The Numbers: Eclipse One of the Most Profitable Movies Released in 2010

Also included are "Valentine's Day" with Taylor Lautner & "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson 


 Movie                                                                                          Comparative Profit
Toy Story 3                                                                                  480,279,241
**The Twilight Saga: Eclipse                                                        444,972,750
Alice in Wonderland                                                                    324,400,708
Despicable Me                                                                             312,570,659
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I                                275,516,557
Inception                                                                                     263,505,610
Iron Man 2                                                                                   227,708,174
Shrek Forever After                                                                      200,155,609
The Karate Kid                                                                             191,329,109
How to Train Your Dragon                                                           159,454,316
Clash of the Titans                                                                      102,728,649
Paranormal Activity 2                                                                  80,274,768
Grown Ups                                                                                   78,061,426
Shutter Island                                                                              65,217,836
The Expendables                                                                          60,177,746
**Valentine's Day                                                                          58,820,596
J****** 3D                                                                                    55,005,297
The Last Song                                                                               54,319,953
Dear John                                                                                      54,196,940
Eat Pray Love                                                                                 50,328,576
Sex and the City 2                                                                        41,224,978
The Social Network                                                                      38,766,024
Easy A                                                                                           37,888,550
Predators                                                                                      32,569,046
Kick-Ass                                                                                      29,602,121
Date Night                                                                                    28,782,172
The Last Exorcism                                                                        28,117,175
Letters to Juliet                                                                             22,846,093
A Nightmare on Elm Street                                                           21,718,785
**Remember Me                                                                            20,996,664



The numbers could change when movies like Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows Part 1 go to dvd.

How they came up w/the numbers:

To compare the profitability of this year's movies, we took the domestic and international box office for each movie and the domestic DVD sales to calculate a rough estimate of the revenue earned by the studio, once theater and retail profits are accounted for. Specifically, we took half the worldwide box office and added 1.5 times the domestic DVD sales (to account for the combination of domestic and international DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals). We then subtracted 1.5 times the movie's production budget (the extra 50% being a rough estimate of the marketing costs of the film).


It's worth stressing that this is only a rough estimate of the profitability of each film. So don't treat the numbers below as meaning (for example) that Toy Story 3 earned nearly $500 million in profit. However, it's pretty clear that Toy Story 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are the two top earning movies of 2010.





The Numbers via SpunkRansom

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