Thoughts on Anne Rice's thoughts regarding Meyer & Twilight

anne rice was pretty harsh. i never get successful authors bashing other successful authors. clearly if they're successful, they found an audience. who are you to judge/insult what speaks to that audience? at the stage that meyer is in, you aren't calling her story silly or lacking in're saying that about her audience as well.

this isn't high school and you aren't her teacher. she's not looking for an individual grade from you. IMO, rice lacks the vision thinking all vampire stories must have vampires that travel around the world to be a fascinating read. i feel like meyer kept things simple and showed how powerful a story based in love always is. look at how big our fandom is! look at how involved we are in the twilight world! the twilight series clearly isn't some "silly premise" to us.

i feel like rice's comments were tacky and beneath her. it sounded petty and offended me as a lover of the twilight series and twilight world.

click HERE to read the offending article ;)

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Comment by Carlisles Sarah Ann-Marie Cullen on November 4, 2010 at 5:21am
I love & support Stephenie always! Each author has its own vampire, so why does she have to keep Stephenie's books in a lack of imagination? :/ People are different and everyone has the right to own opinion. Rice should remember that it all started from a Stephenies's dream, and although her vampire does not become the same as "generally known", yet her's vampires are the best! And the vampire can sparkle! :D
Comment by BB Cullen on November 5, 2010 at 1:36am
I tottally agree with you!! i think anne rice just said those things cause she jealous of Stephenie Meyer!! well she should be!! cause Stephenie Meyer is a fantastic authori dont see any of rice's movies been put to movies?? if they have then ive never heard of them!! anne rice is just jealous caus not only does Stephenie Meyer have a fan base of teens shes also got fans that are younger and much older i think anne rice should take her comments and stick it where the sun dont shine!! I love you Stephenie Meyer!! your an awesome author!!


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