- Umm okay.
- Let's go.
Seth said.
- Yeh.
I whispered. He walked me toward a car, I didn't notice what kind of car it was. The only thing I could think about was the fact that I was going to die and that I couldn't tell Seth about it. He drove me home and I got out of the car.
- Can't you stay with me?
I asked.
- I have things that I need to take care of, maybe tonight?
He said.
- Umm sure.
I tried to smile.
- How are you feeling?
He asked concerned.
- I'm fine.
I wasn't lying, I was just a bit tired.
- I'm just a bit tired.
I sighed.
- Get some rest.
He smiled.
- Mhmm.
Was the only thing I could get out.
- I'll see you tonight okay?
- Yeah.
I smiled. I walked inside the house and up to my room, I lay down on the bed and fell asleep in an instant. I woke up at seven pm. I walked downstairs, there was a note on the fridge.

We didn't want to wake you.
We had to go to Seattle for the weekend
it's been a plan since September.
I really hate to leave you when you're like this
but I've asked dr Cullen to check in on you
once a day. I hope you don't mind.
I love you.


So she'd left me here all alone, I really didn't mind. I needed some time without them. I turned the radio on, it was playing ''Chasing cars by Snow Patrol''. The lyrics made me cry. Someone knocked on the door. I didn't open it. I knew it was Seth, who else would it be? And I was right, it was Seth.
- Rose?
- Yeah.
I said as I turned around.
- Why are you crying?
He asked.
- This song.
I said.
- What about it?
He asked.
- It's so sad.
- So don't listen to it.
He said as he leaned to turn the radio off. But the crying didn't stop when the music did.
- I wont leave you, I promise.
He smiled. Hearing him making a promise like that made me cry even more. He'd made a promise that I could never make. I would die, long before him.
- Seth.
I said.
- Yeah?
- Promise me one thing?
- Yes?
- If anything happens to me...
I started.
- Nothing's going to happen to you.
He stopped me.
- Let me finish.
I said, and he was quiet.
- You have to promise not to do anything stupid.
I told him.
- Your family needs you, Jacob needs you and I need you to be happy.
- Why are you saying this?
He said in a sad tone.
- Just promise me.
- I promise.
He smiled.
- Not that it's something I ever have to do, but I promise.
I didn't want to talk about this anymore. I kissed him. He kissed me back. This was how it was supposed to be, well except for the fact that I was going to die. I really did love Seth and there was nothing that could stop us now. But if my heart stopped than the kissing would probably stop too but I was praying for that not to happen. He kissed me wildly, passionatley. He swooped me up in his arms and carried my to my room, while kissing me. He lay me down on the bed and lay on top of me carefully. He kissed my neck and that tickled. I had to grab the headboard to stop myself from moaning. He was good at this, and that made me wonder if he'd had sex before. But I really didn't care. I removed his t-shirt and started unbuttoning his pants.
- You sure about this?
He stopped me.
- Yeah.
I smiled as I took off my sweater. He gave me that smile, the smile that he usually had on his face when he was excited. His eyes looked hungry, not hungry in a eating me sort of way but hungry to explore my body. My sweats were gone before I'd even noticed that he was trying to take them off. I rolled him over and got on top of him. I could feel his warm chest against mine now.

I woke up at night. Seth was sleeping next to me. He looked so peaceful, his black hair glowed in the moonlight. His perfectly shaped body still looked perfect though he lay in a strange position. I wanted to wake him, but that would just be mean, he needed his sleep. He probably hadn't slept at all while I was in the hospital. I got up quietly, I put on a pair of panties and Seth's t-shirt which was too big but it was comfy. I walked to the window, I stood there looking at the moon for a long time, I was hypnotized by it's beauty. I suspected that there'd be a full moon in a few days. I stood there with my arms folded over my chest. Suddenly I felt two warm hands on my hips.
- Hey.
Seth whispered in my ear.
- Hi.
I said.
- What are you doing?
He asked.
- Just looking at the moon.
- Why didn't you wake me?
He asked.
- I figured you needed your sleep.
- I really didn't.
- Did you sleep anything while I was in the hospital?
- No.
- See you did need some sleep.
- Well I got my sleep. But what about you?
- I think I got enough sleep when I was in the hospital, besides I slept all afternoon.
I smiled at him.
- I'm going to take a shower.
I told him.
- Okay.
He said, and then he kissed me.
- Oh you might want this back.
I said as I removed his t-shirt and threw at him.
- Thanks.
He grinned. I smiled at him and then I started walking toward the bathroom. I turned the water on and got in the shower. After a few minutes I started having trouble breathing, I sat down and my breathing got back to normal. I washed my hair and got out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. Sitting down would only be the solution sometimes. What about the other times? I'd have to wait until the morning to ask doctor Cullen, and I'd had to do that without Seth hearing.

At the Cullen house.

I have to talk to Carlisle about this. But he'll probably just say ''Rosalie you know it doesn't work that way''. He can't just let her die, she's the only one in my human family tree that's left. Everyone else died a long time ago. I walked up to Carlisle's study. I knocked on the door.
- Yes Rose?
He asked. I opened the door.
- Carlisle. You can't let her die.
I said.
- I know Rose. Seth would never talk to me again if I did.
- So you'll turn her?
- Yes I'm afraid there's no other way.
- I really wouldn't want this for anyone, but she's family.
- I know Rose.
- But she doesn't yet. Seth stopped Emmett from telling her, I feel like smashing that dog into a wall.
- Rose calm down.
- She'll find out about us anyway so what's the point in keeping it from her?
- It's his choice Rose. If he doesn't want to tell her than we shouldn't push him.
Alice appeared out of nowhere.
- Carlisle.
She breathed.
- What's wrong Alice?
He asked.
- She's pregnant.
She swallowed.
- What?
I asked.
- Pregnant, you know with a baby.
- I know what pregnant means Alice.
I snapped. Then one of the dogs appeared. Jacob.
- Jacob.
Carlisle said.
- What's wrong?
He asked.
- Rose is pregnant.
Alice said.
- How's that even possible?
Jacob asked looking at me.
- Not me you idiot, Seth's girlfriend.
- Oh.
- Does Seth know?
- No, Rose doesn't even know. Alice just saw it.
Carlisle said.
- You can't tell him Jake.
Alice said.

Back to Rose.

Seth had some things that he had do take care of down at La Push. He hadn't told be what it was, he was keeping things from me but so was I so I couldn't hold it against him. The timing couldn't have been better though. Doctor Cullen would be her any minute now and I didn't want Seth to be here when he arrived. It would take some lying and some covering up since my mom had made sure that the doctor would check on me every day that my mother was out of town. I knew that Seth would be here as much as he could, so that we could be alone and I really doubted that the rest of the week would work out as good as today, with Seth having to leave and all. The low knock on the door made me jump which made my heart skip a couple of beats and that can't be good.
- Come in.
I whispered but apparantly it was high enough for the doctor to hear since he opened the door slowly and entered.
- Good morning Rose, how are you?
Doctor Cullen greeted me.
- Good morning Doctor Cullen. I'm feeling okay actually.
- Well that's good, and please call me Carlisle.
He smiled.
- Okay, Carlisle.
I smiled back.
- Have you been having any problems?
He asked looking sincerely concerned. And that took me by surprise.
- Yeah I had some trouble in the shower this morning but when I sat down my breathing got back to normal.
- Well it's a good thing that you found a way to make it work.
He smiled.
- Yeah.
- Have you talked to Seth about it yet?
He asked but he looked like he already knew the answer.
- Um, no.
I gulped.
- I need to take some blood. To do some tests.
I gulped when he said the word ''blood''. I felt like he had some other meaning behind it. Not that he would hurt me but that blood mant something different to him than it did to me. It was all over quickly, he drew blood in recird time. I didn't even have time to feel sick from looking at the needle.
- I'll send this to the lab and maybe they can find out something more.
- Okay.
I smiled.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
He smiled.
- Um, can't I just stop by the hospital on Monday after school?
I asked.
- I promised your mother that I would check on you every day.
- Yeah I know, but Seth will be here all the time and I'm pretty sure that he'd want to know what's going on.
I explained.
- I see. Well first thing after school then.
He smiled.
- Thank you Carlisle.
I smiled.
- Any time.
He said as he reached for the door. As soon as he opened it I saw Seth getting out of his car. DAMN IT!
- Crap!
I whispered. Seth ran toward me and Carlisle.
- Carlisle.
He smiled at him.
- Hello Seth.
He smiled back.
- Rose what's going on?
He asked with worried eyes.
- Um.
I didn't know what to say. I froze.
- She's got the flu.
Carlisle came to a rescue.
- Oh.
Seth said.
- Which is weird since I feel fine.
I smiled at Seth.
- Well that's gret news.
He smiled.
- Not that you've got the flu but that you feel fine.
He laughed.
I smiled. And then Seth leaned down to kiss me lightly on the lips.
- Well I'm off.
Carlisle smiled.
- Thanks doc.
Seth said as he patted Carlisle on the shoulder.
- No problem.
He smiled at Seth.
- And I'll see you on Monday.
He reminded me before he drove away.
- Monday?
Seth asked me as soon as Carlisle was out of sight.
- Just a check up.
- Oh okay.
- I've missed you.
I said as I hugged Seth.
- I've missed you too.
He said before he kissed my neck.

The weekend was over before I knew it and it was Monday morning. My mom, George and Millie had gotten back yesterday around dinner time and Seth had left at ten pm. I'd had no more problems all weekend. All in all it had been a great weekend, since Seth and I had been alone for most of it. I felt like skipping scholl, I really didn't see the point in making new friends if I was dying anyway, but I got out of bed anyway. I took a shower and put some clothes on- a pair of jeans and a sweater- I went to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and that's when I realized something. Before I collapsed in the woods Seth had been trying to tell me something. I finished blow drying my hair, grabbed my car keys and ran downstairs. Since everybody'd already left I really didn't have to come up with an explaination. I drove down to La Push way faster than allowed. I stopped in front of the Clearwater's house and sprang lightly up the porch steps. I knocked on the door and I was suprized when Leah opened it. She didn't look that happy to see me.
- Hey, is Seth home?
I breathed.
- Seth!
Leah yelled. No worrys about waking anybody up around here.
- What?!
Seth yelled back.
- Visitor!
She yelled. She made it sound like a prison. I couldn't smile when I saw Seth giving his sister the look. I could see that he felt that it was prison.
- Hey Rose why arent you at school?
He asked with his eyes still on Leah. When I didn't answer he moved his eyes to focus on me. When he saw my face his face fell.
- Rose what's wrong?
He asked while hugging me.
- You never told me.
- Told you what honey?
He asked.
- On New Years. In the woods. You were going to tell me something before I... collapsed.
- Oh that.
- Yeah, so will you tell me now?
I asked as I took a step back so that I could see his face.
- No.
He said with an apologethic look in his eyes.
- Damn it Seth!
I yelled.
- Why can't you just tell me the truth?
- As if you're telling me the truth?! It's not the flu is it?
- No Seth it's not the flu. I'm dying! Are you happy now?!
As soon as I said that last sentence I regretted it. I didn't mean it like that. I meant if he was happy that I'd told him. It took him a while to process what I'd just said, but I noticed when he did. His face turned in pain, he looked angry and sad at the same time. His body to shake. At that point Leah and Jacob came running out of the house. They grabbed Seth and pulled him out in to the woods. I stood there for a moment trying to understand what had just happened. I heard a wolf howling, it sounded like it was in pain. Sue walked out of the house and she hugged me.
- He'll be back.
She whispered.
- What happened?
- He'll find a way to explain. I promise.
- No matter what it is I will never stop loving him.
- He knows that.
- I'll take it with me to the grave.
- Oh sweetie.
I wiped the tears away and got out of the hug.
- I have to go to the doctor.
I said.
- Are you having problems?
- No, I have an apointment.
I smiled.
- Oh.
She smiled back.
- Bye.
I hugged her.
- Take care.
She said.
- You too.
I smiled before I got in my car and drove to the hospital. Doctor Cullen walked in to the waiting room at the excact time that I did, it was like as if he new that I was coming. He had one patient that he had to see before me. I walked in to the exmination room.
- Hello Rose.
Carlisle smiled.
. Hey Carlisle.
I smiled back.
- How are you feeling?
- I feel fine, a little worried but fine.
- What are you worried about?
- Seth.
- You told him.
- I kind of yelled it at him and he started shaking, then Leah and Jacob dragged him out in to the woods. I have no idea what happened.
- I'm sure he's fine.
Carlisle smiled when he saw how truly worried I was.
- I hope so.
- I'm going to do some tests right here. But I'll need some more blood.
- Oh okay.
He drew some blood and walked out of the room. I sat there for about an hour just waiting. I wasn't able to concentrate on anything, there was just to much going on. I was sitting there just thinking about the girl on the picture in my locket when Carlisle entered the room again. He had a smile on his face.
- Good news?
I asked excited.
- Yes.
He smiled even wider.
- The lab couldn't find anything unusual with your blood. I found something, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.
He smiled.
- What did you find doc?
I asked.
- Well it appears that you're pregnant.
What?! How is that even possible?
- P-p-p-pregnant?
I stuttered.
- Yes.
He answered.
- Oh god. How f.
I started.
- I'd say about two months.
- What? That's not possible. The first time I had sex was less than a week ago.
I explained.
- Who did you have sex with?
- Seth.
- Oh well that explains it.
- Excuse me. I have to go.
I said before I ran out of the room, out of the hospital. I didn't even bother to get my car. I kept running, I ran for the woods, I kept running until I found a little meadow. I lay down in the snow and curled up to a ball. I felt all these emotions at the same time. Happiness, horror, emptiness, reunion, excitement. They werent my emotions. The sun was just setting behind the trees when I heard something moving behind the trees. I jumped to my feet and to my surprize the huge sang coloured wolf from my dream appeared from the shadows. The wolf didn't scare me, it looked sad as it moved slowly toward me. It stopped a few feet away from me. I walked slowly toward it, it just stood there looking. The eyes of the huge animal reminded me of someone. I reached up to touch the wolf. I lay my hand on it's neck and something moved inside my womb. Don't be scared. I thought to the little one. I felt something under the wolfs fur, a scar shaped like a half moon just like the one on Seth's neck.
- Seth.
I whispered and the wolf ran away. Seconds later Seth came out from the woods, he wore nothing but a pair of cut off old sweats.
- Rose.
He said, he looked scared.
- Seth?
I ran into his arms.
- I'm sorry I got so mad at you.
I cried.
- It's okay.
He smiled. And I felt a nudge in my belly.
- What was that?
Seth asked suprized.
- What was what?
I asked as if I had no idea what he was talking about.
- I felt a nudge.
He said.
- Where?
I asked.
- Here.
He said as he put his hand on my stomach. Then the baby nudged again but harder this time.
- Oh.
I gasped.
- What's wrong?
- That kind of hurt.
- What?
- Seth.
I started.
- I'm p-p-pregnant.
I studdered.
- Pregnant?
He asked with a strange expression on his face.
- Yeah, that's what the doctor said.
- Wow.
- When I asked how far along I was he said two months, and I thought that was weird since you're the only person I've had sex with. Then he asked who I'd had sex with and I said you and he said well that explains it. Would you care to explain what he meant by that?
- Well the thing is that since I was fifteen I've grown very much, we all have. You saw me as a...um werewolf. Do you remember when we first met?
- Yeah, on the beach.
- Yeah.
He smiled.
- All of us, the guys on the beach were once a pack, Leah too.
- Jake and Leah are werewolves too?
I asked surprized.
- Yeah, and Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry, Quil, Collin and Brady. So we were all once a pack but then something happened, there was a conflict between Sam and Jake. Sam was the leader, the Alpha and Jake was the second, someone once called him the Beta. Sam was the Alpha but Jake was supposed to be the Alpha since it was in his blood, but he didn't want to. He still didn't at the time of the conflict. See the members of the pack have to listen to the Alpha and Sam had told Jake to do something that he refused to. Well to make it shorter, Jake left the pack, and I followed him and so did Leah.
I couldn't really say anything, but I felt the baby nudge me when Seth had finished telling me. As a reflex my hand flew to my belly.
- Rose are you okay?
Seth asked worried. He didn't mean just me, he meant me and the baby.
- We're fine.
I smiled.
- He just reacted to what you told us.
I smiled wider.
- So the growing quickly thing is in your genes?
I asked.
- Yeah, do I look like a nineteen year old to you?
He smiled. He certainly didn't look like a nineteen year old. He was too big, too muscular and too tall. He looked more like as if he were in his mid-twenties.
- No not at all.
I smiled.
- How old do I look then?
He smiled. I felt like teasing him.
- You look like a senior citizen.
I grinned. He grinned back. He looked like as if he was going to jump me. I started running, he ran after me. No matter how fast I ran he would outrun me. His superhuman strength, hearing and speed was a way of cheating. The baby nudged me and I got more power, I didn't feel tired anymore, I could run for a very long time without even getting tired. I outran Seth. I stopped myself there. I wasn't supposed to be able to outrun him.
- You are a senior citizen.
I laughed.
- Why?
- You've got superhuman strength, hearing and speed and you got outrunned by a pregnant girl with a heart and lung condition.
I laughed louder.
- How is that funny?
He asked, he almost sounded angry.
- I'm not supposed to be able to outrun you.
I told him.
- I know.
- So either you're losing it or I'm superhuman too.
I smiled at those last words.
- I can't lose it until I give it up. And you can't be superhuman.
He said angrily.
- Seth calm down.
I said. I hugged him tightly.
- It's the baby.
He whispered.
- What is?
- The baby is making you stronger and faster.
- What? How can you know that?
- I just do. Emily's pregnancy was nothing like this though.
- Who is Emily?
- Sam's wife.
- Sam's married with children?
- Yeah, he's got two.
- Really?
- Yeah, Kayley and Will.
- A boy and a girl.
- Yup.
- Wow.
I thought about that. Two children. What if that's why my strength had increased? Cause I was having twins. Two baby's who's father was superhuman.
- Seth?
- Yeah?
- Would you go with me to the hospital in the morning?
- Why what's wrong?
He asked concerned.
- Nothing, I just got this feeling.
- What feeling?
- You'll see tomorrow.
- We'll go see Carlisle today.


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