This is Shweta story! I asked her if it was ok to post her story so here it is. One late night Shweta was up late again doing her studies. Usually she hates staying late at school but not tonight! S…

This is Shweta story! I asked her if it was ok to post her story so here it is.

One late night Shweta was up late again doing her studies. Usually she hates staying late
at school but not tonight! She was in a GREAT mood tonight! She didn’t even noticed how late the time was. She was trying to do her homework but she couldn’t because of Edward Cullen. She has had the biggest crush on that man for over a year now. Edward was staying late too doing some of his homework. She really tried to stay focused but her eyes kept on looking at Edward. Sometimes she would catch him looking at her. Every time their eyes met both of them were smiling. When ever she tried to talk to him she was so shy. She just didn’t know what to say to him. Then her palms would sweat, and her heart would be pounding so hard it was hard for her to hear. The only thing she knew for sure about Edward was that he is single at the moment. One of her classmates MJ-Muff told her that she asked Edward if he was with anyone special. He told her not yet…. That is a good thing to know!!!! Just thinking about being with him is a OMG!!!!! Having his arms wrapped around her waist, telling things into her ear. Or her having him waiting for her at home when she has had a bad day. Just thinking that it made her smile even more. Right in the middle of her thoughts she heard Edward talk out loud to her, from across the room. He said, “Wow! What are you thinking about? Your smile is like the sun shinning at sunrise.” ……….Uuuummm (who am I ) she thought to herself. She said “Ow ummm it’s nothing,…….just…..” “Nevermind.” “It looks like to me it’s something. People don’t usually smile like that unless they are in love with someone. Are you with anyone?” he asked. “No, I am not with anyone.” She said. She didn’t know what else to say, so she went back and tried to study. Tried, but she couldn’t stop thinking about what he had just said. A few minutes had past and out of know where Edward was right besides her, looking over her shoulder, he was inches away from her neck. She can feel the cold coming from his body. She jumps and backs away and says “Holly S*** you scared me!!!!!! “ Edwards says “I’m sorry I didn’t meant to scare you I was just wondering what you where staring at for so long, I thought you mite need some help but your just staring at a blank piece of paper.” She was so embarrassed but decided what’s the worst can happen? So she takes a deep breath and exhaled. “I was thinking about you. When ever your around I can’t think straight. When you smile the way you do it makes my heart stop. I don’t know what to do. Your driving me insane.” Then she takes in another deep breath waiting for him to say something. He takes one step towards her staring into her eyes. So beautiful… He carefully brings his right hand out towards her face and touches her cheek. His hand is very cold, like he had just stuck his hands into a bucket of Ice Water. His touch gave her goose bumps. Looking deep into her eyes he says, “I am so happy to hear that from you, I’ve been thinking about you ever since the first time we first met a year ago. I tried to stay away but it has been a very long year for me.” Hearing those words coming out from his beautiful lips made her feel like her spirit was set free. She didn’t say anything all she could do is SMILE. “Wow, I can see the sun rising again when you smile like that, it’s just too beautiful!.” Then he slowly brings his face to hers and gives her a soft kiss on her lips. His lips are cold too. By this time she is trying her best not to pass out. LOL. Then he says “Could you please join me tomorrow night at my place for dinner and we can study together if you like?” She couldn’t say anything all she could do was nod her head. So he writes his address and hands her the address. She know exactly where he lives, It’s at the cottage by the South beach! Then he says by the way what’s your favorite color? “Pink and red, Why do you want to know that??”She asked. He said don’t worry you’ll see why…….. To be continued…………….
You can do this, You can do this.” Shweta kept saying to herself while she was trying to figure out what to wear for her date tonight with Edward Cullen. She hears a knock on her door. She goes to opens it and it’s MJ. MJ walks right in and says “Who the hell you talking to?” Shweta says “To myself, I don’t think I can do this. I can’t even think straight, I don’t even know what to wear.” MJ puts her hands on Swheta shoulders and says to her, “Girl relax you will do just fine. Just be yourself and I know Edward likes you the way you are. But…..” But what???? Shweta askes, “I do have one request for you tonight.” Well what is it??” She asked in a hurry. “Wear your hair up, show off that sexy neck you have, your neck is too sexy, I’m sure Edward would like to see it for the first time.” Shweta rolls her eyes back and shakes her head, “Bye MJ, have fun with Jake tonight.” “Ha ha when do I not have fun with Jake?? Love ya Bye.”

Shweta pulls her car into Edwards drive-way. She still couldn’t believe she is about to enter Edwards home. As she was about to push the door bell Edward opens the door and a smile on his face. “Hello, Welcome come right on in. I hope you didn’t have a problem finding this place.” Ow no I had no troubles at all, I have some friends that live by here. Thank you for inviting me over for dinner..” she said. “Your welcome, and lets not forget we are going to study too.” “Ooops, I did forget. I left my back pack at home.” “Ha ha I’m sure we can do something. I do hope you don’t mind eating outside on the deck, it’s a very warm night.” “That would be lovely thanks.” “Follow me then, Edward walked past the living room and into the kitchen then into the deck. He had setted every thing just right! There where candles everywhere. The table was in the center of the deck. A red table cloth was on top and the center piece in the middle of the table with red and pick roses. The sky was a blended color of orange and a hint of pink. She can see the beach, seeing the waves crashing into the sandy beach. Again breath taking. Edwards walks to her chair and pulls it out for her to sit.

Everything was perfect. During dinner they each talked about who they are, their families and friends. She didn’t seem to notice the time. Nothing else mattered only him. But Edward was the one who noticed the time and it was 2:30 am it surly was time to go home. She had to be up in 4 hours for a big test. She got up to stretch and so she got up and stretched and yawned. Edward said, “Uuummm….. It’s really late I’m sorry to keep you for so long.” “That’s ok I had a really great time I don’t mind at all. Your worth it.” That made him smile big. “Well I tell how tired you are so I insist to drive you home.” There was no point in arguing he was right she was very tired. So she tosses her keys to him and he caught it in one swift movement. She gave him directions to her home. HE pulls up on to the driveway and walks around to open the door for her. He walks her to her front door. She was crushed, she didn’t want him to leave. She Unlocked her front door and turns towards him and says. “I really enjoyed being with you tonight.” He said “I too enjoyed your company tonight. Will we have another night again together any time soon.?” She answered before he was finished talking. “Yes”. She was a little embarrassed saying that so quickly and looks down. He slowly rises his right arm and softly pushes her chin up too look at him. When there eyes met, they slowly bend there faces towards each other. There lips softly touched. Then both of them wrapped there arms around each other. There kissing became more intense then ever before. She was trying to hug him closer to her self. As he did the same. Shweta was starting to get into this kiss her body started to shake a little for all this excitement. He pressed his body into her and made her back lean against the wall. She had to get a catch of breath, when there lips were apart his lips went to the base of her throat. His cool lips gave her more goose bumps. She so wanted to continue this inside her bed room but she knows she will not have any sex till she is married. It took all her strength to slightly push him away from her. He stopped and look into her eyes and smiled. Then gives her one more kiss and says “Good night, I’ll be waiting to see you again.” She smiles and says “Me too, Good night Edward.” She goes inside and closes the door and listened for the car to drive away. When she knew he was gone she screamed at the top of her lungs and jumped around every where. She was in heaven.

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Comment by Annette Pattinson on November 16, 2009 at 1:08pm
brilliant.....u really do have a knack for story tellin mj...xxxx


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