For those who have watched Remember Me, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.

I in fact, just got home from watching it and to be honest i would give it a C. Let's make a few things clear first.

#1. I am a Twilight fan.
#2. I am a fan of Rob.
#3. I've seen Rob's other films prior to Twilight.
#4. I'm not the type to like a movie just because an actor i like is in it.

With that said, i just felt like there wasn't enough emotional chemistry between Emile de Ravin's character and Tyler. Physical chemistry obviously was there, but i just felt like the emotional connection just wasn't quite up to par. On Rob's part, i felt like he over exaggerated a lot of the physical expressions and mannerisms playing Tyler's character.
Tyler's roommate however, did a good job keeping the movie light all the way through.
And for the ending-
Personally i didn't like that September 11th played a role in the ending. Like anyone who is reminded of that day, it automatically brings back strong emotional memories. One can't help but get choked up just watching it. I just feel like this movie should have made a strong enough impression on the viewers and be able to convey its message without needing to include this event. (That's not to say that other movies shouldn't make reference or show it). Needless to say, i think the movie could've been written better.

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and this is mine, so please don't get offended or take this personally.

On an related note however, I still love Rob. And Robsten ;)

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Comment by twicrazy on March 14, 2010 at 8:39pm
I thought is was very well done. The ending was shocking, but I dont feel they exploited 9/11. All they showed were the towers and then the ash debris....It was emotional, I thought Rob did a good job, actually everyone did. Not offended by your opinion at all, this is mine


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