One of the things I love best about Twilight is that the characters are flawed. By that I mean that the characters are flawed, not the writing. Their flaws make them more believable, more relatable.Here are some things about are favorite people and creatures.

Jacob Black

Jacob Black wears many hats in The Twilight Saga: he's Bella's best friend, a muscle bound shape-shifter, and a talented member of the Quileute people. Gone are his long raven locks and boyish appearance from Twilight, as Jacob underwent an unusual coming of age in New Moon that transformed him into a P90X model, and, well, he turns into a wolf that is five times the size of his human form when he "phases" or, for non-Twilighters, "Hulks out."

Before Jacob experienced his hairy transformation, he was a family friend of the Swans, a new generation member of the Quileute Native American tribe, and the previous owner of Bella's tank of a truck. Since meeting, the two formed a connection that transcends normal levels of best friendship, leaving Bella confused and almost addicted to Jacob's affection and charm. However, in New Moon, when Jacob underwent his metamorphosis, he grew distant from any outsiders who didn't understand his existence.

Fiercely loyal and protective, Jacob is not only extremely gifted physically, but he is responsible and strong in character. As part of a chosen group that exists to protect the Quileute land from vampires, Jacob is, by default, at odds with Edward, but their respective relationships with Bella have helped bring civility to their conversations. It's clear that Bella's heart lies with Edward, but Jacob's character makes him nearly as compelling a choice for her.

Bella Swan

In the box office shattering Twilight Saga, Isabella Swan is the lamb to Edward Cullen's lion. Since Bella moved from sunny Phoenix to the rainy city of Forks, her life has been forever changed. With an endearing level of clumsiness, the wise-beyond-her-years and freesia-scented Bella might seem like an unlikely object for a physically flawless vampire's affection, but it's this "opposites attract" formula that manifests a love that goes beyond regular comprehension and possibly, a regular lifetime.

Bella has been through a lot for a high school student over the past three films. She fell in love with a vampire and gained acceptance from his perfectly imperfect vampire family, she fended off an attack from a ferocious tracking vampire named James, and she fueled her adrenaline-junkie needs by befriending a dashing shapeshifter. The most important of these, of course, was the first; Bella's life would never be the same after she met Edward Cullen, and she'd have it no other way. She wants nothing more than to be with Edward for eternity, and to make this happen, she's willing to be transformed into a vampire -- more specifically, into one of the Cullens.Bella faces plenty of challenges in Eclipse. The first family of vampires, The Volturi, are intrigued by her effect on their kind and believe she knows too much about them, and Victoria, James's red-headed lover, is seeking revenge for his death in Twilight. Both are after Bella, and she is forced to split time and mental energy between the love of her life (Edward) and the friend she can't afford to lose (Jacob), though the two are sworn enemies simply by their very existence. It's a lot for any teenage girl to handle, but if Twilight and New Moon are any indication, Bella Swan is stronger than anyone initially would have given her credit for.

Edward Cullen

The other half of this millennium's most talked-about couple is Edward Cullen, a vampire who has been 17 years old since 1918. Edward's existence took an unusual turn when his adoptive father Dr. Carlisle Cullen changed him to save him from terminal influenza. Physically, Edward is blessed with good looks that appear to be chiseled from the finest marble and all the strength and speed you'd expect from a superhuman being. He also has the unique ability to tune into others' thoughts (with the exception of Bella Swan, ironically enough), making him an attractive target for the Volturi, who seek out powerful vampires to adopt into their own family.

However, Edward's greatest attribute might be how he loves and protects Bella, despite the effect her blood has on him. As Edward is the only Cullen without a vampire life partner, there is no question he wants to spend eternity with Bella, but despite her desire to be "turned" by him, Edward remains reluctant to share his gift (and curse) with her.

As vampires, Edward and his family are the sworn enemies of Jacob Black's Quileute people, which presents a unique challenge in attempting to coexist in the same area. Furthermore, Edward must come to terms with Bella's platonic, yet intensely profound, relationship with Jacob Black -- challenging for any boyfriend, let alone a lover that makes millions of teenage girls swoon around the world. With one-liners and glances that wax poetic on the otherwise unsuspecting eyes of anyone he comes in contact with, Edward's balance of strength and passion make him an inevitable central focal point of The Twilight Saga.

The Wolfpack

Not to be confused with werewolves, who only appear in the presence of the full moon and rarely hunt in packs, the Quileute Wolfpack descend from ancient Quileute warriors. In a supercharged version of adolescence, the affected Quileute experience a rapid and extreme period of growth before their shape-shifting abilities are fully realized. In addition to having burning hot skin (the opposite of vampires), they will quickly appear to age to their mid-20's, pausing their aging process until they cease taking on the spirit of the wolf later in their lives.

Together, the Wolfpack are especially strong. They can communicate with each other while in wolf form, enabling them to alert each other of danger. Much like X-Men's Wolverine, the members of the Wolfpack are not only durable, but they possess superhuman healing abilities. The "phasing" process, when they turn from human to wolf form, is nearly instantaneous, does not require a full moon, and can be controlled through discipline. In addition to their strength and enormous size, they are also able to outrun vampires at speeds that exceed 100 miles per hour, which is especially helpful when hunting.

The phasing talents of the wolf only arrive when vampires are present, ensuring their land is even better protected in the presence of the nearby Olympic Coven. In human and wolf form, the chosen Quileute have heightened senses of smell and vampire detection, which were especially useful in New Moon, when Sam Uley's pack, including Jacob Black, helped protect Bella against the looming threat of Victoria.

Bella's Friends

In the midst of all this vampiring and wolf-phasing, there are actual humans that go to school in Forks, Washington. And unlike the Hannah Montanas, Kick-Ass-es, and Buffy the Vampire Slayers, none of the humans have been entrusted with the secrets of Bella's supernatural life. Score one point for Bella's ability to internalize her otherworldly levels of teenage angst.

Though math tests, prom dress shopping, and who's-dating-who gossip might seem trivial compared to the supernatural goings-on of Bella's life, Mike, Jessica, Eric, and Angela are oftentimes the escape that Bella needs when she feels lost in this overwhelming subculture. Though they fill different roles, like Mike as Bella's forever crush, and Jessica as the group's official gossip, they provide normalcy for Bella, despite her frequent inability to nurture these relationships like they would otherwise require.

As the students approach graduation, their backseat roles might not seem vital to the saga's more romantic and potentially catastrophic storylines, but their worth to Bella's sanity and everyday life cannot be undervalued

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