THE TWILIGHT SAGA’s Casey LaBow Talks About Kate, Bill Condon & the Fans

TWILIGHT KATE CASEY LABOW INTERVIEW (Exclusive) – Actress Casey LaBow, known to many fans for playing Kate in The Twilight Saga, is currently in New York shooting a movie; however she took time out of her schedule to talk with ScreenSlam about the upcoming finale,The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Read the entire interview below:

Questions from ScreenSlam:


SC: Is it easier or more difficult playing a character from a well known book versus a character that is just in a script?

SL: I think that Kate in general as a character was very different from anything I’ve done- she has been alive for so long that there was a lot of backstory I had to deal with… That being said, having the book and Stephanie Meyer on set everyday to ask questions was helpful… I don’t think it’s different playing a character from a script vs. a book for me- but it’s definitely different to encounter people having a preconceived notion about Kate and often times a lot of opinions about her…

SC: Has it been difficult keeping the secrets of the finale?

SL: Not really because I very much want the fans to experience things for the first time when they see it on the screen. But there have been moments I have wanted to share freely and I look forward to being able to talk about things when the film is finally out…

SC: With so many actors and characters in these movies, how does the director juggle everyone?

SLBill Condon was a master at making sure each and every actor had a chance to discuss and collaborate with him… Even when there were 90 actors on set he would go up and talk to each and every one of us to be sure to get the best performance… Bill was such a giving director I was very surprised at how well he handled so many people at once.

SC: Have you made any close friends from this movie?

SL: Yes! We were gone so long and practically sequestered like a jury, it would have been impossible to have walked out of the situation with out a few buddies… But I actually made some friends I will have for life on that set…

SC: Do you have any good stories about meeting Twilight fans to share?

SL: So far the fans I have met have been the sweetest nicest most devoted people. It’s been one of the unexpected perks of doings these films!

SC: Any bad ones?

SL: No bad fan experiences actually… Not yet at least….

SC: Do you get asked a lot about Kristen and Robert?

SL: All the time.

SC: Would you ever act in a vampire movie again?

SL: Absolutely! But what I really want to play is a witch!!!

SC: Finally, what do you hope people get out of the last movie?

SL: I hope that people get the resolution they want from the saga. I hope they enjoy this film as much as I think they will, it’s going to be a really special end and there are a few surprises as well…

Now questions from Twilight fans:

Vix: What is the most meaningful role you’ve ever played and what types of roles would you like to play in the future?

SL: I think every role is the most meaningful- while I’m in it… I get quite caught up in the moment of playing these people and their worlds and their wants… I think I can get a bit method from time to time and take on characteristics and qualities of the roles while I’m filming. But then I leave most of it behind once it’s done… Right now I’m doing a film called Girlrillaz and I play a punk girl with an authority problem… I read the script and decided she needed hot pink hair, she is far from who I was in a lot of ways so I needed to do something drastic to get closer to her…

As far as the future goes, I truly believe that there is a cosmic relationship to the parts that actors get- at least that is how it’s been for me… What comes next is something that will take me on a journey for a reason I do not yet know… But I hope whoever the characters are they challenge me deeply and teach me things about myself I didn’t know…

Nayla Emanuele: How was it working daily with incredible actors like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Lee Pace? and if have any special remembrance set?]

SL: All of the actors on the twilight set were awesome to work with- I learned a lot from everyone… I think my favorite memory from set was the dance off which hopefully will make it on the DVD extras…

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