Just had a thought the other day. Sheree had told me about how a friend of ours had thanked her on "Facebook" for introducing her to "The Black Keys." Whos song "Chop and Change" is on the "Twilight saga's Eclipse" soundtrack. Anyway a friend of our friends had said that 
Twilight was an insult to the Black Keys. The converstation went as fallows....

  • Friend of friend: Twilight is an insult to The black keys.
  • Sheree: You may think that but didn't when the millions of people who are fans bought the cd for there profit. Think before you react!

  • Friend of Friend: I did think about it. And posted what I felt. It had nothing to do with making money.... A better response to my original post would have been,(Sorry to here that. So why do you think this way?)
  • Sheree: Intersting to know but I don't take insults as a form to care about what one has to say but I'm glad you have an opinion.
    Friend Of Friend: You are entitled to feel how ever you want in this life.If you want to talk about it,I'll hear you out.
  •  Sheree: I do apoligize for the rash comment but I am tired of people insulting twilight and the sagas. Those books/movies brought a lot of passion, hope and imagantion to people when they might of not had any. I do love the black keys and I think that it was smart on there behalf to introduce a song on the soundtrack. It brought notice of there music to people who might of not heard them before.
  • Friend of Friend: I was quick to react with my first post with out explaining as to why. So I guess I'm on the other end of the spectrum about how I feel about Twilight. I apologize to you too.
  • Sheree: I apperciate that you are a decent person that doesn't usually come across from many people. It was nice having a little debate. Thanks for taking the time to hear my side of it.
  • Sheree: I respect your side of it as well I can't expect everyone to like twilight and its sagas.
  • Friend of Friend: Not a problem. Thank you for your kind words

    Needless to say this guy ended up being sorry for what he said. And agreed with Sheree to an extent. But not only did Twilight bring money to a band and gain a better fan base, But these books and movies literary saved a town on the bring of "death". Forks was almost a ghost town before Stephanie Meyer came along with a story about vampires based there. The population was very low down to around 150 people and most of the town was bored up and falling apart. SO think before you judge twi-haters :)


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Comment by Amber Bruner on December 22, 2011 at 11:41pm
So very true stephani! Ive been almost since the begining. It will always be apart of me. I have the tattoos to prove it. Things may die down after BD pt 2 comes out next yr but I wont stop watching tje movie or reading the books. It will always have a close place in my heart and a great time in my past filled with wonderful friends :)


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