The Official Twilight Convention SLC~My wonderful experience!!

The Official Twilight Convention SLC September 10-12

My experience with The Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour was amazing. I don’t consider myself one of the people that are totally star struck and scream and feel like it’s a lifelong wish to meet the actors, but I did enjoy my time immensely.

I at first had bought general admission tickets, but thanks to Twilight Fans I won Gold Passes. That was so exciting for me. I didn’t even know what to say to thank them, so hopefully I can make this write up worth it to them. With those tickets I got front row seats, as well as autographs from all the celebrities invited, admission to the Volturi Ball, and as a special surprise to SLC we also got tickets to the breakfast. All points of the weekend were just as fun as the next. I did end up convincing my husband to go with me and on Sunday he even dressed up.

First up we got to go to Daniel Cudmore’s panel. Now, I am an all out wolf girl, so this was not someone who interested me at all. The only reason I went to his panel is we ended up at the con earlier than expected. And boy am I glad we did. Out of all the individual panels his was my favorite (sorry wolf girls!). Daniel is a true entertainer. He was fully getting into answering every question using big body movements and facial expressions.

• Likes snowboarding. Is kind of a cell phone conspiracy theorist, doesn’t like to have big expensive ones, drops his once a day & teased he throws it if it doesn’t get dropped because he feels bad for it. An embarrassing moment for him was on X-Men in his leather suit he forgot deodorant and Halle Berry gave him a long hug, he was worried. Seth is his fave wolf, but that could be because Booboo asked him that question. A girl in the audience asked if he could bench press her at 130lbs, he said used to bench press at least 3 of her. He’s scared easily & doesn’t like Paranormal Activity, said was scared like a little girl. Once an old drunk grandmother kept rubbing his abs and saying ‘you work out’, weird for him. Team Jake or Team Ed—nope Team Volturi, because what’s better a vegetarian, puppy, or bad a—Vampire. He didn’t think it was cool getting beat up by ‘a little girl’ aka Jane.

Next panel I attended was Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer. These two were great. They worked off each other and had the audience in full out laughter.

• Alex answered a question along the lines of ‘what do you wish was different with your character/movies’ and his response was ‘more lines and shoes’. Once high kicked a cutout of Edward and had the wolf girls cheering and the vamp girls gasping, he wasn’t sure if that was a good move or not. Heard that casting was looking for buff russet guys so went to get a tan and got what he called a hotdog tan. He’d love to meet Bruce Lee. He’s always loved art & watched Bob Ross from pbs, once cut his hair to make paintbrushes & melted his crayons for paint, mother did not like that. Hand drew all pics on his website. Talked about once a person dressed in a pizza slice costume was irritating his body guard & his guard took the pizza slice down, said it was hard not to laugh that a pizza slice was getting beat.

• Chaske said he was a garbage man and waiter as some of his various other jobs. Very scared of heights and was not thrilled with the cliffdiving scene, the scaffolding they had to stand on to jump off shook in the wind. Really has done a lot with The Shift.

Next came the two absolutely gorgeous ladies Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones. I hear it was the first time they had a panel together, and their chemistry was great together.

• Tinsel said that even with a barrier cream they put on her face the scars still irritated her, they had tape pulling down her eye, took eclipse crew nearly 8 hours to do the scars as no documentation was ever taped from new moon. Talked about her time with the Makah & Quileute tribes teaching acting. Loves muffins, eats them practically every day. Would love to meet Oprah. Does not like koalas because of the one that peed on her. Loved the time she spent in Bulgaria. Sometimes has to go into ‘emily mode’ during photo-ops ‘Kiowa pay attention! Alex stop showing off!...’

• Julia was asked if it was hard to act with all the hot shirtless guys running around, but she said they were more annoying, Tinsel teased her trying to point out events (which may or may not happened) that would lead someone to believe Julia was having a hard time with the abs. Said it was a treat to play a character with such layers, and tried to show her in a way to have audience feel sympathy rather than hatred. Would have loved to meet Katharine Hepburn. Closest thing she has to a pet is a palm tree in a pot. Looking forward to the scene where she tells Bella off. Loves Paris, and has been to Park City & enjoyed it.

At this point I ran off to get a photo-op with all the actors that came, Daniel Chaske Alex Booboo Tinsel Julia, but not much to say about that other than I was standing next to them ~picture~ then out of the room. Took all of fifteen seconds. But it’s a fun picture and will look good on the wall for showing off. One thing that’s funny is Chaske put his chin on my husband’s shoulder. … A bit later we stood in line for all the autographs and went through quickly. Alex liked my “One Less Vampire” shirt from One Less Nemesis, but other than that I didn’t stop to talk to any of them. Wonderful job Creation for having things so well prepared that the lines could move fast.

Saturday night was the Volturi Vampire Ball. We arrived and sat down at one of the few tables and a few minutes later the actors were brought in. One of the Vampire Court winner’s came to the stage and got to dance with Daniel, however the other winners didn’t make it so it was just her and Dan dancing. It seemed very awkward. Everyone staring and a long dance, so we got up to dance toward the side to bring some of the awkwardness away, but they insisted we come out to the floor so we did too. A few moments later Booboo grabbed his little sister Sage and took her out to dance as well, it was very adorable. And on that note it was wonderful to see Booboo’s family there to support him, mother father Sage and Fivel all showed and were always around. I loved to see their connection as a family. Back to the dance. We had a dance off between a beautiful young girl and a tall younger guy. Their dance seemed to last forever and their dancing was full all out. We wondered if the DJ was hoping someone would pass out. The young guy did eventually win but I think they were both just happy to be done with the song, so they could sit down. After that, with being the small crowd the actors were able to sit at each table and talk for a few minutes. It was great to get some personal time with each actor, but it would have been nicer if we didn’t have to worry about talking over the music. Daniel thought my contacts were interesting and stared into my eyes for a bit, LOL. I was wearing my fancy red ones, so we shared contact and eye glasses stories. Booboo talked about a guitarist? He really liked and now they were friends and jammed together. Tinsel just came around to shake everyone’s hand and say hi, and Julia sat and talked with us a bit too.

The next morning was the breakfast. This was a special add on for Gold Pass holders for the SLC convention, and I’m so glad it was. When I was first bought my own tickets, I teetered about buying the breakfast or not. I’m glad I didn’t because having extra tickets would not have done me any good, but for those of you who are wondering I do believe that they would be worth the money, or at least they would have been to me. The breakfast foods were simple but delicious and let’s face it, you won’t be eating much when you know that you are going to be meeting the actors in just a few minutes anyway.

So we sat down with our plates and enjoyed talking to the others at the table as we ate. We sat at the same table as the dance off players from the Volturi ball and also the beautiful ladies from Twilight Lexicon. We had just about finished when the actors were brought in and posed for pics, then were able to get their food and sit down to chat. Tinsel and Julia sat with us first, and I felt so badly for them as everyone else was finished and now they were there trying to talk with us while we stared at them eating. That could have been done better I think, but all went well anyway. It felt very intimate and enjoyable as the actors came to sit with us and talk more one on one. It was like at the Volturi Ball, but for some reason didn’t feel as formal I suppose, just like they were someone else to get to know. I was impressed with Tinsel as she took the time to talk to the girls’ sitting at our table about how to get into the acting business and gave her great tips. Booboo was really fun as he came to sit by us, and we talked about how much we love Halloween with him even showing us his costume from last year on his phone. He talked about really liking chicken and waffles, and was surprised that none of us had tried it.

Sunday of interviews was just as fun as Saturday, but much more quiet. The audience group that made it out was very small, maybe 50 people for the whole day. I feel bad that the news stations didn’t give them more coverage. But it made it a nice small setting that the other actors could come out and enjoy the panels as well. Tinsel and Daniel sat right behind me for Chaske’s and Tinsel stuck around for Booboo’s as well. Sorry Booboo, Sage came and sat by me for most of your panel and was being sweet, so I didn’t catch as much of yours as I should have, LOL.

But some points from the Sunday panels were that Tinsel has a thing for Paul Walker. She’d take him on a desert island with fire proof matches and like a stove I believe. At one point during Chaske’s panel he started coughing so Tinsel got up to get him a drink of water and he said “Thanks Love,” was a very sweet Sam and Emily moment. Emily brought a candle in to her interview, it was fun. She really enjoys cupcakes. She said her life would be a scifi movie because she’s really an alien and then roared. Chaske talked about his worst first kiss and then pointed over at Tinsel for his best, but Daniel was sitting with Tinsel, so our announcer teased “Dan?!?” Chaske would take his Ipod, a Dallas Cheerleader, and Pizza Hut Pizza with him on a deserted island, and he really likes In and Out Burger. He got the question would he choose Leah or Emily and Tinsel ran out of the room with her fingers in her ears. He did choose Emily. Tinsel asked Chaske a question “Since you’ve been working out can you take off your shirt and show us your abs?” Chaske laughed and said, “You!? Out of all people!” Julia was excited about being in Vanity Fair, seeing as how that’s her guilty pleasure to read that magazine. Booboo had a fan get up on stage and play her harmonica for the crowd. He also talked about loving that his fans give him bracelets and always wearing them.

The day ended with a quiet auction, but still fun. I think the announcers were going wide eyed because of how cheap some of the large signed banners were going for. It was fun to sit in on but we didn’t really get any crazy bidding wars, but the young guy who won the dance competition at the Volturi Ball went home with a haul! Last but not least was the costume competition. My husband and I entered as Carlisle and Victoria, and there were also three Alice’s, a Jane, and a Jacob. I won third, Jane at second, and Carlisle at first. You can imagine how excited my husband was to win.

My weekend at the Official Twilight Convention Tour was a blast, and I’m so glad that I was able to go. Thank you to Twifans for giving me the Gold Tickets and thank you to Creation for sending the tour to Salt Lake City.

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Comment by J.E.B. (Jacob Edward Black) on September 14, 2010 at 3:28pm
that was great thank you for posting......
Comment by Alison Genet on September 14, 2010 at 3:36pm
Sounds like you had a blast. I am so glad you got front row tickets. Creation Entertainment really hooked up!
Comment by Aidinslevel on September 15, 2010 at 11:10am
That is a GREAT write up... the only thing it is missing is a pic of you and your hubby!! I want to see ball and costume pics of you two ;o)


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