Tinsel Korey Talks Twilight Cast and Continuing Friendships


Heatworld.com  interviewed with Tinsel Korey..she talked about her character & friendship with other twilight cast...

Twilight fans are a dedicated bunch

A great achievement in itself, but it’s especially refreshing to speak with Tinsel because Twilight is her first major film. Speaking of the difference between Twilight compared to smaller projects, she says: “With a lot of the films I’ve done before, they’ve been more independent, more artistic. The publicity with a film like [Twilight] is just on a completely grander scale, compared to independent films that don’t have that publicity behind them. To me that’s probably the biggest thing.

“That and the fan base. It was a book before and people were so in love with the book. Fans are a lot more dedicated than with an original, independent movie.”

Getting into character

She may be new to major films, but Tinsel has an impressive range of experience to share with her cast members. “We help each other,” she explains. “We definitely ask each other for advice every so often. Normally, I’m the one giving the advice!”

The advice, heat learned, has a lot to do with getting into character. Tinsel says: “For the role of Emily, I did a lot of things. I read the books and I found out a lot about her history, and the other thing I did was actually go to where the Wolf Pack are from originally. I spent time with the kids and did some acting classes with them.

“I went down to the Makah tribe and spent time with them, so I have a full grasp of where my character actually comes from.”

Hanging out with Robert, Taylor and Kristen...

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, she says: “I don’t have any scenes with Robert, but I did get to meet him in the make-up process. The first time that I saw him was in the make-up trailer. He’s very, very nice.

“I get to spend more time with Taylor and Kristen. She’s very nice and very reserved from my interaction. She’s playing a role where people have read the books and they imagine the character, so there’s a lot of pressure, but she’s just very focused."

“The shyness just comes from the fact that she’s really dedicated to bringing this character to life. That’s probably more what people are seeing than anything else.”

But with the boys, it’s a different story: “With the boys, there’s lots of testosterone. There’s a lot of playing football and things like that.”

On her future with the cast, she admits: “I’m not as close with the top 3. With the other boys, we actually had dinner together one time and I was like “will we all stay friends after?” I would like to think that we’ll all stay in touch in the future.”...


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