The Twilight Saga vs The Hunger Games???

Now that it's positive that the Suzanne Collins Trilogy, The Hunger Games, is going to be made into a movie, the "buzz" seems to be comparing of them with Stephenie Meyer's, the Twilight Saga.

My first question is, have they even read them?

They both have a main female character who have 2 male characters in love with them. IMHO, the comparison stops there. For instance, both male characters in Twilight Saga are mythological in nature; one is a Vampire and the other is a Shape Shifter/ Werewolf. The male characters in The Hunger Games are human.

In the Twilight Saga the lead female character in love with the Vampire and wants to be "just friends" with the Shape shifter/Werewolf and loves them both deeply but differently but wants to become a Vegetarian Vampire like her Love and still be able to spend time with the Shape shifter. Confusion, to a point happens, but eventually "eternal and true love" wins out and she marries her vampire and goes off on their honeymoon. She then manages to become pregnant, boggles the mind - but wait, it's a fantasy! But they do live happily every after, eventually but only after they and the entire Vegetarian Vampire Cullen Clan are involved in a potential desperate fight for their lives.

In the Hunger Games, only two of the main characters are in a desperate fight for their lives when they are thrown into an arena ( sounds very much like the gladiator fights of Ancient Rome ) and we find out that the male is and always had been in love with the female character and she just doesn't know what to think about it. She feels very deeply for the second male lead, but he's at "home" and confusion happens within her consciousness. Eventually the two win the Games and are returned to their home, only to be thrown into more confusing circumstances in the next two books, and the two combatants eventually find a peace of sorts. No real "happily ever afters".

I'm sure there will be more Hunger Games books to come, and maybe more Twilight spin offs to come - we fans sure hope so.

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this latest "Buzz".

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