Let me start by saying I love love LOVE the new trailer. However, there are some things I want to "talk" about and want your opinion.


I wouldn't be surprised at all if the movie doesn't cover the rejection Edward has for sex after the feathers incident. After all the clips and pics we've seen about the honeymoon where they are kissing and being intimate (waterfalls, beach scenes, etc), and now seeing Edward say that the night before was the best night of his existence, I'm wondering if the movie will just allow them to have a wonderful honeymooon without that angst that we know from the book. I don't KNOW anything... but I wouldn't be surprised based on what I've seen. I am OK with it either way.


I love the scene of Jacob going after Edward saying, "You did this." Emmett stops him but you can see Edward in the background loathing himself. BTW, kudos to the set dressers for this movie. It looks amazing and I loved seeing Edward's piano in this scene.


A trailer is made up of snippets of any movie and the audio and voice overs can be moved around to add whatever mood the editor desires. I love that the trailer follows the sequence of the story and gives us pieces of the major parts of the story. I am not fond of the three scenes of Bella and Edward that indicate that he is yelling at her when he says, "You've given me no choice." In the book, Edward would do anything so as NOT to upset Bella. I know they could have changed that for the movie, but I'm thinking that Edward is not talking with Bella in that scene. I wonder if he is talking with Rosalie and yelling at her for protecting and siding with Bella.



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Comment by Edward Lover 87 on September 16, 2011 at 8:04pm
I agree with you on everything you said, I can't what to see the Movie to see how the scenes play out. :D


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