Things you may not know about Twilight ( the movie )





1-In the book, when Bella visits the Cullen, speaking on a cross that belonged to the father of Carlisle. In the film, is at the bottom of the stairs of the Cullen house, although not discussed anything about it.

2-Bryce Dallas Howard was offered the role of Victoria, but rejected it because the role was too small. He later took the role when Summit Entertainment confirmed to Rachelle Lefevre "Eclipse" (2010).

3-While exploring the region of La Push, Catherine Hardwicke and the team saw people surfing and suggested to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg added that in the script. Rosenberg agreed and added it, but finally the scene had to be discarded due to lack of budget.

4-Peter Facinelli was the second choice to play Carlisle Cullen. When he learned that he had been out in the final round of auditions, he wrote a note to Catherine Hardwicke, saying: "I hope to work with you sometime." Just before the shooting, the original actor pulled out due to problems with some scenes.Hardwicke was offered the role Facinelli, who immediately accepted it. She had to dye her hair before work begins.

5-In the scene where Bella goes to the Cullen house first, when Nikki Reed has to break the bowl, the actress is actually cut off their hands. This is why she wears gloves at the scene in the film.

6-The letters used for the prom were in Rio, a casino in Las Vegas.

7-The kissing scene Kristen is wearing a shirt director Catherine Hardwicke.

8-The dress that Kristen Stewart has been in the dance scene cost only twenty dollars. Robert Pattinson's costume was the most expensive item of that scene.

9-The first scenes filmed for the movie were the fighting in the ballet room and the baseball scene as Cam Gigandet had to leave to go shoot another movie recording.

10-When Edward enters the cafeteria, you can hear Robert Pattinson's sister Lizzie singing on the soundtrack.

11-As soon as Robert Pattinson joined the cast, he moved to Oregon and began working on his character, both physically and mentally. He worked five hours a day with a coach: he learned to fight, play baseball, and do acrobatics. He also had to learn to drive and get an Oregon driver's license.

12-Upon entering the building of the prom, Victoria can be seen on a machine to the right of Bella.

13-Matt Bellamy of Muse gave "Carter Burwell" to "Bella's Lullaby", but not used.

14-When Bella and Edward are lying in the meadow, the sun coming through the trees form a heart between them.

15-The song that plays in the background when Bella comes to dinner at the Cullen house is the aria "Libiamo" from La Traviata. "Libiamo" literally means "Let's Drink", which is exactly what the Cullens do when "dinner".

16-Robert Pattinson who plays the piano in the scene where Edward is playing "Bella's Lullaby".

17-Charlie drinking beer in the movie is "Rainier Beer", a beer company based in Seattle, Washington.

18-Cam Gigandet was playing Emmett Cullen, but the actor asked if Catherine Hardwicke could play James and she accepted.

19-Nikki Reed was convinced the producers to add the songs of Robert Pattinson in the film. Reed secretly started recording on his laptop, while Pattinson was singing and playing his guitar. Then he took them to the producers who fell in love with his songs. The next day, Rob was asked if she could sing some of his songs for the soundtrack, and he accepted.

20-The movie was filmed in 48 days.

21-Stephenie Meyer had thought of some actors to play their characters. He thought Emily Browning as Bella Swan, Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen, Charlie Hunnam as Carlisle Cullen, Mary-Louise Parker as Esme Cullen, Rachael Leigh Cook as Alice Cullen, Trent Ford as Jasper Hale, Tom Welling as Emmett Cullen and Olivia Wilde Rosalie Hale.

22-Although the film is a song by "Radiohead" in the soundtrack does not appear.

23-The Cullen family crest is a lion with a hand on his head and pointed down a gallon with 3 clubs. The lion was added because of the famous line "And so the lion fell in love with the Lamb," but the other parts (gallon, clovers and hand) are the actual Cullen Coat of Arms, although there are fewer clovers (2), hands more (3), and a sheaf of wheat.

24-Catherine Hardwicke filmed a scene with Robert Pattinson taken directly from "Midnight Sun", the unfinished novel by Stephenie Meyer which tells the story of "Twilight" through Edward's perspective. According to her, this scene appears on the DVD.

25-The original release date of "Twilight" was the December 12, 2008. When the date of publication of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince moved from November 21, 2008, to July 17, 2009, the release date of "Twilight" came forward to 21 November in an attempt to fill the Harry Potter void.

26-Stephenie Meyer wrote a parallel novel (unfinished) to "Twilight" called "Midnight Sun". It tells the story of the first book from Edward's point of view.It says that the arrival of Bella to school has all the boys "who act as if they were in first grade and she is the shiny new toy." This thought is said by Jessica during Bella's first lunch in the cafeteria.

27-The jacket carries Solomon Trimble in the LaPush scene was handmade by his mother with a brand Pendleton blanket.

28-All jewelry Cullen used the same shield. Edward, Jasper and Emmett use the same wristband, and Alice and Rosalie wear necklaces like the shield as well.Esme Carlisle wears a bracelet and a ring.

29-Nikki Reed took him 36 hours to get her hair brown was now to be blonde.

30-Robert Pattinson plays two songs in the film, however, only one of these songs, "Never Think", appears on the soundtrack. His other song, "Let Me Sign" is a bonus track.

31-During the filming of the prom scene Kristen Stewart did not like the song and suggested that it sounded "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine which was used last.

32-Kristen Stewart's double, Katie Powers, also plays a waitress in the cafeteria.

33-Stephenie Meyer cited the band Muse as her source of inspiration to write his books. Another of his favorite bands are Linkin Park, who contributed a song on the soundtrack.

34-To get the scene of the apple in the cafeteria it took 13 attempts.



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Comment by Kelli on October 26, 2011 at 9:48am
very interesting tips, however, it was difficult to read at times lol. I found most interesting the choices of characters from Stephanie. I liked her pick of Bella, Alice, Esme and Rosalie!
Comment by AndTwilight on October 26, 2011 at 10:15am
I'm not surprised by number 8. That dress was UGLY!
Comment by Mary Alice Hale on October 26, 2011 at 11:01am
Is this translated or something? I can't understand what it sais at times. I knew most or all of these but it was cool to read them again
Comment by Stini on October 26, 2011 at 11:32am
some i knew
Comment by twihawaii on October 26, 2011 at 12:48pm
I thought that dress was pretty. thats why they call this a low-budget film.


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