Tracey Higgins Chats About The Amazons And ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′

In an interview with , Tracey Heggins gives us some insight into Senna’s backstory and explains the Amazon vampires’ attachment to Renesmee. She also revealed a little-known fact about herself, which led to her excitement about meeting Stephenie Meyer, and shares her ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ experience


How much has your fan base grown since you were cast in the film?

TH: Literally, Brazil, South America. We they found out we were cast in the film, they were so loyal and ready to go. That was exciting. People from Brazil and South America were ready to support me and Judi (Shekoni).

How would you describe Senna ?

TH: Well, my character Senna was turned at a time when they wasn’t any modern technology and the last time she’d seen “modern” people, it devastated her community. That’s where you see her apprehensions and fears and cautiousness throughout the film. My back-story is that Zafrina has her friend Carlisle and it’s like, “Look Zafrina, what are you getting us into again?” We end falling in love with the Cullen and I end up personally helping these people I didn’t think I would like.

Senna and Zafrina also seem to have a liking to Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee.

TH: That’s where I fell in love. Senna came out and fell in love with the baby. She’s such an amazing little vampire there. You would do anything to help fight for her life. She deserves to live.


How was shooting the battle sequence?

TH: When we shooting it, it was literally on a green screen. We just shot the fight sequences and to see it put together, it’s different from shooting it. There’s not a lot of upfront continuity in the beginning when you’re shooting that scene. You have no idea what it’s going to look like.

Is this the first time you have filmed behind a green screen?

TH: Yes. This is the first time I shot behind a green screen. This is the first time I did a stunt on a crane. With ‘Twilight,’ I did a lot of firsts. I am amazingly blessed to be a part of this.

Having met author Stephanie Meyer, what did you pick up from her?

TH: I love that you asked that question because I’m such a closeted writer and that was the first thing I asked her. “What tips do you have for closeted writers?” She said, “Just write.” “Don’t think about going to school to write. Read,” she also added. She mentioned that she went to school for literature and just read. She read all the greatest science fiction writers. Octavia Butler won an Hugo award. She wrote and Stephanie said to just read. That literally changed me as a writer. Everyone talks about great American literature and no one can define it, but if you were to or had to define it, it would be based on how many people you have touched by the writing. Stephanie has touched so many people and I think that’s great American literature at its finest. For me to get a tip of the trade and I’m obsessed with Robert Jordan, who wrote ‘The Will of Time.’ Hopefully, I can write a book and get it published. I love Stephanie Meyer. She’s so gracious and always takes that moment to talk.

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