard to make a book into a movie, but there is no need to change the essence of the book, Im sorry but I dont like Melissa Rosenbergs attitude towards the books!! Stephenie did a great job with the story, I wanted to see her version come to life, not the screenplay writers idea of what she thinks it should be!
Comment by Isabel Cerul on July 18, 2010 at 8:18am
Oh by the way just want to let you guys know, that Melissa Rosenberg is so arrogant that on her facebook page, if you ask her a question in any form of disagreement to her work she blocks you from commenting, the only way you get to comment on her page is if you praise her, she dosent care how the fans feel about the movie's, you would think she would take fans feelings into consideration, but no she just blocks us all out!!
Comment by Eden Courtney on July 18, 2010 at 8:47am
Sweet Cheezits, sunofberlin! Did you read the same books we read? Maybe something was lost in the translation. "Blame Stephenie Meyer for everything bad that happens." Really???? If you read the same books we did, you would know that Bella is outraged at any suggestion that she loves Edward for his money, and she accepts that he is a vampire, not glories in it. How exactly does SM "destroy" Edward. Sweet Cheezits!


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