I knew I had to meet with Billy Black. He was the descendant of the last Quileute chief. Though he wasn’t even a Werewolf himself, he was like the tribe’s modern day chief. Jacob was the next in line. I knew he would stand with us, no matter what the rest of the pack chose. But he was young, and not responsible enough to handle a decision this big. And Sam wasn’t exactly either. It had to be Billy.
I couldn’t ask Jacob to ask for me. He didn’t know the whole situation. Plus, I don’t know if he would be as diplomatic as myself. Jacob was one sided, while I understood a bit better how close knit the tribe was. He didn’t know everything there was to know about the treaty. He wasn’t there.
I knew I had to act fast. Victoria and her army would be coming any time, and, though Alice would know beforehand, we would be better off prepared as soon as possible. Alice might know days or just hours before Victoria and her army would arrive. We wouldn’t know until the time cam.
I went to meet with Billy. I took Alice, Emmett, and Edward with me, though  I told Edward to stay as far away from us as he could and still hear our thoughts.
I was a little surprised when Billy agreed to meet with me. I figured Jacob had talked to him about it. I hadn’t had Jacob ask him to meet with me. I had asked Billy myself. But if anyone in the pack learned anything about it, Jacob would know too.
When Alice, Emmett, and I arrived, Billy and several of the wolves were already there. In fact, it looked like the entire pack had come. This wasn’t very encouraging since we were meeting on peaceful terms. However, he also hadn’t known how much of my family I was going to bring, or exactly why I wanted to meet with him.
“Hello.” I greeted the Billy, keeping a straight face. He stared at me for a moment, trying to read my intentions. Then he spoke.
“Why have you brought three with you, and yet I see only two?”
So, he knew about Edward. I should have known some of the pack would be patrolling, but I don’t know how they found him. The probably just smelled his scent, a very fresh one. Too fresh.
“I apologize. I sent Edward away so that he could monitor our conversation and get help if needed. Just in case something went wrong. I guess we’re BOTH a little uneasy, otherwise you wouldn’t have sent a border patrol and I wouldn’t have sent Edward. If we really trusted each other, I would have come alone as would you. Though we’re both meeting on peace terms, I think the furthest thing from our minds is peace. More so mine than yours. And that is why I am here. Not to wage war with you. But to bring peace to Forks.”


“And how do you propose to do that, cold one?”
I wish he would call me by my name. Though it was understandable considering the circumstances.
“There is a great threat coming to Forks Billy. A great army is coming, one made of Vampires. We do not ask you to fight our fight. We only request your help.”
“Carlisle,” Billy started, “this is not our fight. The enemies you make are none of our concern.”
“Please, before you go on, let me explain a little more. The reason I ask you to fight with us is because the army is very large, beyond what we can handle without casualties. And if we happen to fail entirely, which is highly likely, Forks would be in danger. Why couldn’t the other Vampires just make a home here? And also grow their army. Once Forks is conquered, what is to keep the army from taking over the Quileute reservation? I know your wolves can handle a lot, but what if they’re out numbered? Two, maybe three against one.  How long would they last? The threat is real Billy. Alice has seen it.”
“But why is this army coming here now? Is it the fault of one of your family?”
“Well Billy, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that, Victoria had a mate named James. He and his coven discovered us one day, while Bella was with us. James would stop at nothing to kill Bella, and so Jasper and Emmett had to…..destroy him. Ever since we’ve been keeping a close eye out for Victoria, in case she came back for revenge. And now she is. We would never have killed James if there was another way. And if there was a way to reason with Victoria, make peace somehow, we would try. But the only way there will be peace is if Victoria has revenge. And then what? What will she do after that? Whatever she wants Billy. Believe me, WHATEVER she wants.”
“I see things better now Carlisle.” Billy said. “It seems in the best interest of everyone if we help you. Forks will be safe, and since there are so many of us combined, we will likely succeed with few or no deaths. When will they arrive?”
“Well, we’re not quite sure. They haven’t decided yet, but it will likely be soon. Their numbers are large enough so that Victoria knows she can defeat us. But she won’t know about you, so we will have that element of surprise on our side. Alice will know as soon as they decide to come. It could be hours or days, so we all must be ready. She’s close, in Seattle, but traveling with so many and not being noticed will take some time. Oh, one more thing. I know that I’ve already asked you to fight with us, but I must ask that we break one rule of the treaty.”
“And what would that be Carlisle?” Billy asked skeptically.
“We may need to cross over onto your land during the battle. We’re not sure where they will attack, or if they will try to run away after seeing OUR numbers. We might need to chase a few stragglers and destroy them all. I know your wolves can probably handle it, but what if none of them are near and one of the rival Vampires crosses into your land? It could take one of your wolves by surprise or something. Once the battle is over, the treaty will immediately go into affect again and we will no longer cross over onto your land. I feel that this is a very necessary measure.”
“Carlisle, you do make a good point. I agree with you. Once we know when the army is coming, you may cross into our lands for battle. But like you said: Once the battle is over, you will no longer cross our land.”
“We have honored the treaty for years Billy. You have no need to not trust us now. Everything will go back to the way it was once this dreadful battle is over.”
“Then we have come to terms.” Billy stated. “Go now, away from our land, until the time comes.”
“Of course Billy. I will send someone as soon as we know when they are coming, so that you can all be ready.”
“We will always be ready Carlisle.”
“I don’t doubt that.” And then the silent Alice and Emmett turned away with me and headed back home.

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