this is a story i wrote, it's still in editing mode. but just let me know what you think of it. thanks:)

Vampire on the Roof

Sitting in the living room, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle. Silence
striking the entire household. Out of the ocean blue, Emmett’s big obnoxious
mouth opens to a roaring laugh. Everyone curiously looks at him, with a baffled
look crossing upon each other’s face.
The Cullen’s just watched as Emmett continued to laugh and roll around
on the floor. Still shocked by Emmett’s distraction, Esme was the first to
talk, “Emmett, are you alright?” trying to reply to the question, he just shook
his head and began to laugh again. With Rosalie’s low growl, Emmett stood up,
straightened himself and sat down with the rest of his family. You probably
think he’s on drugs or something. (Don’t worry, he’s not) Awkwardly they sat in
silence, Emmett broke that once again. “Sorry about that, the funniest thing
came to my mind!” “What?!” Everyone questioned. “I have a new nick name for
Edward!” Alice and Rosalie looked at him oddly, Jasper chuckled at the thought
of it. Esme and Carlisle Commented, “of course.” “What’s the name?” Alice
burled out. “Eddykins!” He yelled out.
Everyone jumped back in their seats. They all sat there and thought
about it. Alice hopped up and danced around the room cheerfully, “I love it!
It’s adorable!” “I agree with Alice it’s cute.” Esme added. “It’s not very
manly,” Jasper said laughing. “What if Edward walked in right now?” Rosalie
asked. “Well…” he gave it a minute. Edward walks through the door with Bella
hand in hand. The six wide eyed vampire stair as the couple enters the room.
Edward and Bella glanced at them then exchanged looks with each other. When
they turned back to face the rest if the family, a huge wave of laughter comes
rushing in. Edward and Bella stepped back from the six of them. Horrified
expression, like they seen the bogie man!

30 minutes later, the six of them settled down and went back to vampire mode. “Whoa! Rose,
I thought Alice is supposed to tell the future! ” Emmett sarcastically
commented. Alice giggled along with
Esme, Jasper and Carlisle snickered but, Rosalie Sighed and rolled her eyes at
Emmett. Emmett signaled for Edward and Bella to come sit. The two came and
found a spot on the couch and sat down. Edward tried to listen to his family’s
thoughts but, he couldn’t hear anything! “What are you guys up to?” he asked.
Alice opened her mouth to say something but Rosalie immediately slapped her
hand on Alice’s mouth to cover it. Alice did a pout face like a two year old
would, and crossed her arms. “Nothing!” Emmett quickly said, as if he was in a
game show. Edward gave Emmett the evil eye however Emmett
just sneered at him. Carlisle cleared his throat to break up the tension
between them. Their eye’s flickered to Carlisle’s. Emmett turned around to face
Edward again. “You know that nick” Emmett was interrupted, “name I don’t like.”
Edward said finishing Emmett’s sentence. “End of conversation Emmett.” Esme
said as she looked at Emmett. Carlisle changed the topic, “Hunting time is
tomorrow, whose coming?” “I am,” Jasper said. “Me too,” Edward added. “I’m
totally in!” Emmett hollered. “Alright
it’s planned, us three boy’s will go.” Carlisle announced. Emmett nudged
Edward’s arm and signaled for him to go outside with him. The two of them
flashed to the backyard with wide grins on their face. “What are they up to
now?” Rosalie hesitated. “I’m letting them go outside by themselves, remember
what happened last time?” Alice reminded them. “Your right,” Rosalie agreed. Alice
stood up and everyone copied her. All 5
vampires ran outside, Bella tried to run also. Alice and Rosalie looked around
outside, until they all heard Emmett, “No, that way.” He pointed toward the
forest. Everyone lifted their heads up to find Edward and Emmett on top of the

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Comment by Alice Cullen ^.^Twi-Mafia! on September 2, 2010 at 6:50pm
hahaha,i rember i was reading thatt!!!hahaaha(:"
Comment by Isabella Cullen Twi-Mafia:) on September 3, 2010 at 8:25pm
ahhaha you do? oh yeah! I came up with that myself Evina!:P
Comment by dona maylee on September 11, 2010 at 10:33am
that's nice :) gd job isa !!....
Comment by bella♥H on September 11, 2010 at 10:51am
good i love it *smiles*
Comment by Isabella Cullen Twi-Mafia:) on September 11, 2010 at 12:02pm
aww.. thanks:)


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