The Twilight Saga Exclusive: Experts Plan Bella's Wedding. Honeymoon, Jewelery, Gift Box, Cake, and Music

The Wedding Bands
THE INSPIRATION: "I didn’t realize I was crying until it was time to say the blinding words. ‘I do,’ I managed to choke out in a nearly unintelligible whisper... When it was his turn to speak, the words rang clear and victorious. ‘I do,’ he vowed."
—Bella, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

THE EXPERT SAYS: “Bella’s ring is romantic but unusual; the ornate gold vine design (with 372 white diamonds!) matches her complex personality. Edward’s band is a mixture of gold and hidden rubies, which evoke his secret powers.”
Neil Lane, jewelry designer,

The Wedding Cake

THE INSPIRATION: “I was blinded by flashbulbs as we held the knife over a spectacular cake—too grand, I thought, for our relatively intimate group of friends and family.”
—Bella, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

THE EXPERT SAYS: “We extended the 'spectacular' cake's height by elevating each tier with bands of sugar red roses. The color signifies blood, while the white icing matches the couple's skin. I didn't feel that Bella and Edward would respond to a white-on-white theme, and used chocolate frosting as the sensuous motif—at least mortals respond very strongly to the scent of chocolate!”
—Ron Ben-Israel, owner and baker,

The Music

THE INSPIRATION: “The music...floated up the stairs along with the fragrance of a million flowers. [It] was familiar, Wagner's traditional march.”
—Bella, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

THE EXPERT SAYS: “The songs on my playlist transcend time and enhance the early 1900s aesthetic of their wedding. I chose 'Vampire Heart' by Him for Bella's entrance and 'Walking with a Ghost' by Tegan & Sara for the ceremony, both thoughtful and emotional songs—Wagner's Wedding March embodies this as well. As people enter the reception, it’s important to take time building the energy of the celebration and what would a Twilight playlist be without Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'?!”
—DJ M.O.S., celebrity DJ, download his entire playlist at

The Gift Box

THE INSPIRATION: “The gift [from the Volturi] was presented in an ornately carved, ancient wooden box inlaid with gold and mother-of-pearl, ornamented with a rainbow of gemstones. Alice said the box itself was a priceless treasure, that it would have outshone just about any piece of jewelry besides the one inside it.”
—Bella, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

THE EXPERT SAYS: “The 16th-century Mention et Wagner rectangular casket (valued at $116,500) sides are set with four lapis panels within scrollwork frames, the corners inset with arched niches supporting four angels—two girls holding jewel caskets and two boys holding a necklace of an emerald and two rubies. The four corners are applied with clusters of baroque pearls with translucent green enamel leaves, and some of the amethyst cameos are set with rubies.”

The Gift Necklace

“The necklace was simple—gold woven into a thick rope of a chain, almost scaled, like a smooth snake that would curl close around the throat. One jewel hung suspended from the rope: a white diamond the size of a golf ball.”
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

"I love the idea that a diamond that size would be a droplet shape, rather than a round stone. It’s so timeless and also has the undercurrent of something liquid—like a tear or a drop of blood. The heaviness of the chain is almost serpentine. It's a summation of their love story in that sort of elegant yet menacing way a gold snake wrapped around one's neck would feel, but also symbolizes eternity. I think the Volturi would have intended both interpretations for this piece of jewelry."
—Anna Sheffield, designer,

The Honeymoon

THE INSPIRATION: “We headed due east into the open ocean... As far as I could remember there wasn’t much east of Brazil… ’This is Isle Esme. A gift from Carlisle—Esme offered to let us borrow it.’… The moon was bright on white sand and, just a few yards away from the house, glistening waves... I was more focused on the absolutely huge white bed in the center of the room, hung with billowy clouds of mosquito netting.”
—Bella, with a quote from Edward, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

EXPERT SAYS: "A boat ride away from Brazil’s coastline there is a clutch of subtropical islands that combine jungle backdrops and pristine beaches with plenty of essential honeymoon privacy. If you don’t have the funds to finance your own private island getaway, head further down the coast to replicate your own Edward-and-Bella-style escape. Book one of the four bungalows at secluded seaside retreat Fazenda São Francisco or the breezy eco-shacks of Tauana, which are both backed by virgin forest and fronted by kilometres of white-sand Corumbau shoreline, and offer a taste of wild South Bahia without compromising on contemporary luxury.”
—James Lohan, CEO,

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Comment by Elin M Braatveit on June 11, 2010 at 10:30pm
Again: WOW!!!! This is soooo Wonderful all these things that are shown us here, with that GEORGIOUS Cake, and WHAT an cake, must be the must BEAUTIFUL cake (and I bet surely the best cake ever?!!) that I have ever seen!!!! It would have fit PERFECT in B&E´s Wedding!!!! The Rings are also just soooo Beautiful, I LOVE them, and the one for Edward, yes absolutely it would fit him perfectly!!!!
BUT, about the Music,...Michael Jackons "Thriller", E&B´s Wedding..?!??? I don´t think so!!!!!!!!!! Well that´s at least my opinion...LOL.
The Volturis wedding Gift, The Gift box, is really something, just beautiful, and also the Necklase is just GEORGIOUS, and such an BIG Beautiful Diamond, WOW!!!! And finally the sooo cosy little house on the beach where the newly wedders will spend their Honeymoon, it looks just terrific!!!! And an very, very nice white satin sheets bed for the Happy Couple!!!
I would surely have like to spend an vacation there!!! LOL!


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