The Twilight Trio ( Rob , Kristen & Taylor ) among Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars

Vulture made a list of the 100 most valuable movie stars, and Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson all make the list! 

38) Kristen Stewart, The Princess

Playing Bella Swan in the Twilight movies has brought Kristen Stewart worldwide celebrity, and according to Forbes, it has also made her the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Why, then, is her likability score so low? Is there something off-puttingly remote about her? Does she not seem enough of a People’s Princess? Could be. Stewart is less sound-bite-ready than many of her peers, and she continues to play coy about her relationship with co-star Rob Pattinson (giving the gossip outlets an evergreen issue to probe).

But while she’s not called upon to do an awful lot of it in her money-minting franchise, Stewart really can act. In betweenTwilight installments, she’s knocked out some interesting indie films: Adventureland, in which she had strong chemistry with both Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Reynolds; the little-seenYellow Handkerchief, a road-trip flick with William Hurt and Eddie Redmayne; and The Runaways, in which she played Joan Jett and also proved she could sing. So at 22, she definitely has a future beyond Bella. Snow White and the Huntsman gave her a box-office success outside her franchise, even if it didn’t do too much for her critical bona fides, but On the Road, Walter Salles’s adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel, should prove more compelling fare. It’s due out in December, one month after the Twilight wrap-up rocks the box office and sets Stewart free at last.


49) Taylor Lautner, The Tween Wolf

Taylor Lautner’s abs are beloved by Twilight fans, but the actor doesn’t have as much success delighting a new demographic. When the Team Jacob/Edward frenzy first hit, Hollywood decided that he would definitely be a huge action star, a prediction seemingly based solely on his six-pack. He was wooed for everything, including a big-budget take on the Stretch Armstrong toy. Then came his first non-Twilight role, 2011’s critically savaged Abduction; its $28.1 million domestic gross was one-tenth that of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and suddenly he wasn’t looking like the next Schwarzenegger anymore.

Now, with the Twilight franchise poised to end this November, most of those major blockbuster projects have gone away. He’ll appear in Grown Ups 2, but his next action role is the parkour thriller Tracers. (The use of "parkour" as a hook six years after Casino Royale is worrisome.) He ranks midway through Vulture’s Most Valuable Stars ranking because of his hulking Twilight grosses, and who knows, if he somehow proves revelatory in Breaking Dawn Ð Part 2 (never say never!), it could lead to a resurgence of interest. But considering how in demand he was just a few years ago, the fact that he rated a studio value of four is not a good sign. His relatively low likability score reflects his polarizing appeal as a favorite of a younger, female audience, which also explains why the 20-year-old actor so easily claims heartthrob status. (He ranks on Glamour’s "50 Sexiest Men" and People’s "Most Amazing Bodies" list, among others.) Well, his abs have gotten him this far...


59) Robert Pattinson, The Vamp with Much At Stake

Robert Pattinson’s career is based almost entirely on book adaptations: American audiences first met him in 2005, when he played the doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but he became a major Hollywood player by landing the role of Edward Cullen in the virtually inescapableTwilight series. Even his non-fantasy outing Water for Elephants was based on a best-selling novel. Thanks in part to these adaptations — and his good looks — the 26-year-old actor’s fan base skews largely female. But these women go to the movies, giving Pattinson a considerable foreign and domestic box-office record.)

The incredible success of the Twilight franchise ranked Pattinson on power lists put out by Time and Forbes, an impressive feat for such a young actor. But when he tries to loose himself from the Twilight albatross, Pattinson struggles a bit. The romance Remember Me, panned for its 9/11 plot, earned only $19 million in the U.S. (The movie made more than $36 million internationally, so executive producer Pattinson made out okay.) This year’s Bel Ami with Uma Thurman was released on demand, and Pattinson’s role in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolisnext month will earn him critical plaudits, though box office isn’t assured. Pattinson will have one last go at Twilight in November with the release of the concluding film, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, but after that, he’ll spend some time in the wild making indies like Rover and Mission: Blacklist. And maybe that’s just what he needs.

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