Tidbits Take #3 from the New Moon Illustrated Companion

Today is finally the day when the New Moon Illustrated Companion will be released in the US. I know many of you will be getting your copies today, but for those that won't I thought I would finish up my Trilogy of Tidbits from the book. I finished reading it this AM and now I'm even more excited for the film, if that's possible. Only 44 more days to go!

Reminder Spoilers are below for both the illustrated companion and for the film, so read at your own risk!

**Wardrobe for the Cullens was updated. Chris Weitz felt that in Twilight they were a little too seperated color wise from the rest of the people in town. So they added a bit more to the color pallete, staying in the cool realm, but moving away from pastel hues to steel grays and blues.

**Makeup was changed also to make them more translucent, without appearing stark white.

**Wig's changed as well, but in limited ways since they were limited by what was all ready established in the first film. In Twilight Nikki bleached her hair, but for New Moon she is wearing a wig. Laurent's wig was changed from synthetic to one made with real human hair.

**Edward's appartion was seen as a "flame" moving elegantly and fluidly. Chris gravitated toward this because it was like Edward was carrying a torch for Bella.

**For 90% of the film Rob appears in the same suit he wore at Bella's birthday party.

**There is an original flashback to the meadow scene with changed "sparkle effect"

**The film makers wanted to make a fresh interpretation of the "diamond guy" effect, similar to sunight on snow.
"We decided to something based on the sparkle of this statuary marble from Thasos, a Greek Island, which I always kind of thought the author was going for with this vampire effect. It has a kind of crystalline structure, this diamond sparkle. Another inspiration was the way Tiffany lights its diamonds, how the multifaceted surface sparkles when light hits it. From that starting point, we then wanted to enhance those qualities with a slight translucency."

**Edward arrives in Italy wearing the SAME suit he's worn for months. The pristine suit is now threadbare, the jacket is gone, his pants are diry and his shoes are all scuffed up! {ok this is making me cry thinking of it.....poor Edward!!}

**Chris Weitz quote "I think two thousand years of living has made the Volturi slightly nuts, has led them to think they're pratcially gods, and has given them a perverse attitude to human life."

**Bella's first view of the Volturi is in a painting at the Cullen's house. In a magical transition the camera pushes into the painting and takes us back to the past.

**There were two looks for the Volturi, one for the 1800's and one for contemporary. In the 1800's Aro is dressed in the lightest clothing and in the present time he is in the darkest, all showing status and power.

**Michael Sheen quote: "In a way, playing a vampire is sort of like playing Hamlet, there have been so many depictions. Aro is dangerous and deadly and powerful, yet the way he is written he doesn't come across as a sinister Dracula character--Stephenie describes his voice in the book as being feathery and like a long sigh. I love the idea that the vampires, generally, as a species are very attractive to their prey. They're the perfect predators, they've evolved to be able to lure their prey, the humans, to them."

**Kristen quote: "It's funny, the book says they have no regard for human life, but the way Aro treats Edward and Bella is oddly compassionate."

**In the original screenplay Melissa Rosenberg had the idea of having a huge battle with Edward and even Alice fighting and being slung around. Stephenie reined her in and pointed out that Felix would be a challenge enough for Edward.

**The idea of the fight was not to show a superhero battle. "Edward is like the average guy caught in a bad situation."

**Vampire speed for New Moon means "slow motion". We found if you sped up the camera speed it would look silly.

**The fight scene switches from the perspective of Bella watching the fight, to putting the audience in with the vampires as they fought.


At one point Edward's head gets smashed on the marble floor and his vampire skin appears to crack, along with the floor. It seems Edward is done for, but his wound suddenly heals. Chris Weitz spoke with Stephenie and got her approval. Any ideas or questions always went through Stephenie since she has the whole mythology in her head.

Quote from Rob: "All the vampires, especially the Volturi, seem very comfortable with their existence, but they see themselves as monsters. And when they see this human who says, "I love this guy,' they all obviously want that, too. They want ot believe that can happen. So that curiousity, their fascination with that, is essentially what saves him."

**Quote from Michael Sheen: "There are a lot of things involved in the idea of playing someone who's sort of immortal. Aro, for me, has a genuine fascination with people, with vampires, with other beings. He can get caught up in the drama of what's going on for people. He can be delighted by someone one moment, and kill them the next."

**The initial cut of the film was 3 hours. "I know Twilight fans will think 'Three hours of Edward and Bella and Jacob, that would be heaven, But the reality was it was too flabby. So we had to cut down the length, but it was never about cutting scenes, just cutting down the length of scenes." Peter Lambert, editor

**More from Peter Lambert "This is a movie with visual effects and action and horror, but it's really a love story, we're on an emotional journey with the characters. and Kristen, Taylor and Robert were amazing, they were totally into their characters."

**word from Summit President, Erig Feig, "Each book has a central emotional quandry and scope and we've tried to find the right directors for each. Twiligth is raw and real and Catherine Hardwicke was the first director I met with and the only director for that movie. New Moon has more complicated emotions with bigger forces at work, and Chris Weitz was the director with the skill to show that. On Eclipse the challenge is how do you visualize and show an audience that choice has consequences, that Bella is ina crucible of multiple decisions and option? Who can get that David Slade."

**Final word from Chris Weitz "This movie, for me, has been redemptive. I had a difficult go on my last film, where I felt the movie was kind of taken away from me. This movie has been a joy in comparison and I've been able to make use of everything I've learned up to this point, and I've gotten the chance to work with some extraordinary people. Going in, I didn't realize the enthusiasm of the fan base, and that was also inspiring. As Peter Lambert and I sat in the editing room, it gave me an added incentive. I don't think anyone knew there would be this degree of enthusiasm and that there would be this cyclonic snowball effect of books and films feeding on one another to make this amazing cultrual moment."

THE END....now come on November 20th!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by Sarai del C. Guevara on October 6, 2009 at 8:54am
thanks for posting... =)
Comment by Twilight_Obsessed on October 6, 2009 at 9:33am
Payday CANNOT come soon enough..
Comment by Amycakes on October 6, 2009 at 9:41am
Ahhh,thx for posting this!!
Comment by VioletSakura on October 6, 2009 at 9:44am
So AFTER the cut, how long it's going to be, cause they're playing with the lenght of MY HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Kayla (Team Switzerland) on October 6, 2009 at 9:49am
Lmao...I agree Carmina... that would be WONDERFUL...UHH HELLO THE LONGER THE SCENES THE BETTER!!!

Chris Weitz is amazing so a BIG THANK U THANK U THANK U!! To him. :D

Its gonna be soooo great..

Damn straight 44 more days...its going soo slow idk what to do!!!
Comment by Kayla (Team Switzerland) on October 6, 2009 at 9:51am
Let me just add that I feel just as insane as being in the Volturi for 2000 years. Haha..I'm serious

(I know that was a good one)
Comment by Alex on October 6, 2009 at 10:12am
they sould let is be 3hr long 3hrs 3hrs 3hrs please...
Comment by Javiera Corsini on October 6, 2009 at 11:14am
now i really really can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Comment by Adrean --> Team Cookie Monster ! on October 6, 2009 at 11:38am
at least they admit to cutting the movie down and knowing we'd be kinda mad, but i get why they did it , and im greatful for chris weitz talking to stephenie everytime he had an idea , he should direct breaking dawn , he's good with emotional stuff,
Comment by MNTwilightMom on October 6, 2009 at 12:03pm
WOW...WOW... That was amazing.... Gave me just goosebumps reading it! 44 more days..UGH! I can't wait that long! I want my book here...NOW!! Thank YOU so much for sharing... It was WONDERFUL!!!


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