The Saga of Darren Shan and the Forgotten Past (heeheee)

its a bit like pirates of the caribbean, the title i mean hahaha

this is fanfiction hense i am posting all of 1 chapter (cos well, thats all ive got so far lol)
please comment. if you havent read darren shan saga, well im sorry, if you have, GREAT!

Chapter 1)

My name is Darren Shan. I am a half vampire. You may think im crazy for saying this but my life wasn't all flowers and roses. Sure I grew up with trials and tribulations but who doesnt? And at what cost?

Heres my story. And lets start from where I left off on my last life. I died. I know what you're thinking “if you're dead how are you telling a story?” well like I said, I died but not quite. See there's this guy, well more like a medler of the universe, called Mr Tiny, Mr Des Tiny to be exact. Who after years of hurt and mental torture, turned out to be my real father. I dont know if I will ever quite believe him. I also have a sister called Evanna, a witch and fortune teller to name a few of her special talents.
I'm not going to explain the events leading up to my horrific story because it'll only bore you. But here goes so far.

I used to be a nice boy with a normal family, I would go to school, get good grades,have great friends and everything was just dandy. But then a pattern unravelled, and here's where it leads upto.
Okay so here's the long story cut really short. I died and my soul ended up in the Lake of Souls. This is where Vampires or Vapaneze who dont go to Paradise – as they believe – go to after life and suffer madness! Another long story short, my soul was fished out by the help of the little people – whom I will explain more about as my story continues – and Evanna. I was then sent back to earth by Mr Tiny (my father appararently) – although not the present time as I knew it. Mr Tiny meant to send me back as a little person like so many other souls that had been fished out of the Lake of Souls, but after a tough argument with Evanna – and me refusing, decided not to.

He wasnt going to send me back at all. But Evanna had a plan, and had set up a deal with her father that, if she got pregnant, her father would help me out of the Lake of Souls and return to earth. But Des Tiny had said that if I refuse to go back as a little person, he would leave me here for eternity and would still have kept his end of the bargain. And I had refused. Evanna wasnt happy about this, and took me away from her Fathers home immediately, and told me that she was going to send me back but it would mean serious magic and rule breaking but felt it was necessary. However, she wouldnt be able to send me back as anything else other than the way I am now, since it was her father that could change the souls into other forms of life. I later found out that I'd been sent back to the past, to prevent my younger, rather naïve self from following in the same footsteps as I, the older more wiser half vampire self did so long ago.

Despite my looks I only ages a few years since being turned all those eighteen years ago by my mentor Mr Crepsley who, in my time, died trying to defeat the Lord of the Vampaneze. But again, all will be explained in due course.
Technically, according the Des Tiny – whom if you put the name together forms Mr Destiny – two of the same souls cannot exist at the same time. Evanna my sister, set a cunning plan in motion that meant both my younger self and me – sorry I mean, I, the older Darren Shan, could both survive at the same time span as each other. The only catch was that neither of us could ever see each other. For if we did, no one, not even Des Tiny himself, could help the world from the things that would come. It would also mean the death of both of us. Now, I couldn't have that.
Now you could ask yourself “why would you want to see him?” well thats a hard question to answer.
When I eventually got brought back to 'present day' I had a major sense of deja vu. I was at the same old cinema theatre where all my troubles first started with the cirque du freak, where I first went with my once best friend, Steve Leonard - who later turned out to be a traitor and a killer and further more, died because I killed him. It really is a long story, but don't worry, I will explain.
My good friend – Harket Mulds– a little person who turned out to be an old friend but who betrayed the vampires by teaming with the vampaneze, and managed to survive the horrid battle on the night of my death – was standing next to me while I was backstage watching the performers do their thing. I knew I shouldnt hang around incase some one suspected us, but I just couldnt help myself. I was curious and it just got the better of me.
“Darren, you know you... should'nt be here! What if the... boy sees you?!” he whispered cautiously. Harket couldnt speak full sentences yet but was gradually getting better as he lived in this world. When my so-called father Mr Tiny brought Harket back from the Lake of Souls, he brought him back as a little person to look over me, at the same time that the human Kurda Smalht also lived. A tricky explanation but Des Tiny went to the future and brough Harket to the present.. which would have been the past. Confusing? Yeah I know. The air on this world is poisoness to the little people so they have to wear a mask to filter the air. If left without a mask for longer than half a day, they would die. I don't think Des Tiny ever knew that I had been brought back to protect my younger self as a human, and hopefully he never will know. Providing I dont bump into him anytime soon. I didnt know what would happen once I'd helped my younger self off the road to being a vampire, but I wasnt sure it would be pleasant.
I kept on peeking my head through the curtain, looking to the audience as they “ooh-d” and “ahh-d” through the performance.
“Well then so be it, but I need to be sure he – I mean, I, dont try and listen to Steve when he confronts Crepsley, again” I replied calmly, although deep down I knew I was wrong for interfering. I had already given Mr Tall my diary and told him what to do and what I should do in return.
But I felt a kind of bond between me and my younger self, and felt that I should look out for him even if I knew past and present could never meet!
“You're a fool for coming back Darren, it was one thing myself being brought back as a little person but for you to be a human again, it's just too wrong and just too, dangerous.” Harket hissed.
There was a long silense from him and I could tell from his face that he soon regretted saying that.
“Darren, I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. But you do realise the threat if your younger self sees you, don't you?” he pressed on.
I nodded in the silence and closed the curtain. Looking at Harket I saw his big globe eyes, and green body. I realised that I once would have become one like him if I'd accepted my “fathers” offer, except I wouldn't have been given the gift of speech or been able to eat. My “father” never intended me to live long enough to need to.
But here I was, alive, and speaking and eating – sort of – although I'd not yet got back an appetite like I used to.

I didnt speak to Harket. Although I knew he was sorry for snapping at me, I didn't much care what he said, because I was glad I risked everything to come back. Whats life without a little risk? If not, i would have ended up repeating everything. Well, no, my younger self would have. I'd be back to square one.
One good thing about this trip back to the past, was I got to see my mentor, Mr Crepsley. Although, he didn't remember me, because technically he hadn't met me yet, or turned me. But, I found a loophole. Well, not so much a loophole, just a lot of persuading. I went to him one evening, careful not to annoy him, and told him about my life and how I ended up here. He thought I was mad at first but when I showed him a picture of who I used to be, he told me he remembered seeing him – me – in the audience. I also told him that he was he that turned me into his half vampire assistant all those years ago – and that I had been brought back from the future. Yeah, I know that sounds really supernatural even to myself, but it's the truth. And although I knew myself – and Evanna – were meddling with the chain of events, there was nothing I could do about it now and to be honest, I didnt want to change. I wanted to stay here.
Several hours went by of me explaining to Mr Crepsley – real name Larton Crepsley – and eventually he came around to my way of thinking and, believing me, agreed to keep it a secret. Only he and Mr Tall and I knew about what had happened, and it would be best if only those two knew all together.
I didnt know where Evanna had gone to in this universe, but I doubt i'd ever see her again in the near future – or past – or whatever it's called now.

Out the back of the theatre there was a huge garden. And when I say huge, I mean big enough to fit another 4 bedroom house in. We had a number of small tents put up so each of the crew had somewhere to sleep. Mine and Harkets tent was small, but cosy. We both slept in hammocks and the rest of the space was filled up with general stuff we'd picked up over the years of travelling. We didn't have many clothes, since Harket dressed in the same robes all the time and I didnt have time to keep changing.
Our tent was at the back, furthest from the theatre. I walked in feeling solemn and wondering where I was to go next. I wandered across to my side of the small tent and sat on the hammock, steadying it before I fell backwards.
A few minutes later, as I was relaxing, Mr crepsley walked in, hands behind his back. His big black coat and bright orange hair as prominent as always, he walked over to where I was sitting and perched on a stool near me.
He looked thoughtful, which was not a hard task for Crepsley since he nearly always looked as though he was thinking his whole life story over in his head.
"I want to discuss something with you, Darren." he proceeded cautiously.
I looked at him suspiciously and sat up to face him.
"Okay, about what exactly? Do you still not believe who I am?" I asked nervously. Feeling sad that he might not want to know me. I really had hoped that he would believe me and not think of me as an imposter. Mr Tall believed me, and I had really loved Larten like a father, so I hoped he would believe me too.
He stood up and held out his hands as if to give me a hug, but I thought that too good to be true, and saw he was just stretching.
"I have given much thought to your explaination." he said while walking to Harkets hammock and sat down.
I just stayed where I was and watched him while he spoke carefully.
"I do think it's very dangerous what you and, Evanna, did. Quite frankly I'm surprised Des Tiny hasnt figured out what you've done sooner. However, I have spoken to Hibernius and he tells me what you say is true. And from what he can tell from the, well I guess you could call it the past, it seems I did blood you, and," he cut short as I stood up to walk over to where my diary was. I had asked Mr Tall, after much thought, if I could borrow my diary back for a bit so I could show it to Crepsley, and then I would make sure my younger self got it, at some point.
"Larten - Mr Crepsley, I guess, you're not going to remember anything, because well, you haven't gone through anything yet like I have. I didnt ask to go back to the past. The fact I'm alive again is a miracle in itself. I really do have Evanna to thank for that, and as much as it pains me," I tried to say it calmly but it came out through gritted teeth instead, "Mr Tiny, too"

My Crepsley looked at me seriously. I couldnt help but think he was going to ignore me, for some unfathom reason, but to my surprise he just stood up and took my diary from me. I started to protest but he insisted on looking at it again. I soon remembered that Mr Crepsley couldnt read.
"Um, do you need help to read that? I mean, you told me you couldnt read." I said shyly. He didnt reply whilst he flicked through the rusty old pages until he was near the end, he then looked up to me and pointed at the paragraph where i'd written about him dying. I gulped nervously. A part of me wasnt so sure this was a good idea.
I just stared. I had no easy way of explaining.
"I recognise some words, but not this." he gave me a look I couldnt say no to. It was a desperate, pleading look.
"You want to know how you die? Are you sure thats wise?" I answered solemnly. I was hoping I wouldn't have to explain the horrific scene to him.
He sighed and gave me back the diary. "No I guess I don't want to know"
"I guess I'm stuck here in the past. What do you think I'm to do now?" I asked, not having a clue.
Crepsley stood up and walked to the door of the tent.
"I think that's for you to decide, Darren, and whatever you decide, I will be with you. But for now, I need to have a little word with Hibernius" and he continued outside.
I was left wondering what to do. I couldn't meet my younger self, I couldn't go to my present time without Evanna, and Mr Crepsley didnt have the same bond with me as he had in the present.
I was positively, no doubt about it, stuck!

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